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Hello, Yuletide author! I'm so glad we share a fandom, and I hope there's something in my prompts that can appeal to you.

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Haven't been online too much lately. I moved to a new place last week, and my thought process was something like, "Oh, it won't take too long, I don't have that much stuff!"

Aha. Ahaha.

But, anyway, the furniture is (mostly) together and my boxes are (mostly) unpacked and my commute is officially reasonable, so I call that a win! It feels weird to have an extra hour and a half in my day suddenly--what do I even do with myself? (Mostly the answer has been 'play video games and write and nap on the floor', but I think/hope I'll eventually find it in me to go out and explore my new surroundings more.)

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In other news, Breath of the Wild continues to be an excellent game. I finished up the Gerudo Desert and Vah Naboris (Gerudo outfit is best outfit, and also I ship Zelda and Urbosa now because dang that height difference), so now I'm wandering the land and tracking down various shrines because I desperately don't want it to be over yet. (Not that I can't keep playing after I beat it, but that always feels different somehow.)

I'm also endlessly amused by how the Great Fairy upgrade animation keeps getting more and more suggestive as I unlock more ranks. I only have one fairy left to find, and I have a feeling the final sequence is going to be just... amazing.
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Breath of the Wild has captured my attention in a way no other game has for quite some time. It's just... joyous, in a way? It's filled with so much to explore and do, so many interesting people, so many cool enemies. It's the sort of game where I'll pick a direction and run just to see how far I can go and what I can discover along the way.

The one thing I really don't care for so far is the sandstorms in the Gerudo desert. It's a really obnoxious mechanic, and it makes it so frustrating trying to explore the area. (On the other hand, though: I really like the fact that the desert is burning in the day and freezing at night, rather than just being 'a hot place'. On the other other hand: Gerudo Link outfit is excellent and 100% worth it.)

I'm also getting into a bit of a fic-posting slump since starting my new job. (Previously it was also a writing slump, but I think I'm starting to build my writing muscles up again? Hopefully, at least.) Even with the fic I've got finished, I keep I forgetting to post them over and over again--I've got a couple shorter pieces that could go up, but proofreading them and figuring out tags and titles and summaries... ugh. I'm hoping I'll get a bit better about it once my commute gets a little less obnoxious.

(And, in other less-obnoxious-future-commute news, I went to an Ikea in person for the first time the other day. It is a whole lot to take in, holy cow. I felt like I'd wandered into some mythological labyrinth.)

Related to the above, I've got a whole lot of fic that needs finishing--my WIPs keep breeding like bunnies. I need a fic accountability partner or something, haha.
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Hello there… Press Starter? Player One? I'm not sure what the best video game metaphor is here, haha. I'm so happy you've signed up to create some sort of fic or art for me, and I cannot wait to see what you'll make!

I wrote a whole lot of words below, mostly because I like talking about video games a whole lot, but I'm actually really easy to please; I like fluff and darkfic and everything in between, I like SFW and NSFW, I like all kinds of tropes and plots that range from the relatively restrained to the completely off-the-wall. Whatever you create, I'm sure I'll love it!

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I've been doing a lot of the little mini-prompt challenges, but right now I have no idea where to post them? They sort of feel too short and piecemeal for AO3, but I don't have a writing Tumblr and I hardly ever post my fics to DW... plus, there's a few I might want to flesh out and try to turn into full works. Maybe I should make a writing Tumblr? But IDK, that kind of feels presumptuous somehow. I don't feel I have enough of a following to make that happen.

In other other news, I'm determined to watch the Castlevania mini-anime this weekend. I keep hearing good things about it, and it looks like just the right size for a little weekend snack.
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Recently stumbled upon a new, ongoing Creepypasta, and I've got to admit I'm pretty hooked. Petscop is a new video series--ostensibly a Let's Play by a quiet-voiced guy named Paul, exploring a copy of a never-released Playstation title from '95. It's fairly obviously some sort of fiction (for one, it references events--such as the murder of Candace Newmaker--which occurred years after its supposed release date), but it's a very compelling one. Are the supposed graphics some sort of incredibly impressive animation, or is there really a ROM of this game out there created by whoever's making this? And there's hints that the Let's Player running through this game might be a part of the story too; he occasionally references events and conversations he had with some as-of-yet unknown person.

IDK, I just really like video game horror, especially when the art is good. (And tbh, I'd also be really interested in playing the game that Petscop pretends to be for its first few minutes--the idea of a surrealist, brightly-colored game where you solve abstract puzzles to collect odd monsters sounds incredibly fun to me.)

I've also been listening to The Adventure Zone, which is just a really fun canon. I don't normally get into podcasts with sustained story arcs, but somehow this one just really hits the spot. I'm at the beginning of the The Eleventh Hour arc now, and we've got time loops going!!! I love time loops so much, they're just the best.

So far I'm mostly in it for the MCs, because there's something really fun about just listening to four family members chill out and have a great time with each other. The four of them all just know how to play off each other so well, it's really endearing. The actual story content has been getting more narratively coherent as we go--it was a bit rough at first--so that's nice.

(In other news-that-isn't, my obsession with the mobile game I've gotten into increases in direct correlation with how much time I get to spend playing as a talking wolf-hyena. Pls send help.)
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So! Soulmates, soulbonds, destined and not-destined. I love it all, and I'm so thrilled that this exchange exists. Thank you for offering to create something for me!

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I did a little drabble set for [community profile] monthlysupergo for Overwatch, both to have some fun with prompt tables (which I always liked the idea of but never actually got around to claiming back when they were big) and to try out some character combos I've not written as much. I also only actually made the claim, uh, yesterday, after I did all the actual writing, because I meant to comment before and then completely forgot. -_- I want to put them up on AO3 eventually, but I really don't know whether these should be & or / and also I hate titles.

Anyway! Here they are. Bit of gore in the Touch drabble, but otherwise they should all be pretty inoffensive.

(This is how I procrastinate on writing Chocolate Box treats, shhhhh.)

Sight - Junkrat + Roadhog )

Sound - Lucío + Reinhardt )

Touch - Mercy + Pharah )

Taste - Genji + Zenyatta )

Smell - Reaper + Widowmaker )
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On top of everything serious going on in general IRL, my living situation has gone from 'pretty decent' to 'COLD WAR' basically overnight; I'm equal parts confused and just plain done. Mostly I'm dealing by writing fic and watching Let's Plays of terrible games on Youtube.

(The biggest problem with this is that I keep being tempted to name the fics I'm writing after lines in the amazingly bad games; if I ever post something titled 'Eat Laser, Loser', 'Because I'm a Terrorist', or 'Here, [NAME], This Will Explain Everything', you know what to blame.)

In other news, I've been listening to a lot of Astronautalis and POS recently. (At this point I'm going to end up a fan of every indie rapper in Minnesota, which coincidentally is a much larger group than I expected.) The Wondersmith and his Sons is great (and would make a great novel), Been Afraid is so full of clever wordplay, and Story of My Life is an excellent collab between the two.
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Weh, I'm so full of salt over the Overwatch Valentine's Genji & Mercy voice lines. Partly because I'm not really into the idea of playable characters being romantically involved with each other in the game itself rather than just in the comics... and partly because it's not my ship, dang it. Mercy is a fun character and all, but she just isn't a robot. Make her a secret android and then we can talk, Blizzard.

Well, whatever, I can deal. I've become a master at ignoring canon ships, and this one isn't even actually canon at this point.

On more exciting news, new TF2 comic soon! I never really got into the game itself, but I'm weirdly fond of the tie-in comics. They're such unabashed crack that I can't help but love them.

Swapping over to yet another separate note--'nine days after the new year' is probably not the ideal time to talk about New Years Resolutions, but... whatever, I want to.

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Also, I'm kind of considering giving YoI a try. Sports anime normally really aren't my thing, but the hype is intense and I could use a fluffy chaser now that I've finished Battle Royale feat. Magical Girls and Also Sadness (aka Magical Girl Raising Project).
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Hello, sweet creator, and thank you for signing up for one of my favorite character combos! I'm masu_trout on AO3 and—on the off chance you're interested—you can find my past letters here.

I have a very wide variety of interests: I like fic and art, SFW and NSFW, fluff and dark, etc. etc. Please don't feel too constrained by this letter—it got away from me a little bit in terms of length and enthusiasm. Using specific prompts is good, using my general likes is good, using an idea you came up with on your own is good. So long as you steer clear of my DNWs, I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose to make.

This year, my requested fandoms are:

Fallout 4
Fallout NV
Silent Hill
Final Fantasy VII
Life is Strange

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TBAHello, FemEx creator! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, and I am so glad you've signed up for one of my beloved fav pairings. On the off chance you care, you can see my letters for past exchanges here.

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Hello, Press Start creator, and thank you for... well, creating! I'm masu_trout on AO3, just as a heads-up, and I'm really excited for the chance to get something for one of my favorite vg fandoms.

I'm a very easy-to-please person overall, especially with these fandoms, and my prompts are meant to be general helpful bits rather than specific do this or else rules; if you have an idea that doesn't match these prompts, please feel free to use it so long as it doesn't contradict my DNWs!

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I finally (finally!) beat an old DS visual novel called Time Hollow the other day. I'd had it around for years and never quite managed to get through it, so a while back I decided, “Eh, why not,” and gave it a proper playthrough.

Wrong decision. This game actually got okay-ish reviews back in the day, which I can only assume is because it comes from an era where people were just that starved for VN stuff, because let me tell you. The only saving grace was how hard I was laughing at the plot by the end of the game.

(Seriously: the main villain is this guy who hates you because he thinks you killed his mom in the past, except it turns out his mother is actually killing herself in the past because her son keeps stalking and murdering this girl in his high school and she's decided murdering herself when her kid is a newborn and leaving him to grow up alone is the only way to correct this situation. ????? Also, the game ends with an implication that you're going to bang either your cousin or a time-traveling version of your uncle's wife and your non-anthropomorphic cat just up and starts talking to you in literally the last few lines of the game. It's a trip and a half.)

In better news, I started playing VLR, which is a much, much better puzzle VN by several orders of magnitude. VLR Spoilers )

I've sort of overextended myself a bit on fic-writing this summer, just because there's so many interesting things I want to sign up for. mm_rares, fandomgiftbox, press_start, rarepairfest, are_you_game… I'm getting decently far on my mm_rares fics at least (for all they just keep needing more and more words), and as much of a bummer rarepairfest's technical issues is it's at least giving me a little extra time to work.

I've also been writing some original short stories lately! I sort of let that fall by the wayside in recent years, so I'm really happy to be doing that again; it's a different sort of beast and a whole lot of fun. Nothing really worth showing the world yet—I am so very out of practice—but I'm enjoying myself a ton nonetheless. RL has been stressful lately, and this makes a good distraction.

I think I'm going to have to officially stop using Tumblr starting now-ish, because the SuMo spoilers have reached critical mass and hardly anyone is tagging. :| If I try to unfollow all the people posting untagged pics, I'll lose a good half my follower list. Better to just wait it out 'til November.
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Hello, Rarepair creator! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, and I am so glad you've signed up for one of my beloved fav pairings. On the off chance you care, you can see my letters for past exchanges here.

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Yesterday my youngest sibling and I decided to head to the next town over to see about a store that sold beekeeping equipment, since the two of us have recently been considering joint-owning a hive. The bee store apparently had closed a while back (note to small businesses: if you're going to have a website, keep it updated), but we spent a few hours wandering around and window-shopping nonetheless. The town is one of those very college-campus-type places, so it has a lot of quirky stores; we explored a used games place, a really nice comic book store, and a shop that specialized in selling fossils and geodes that were as horrifyingly expensive as they were beautiful. I would have liked to stop by my favorite used bookstore too, but we ran out of time.

The games store especially was cool, though wow did it charge a lot for its PS2 game selection. Silent Hill 4: The Room was seventy dollars, and The Haunting Ground was eighty. o_o I like old-school horror games, but not quite that much. They also had Eternal Darkness, which I was super tempted to buy, but I don't even have a working Gamecube system set up rn so it would have been a huge waste.

Speaking of games, apparently Zero Time Dilemma is coming out a whole lot sooner than I thought? I was under the impression it was a 'sometime next year' sort of deal, but I checked just recently and the release date is the end of June. I'm... excited but also panicked--I haven't even played the second game yet, haha. Guess I'd better get on that!
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Hello, MM Rares person!

THIS IS A LOT OF WORDS AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. I got a bit carried away talking about all the fun pairings I adore. I've tried to break it up into decent-sized sections, so hopefully that helps.

Also! Thank you dearly for offering to write and/or draw one of my favorite rare m/m pairings. You clearly have impeccable taste. I really am very easy to please—whatever you create, I'm sure I'll absolutely adore it.

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The very best thing happened to me on Friday, and I almost still can't believe it did.

I was sitting on a bench nearby a fast food place, reading a book on my Kindle, when all of a sudden, I hear someone ask from behind me, "Hey, do you like dogs?"

So I turn around and immediately see a woman holding THE SOFTEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD. She was some sort of rottweiler mix, probably about four months old, with a long black tail and floppy ears and a super-wriggly body.

Apparently the woman needed run in and grab herself dinner, but she'd forgotten her dog's leash and couldn't take her inside. So I got the hold the dog! For probably a good twenty minutes! She was adorable and friendly and--again--amazingly soft. It's been way too long since I got to spend any amount of time in the presence of dog, let alone a cute and well-behaved one like this.

(And then afterwards the woman came out and ate dinner next to me on the bench while the puppy ran around by our feet, and let me just say that the owner was very cute as well. It was a fantastic situation all around.)

On a more fannish note, [personal profile] gloss posted up a pretty neat AO3 meme about looking at the hit stats for your top ten fics by hits and seeing where they all fall in. My numbers aren't exactly anything to write home about, haha, but I thought it would be fun to try it nonetheless. It was interesting to do! Anyway, details under the cut.

Rambling about my own stuff under the cut. )

Real life has been really stressful lately, but the weather, at least, had been gorgeous. Green grass, blue skies, and warm winds blowing. ♥ Late spring is my favorite time of the year.


Apr. 16th, 2016 02:28 am
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The latest Omnibus Edition of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service came in today! I tore through it in one sitting, haha.

Most of the stories were a bit on the stranger end of Kurosagi's normal fare--there was one notable one that involved a robot zombie otaku with an anime sword--and I was a bit disappointed that it didn't really seem to do much with the cliffhanger that the last volume ended on, but I really adored the story with the ghost classmate and the chapter about Yata and Makino's backstory.

I dunno, in spite of (or maybe because of) the subject matter, I just really enjoy the series as a bit of calming reading. It's very episodic and all the characters are always just super calm about the situations they get into.
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I've been playing around with XKCD's new 'Garden' comic a fair bit this past week--it's actually very relaxing. (My Garden is here. I have an octopus! With a hat!) It sort of hits the same spot that Neko Atsume does for me, where it's just very laid-back and all about playing the waiting game and seeing what happens.

(...Or at least, that's how Neko Atsume is right up until you realize That One Rare Cat has visited over thirty times and still hasn't left a memento. Agh.)

I've also been meaning to pick up one of the prompts from Hanami Prompts before it ends, just because I like the idea and because there's some ideas I really like on the list. There's almost too many though, haha--I can't quite figure out which one I want to write most.

Fanfic Fest Season, as I've taken to calling it, is starting up soon. I'm excited for a lot of the ones running over summer & fall especially: Insert Coin, Femslashex, Parallels, Everywoman, Fusion Fest, Femme Remix, Chocolate Box... lotta stuff going on. I probably can't juggle signing up for all of them, though, so I'll have to sort through which of them I want most.

I especially can't do all of them because, looking through my list of recently-opened documents, I've begun to realize I officially have Far Too Many WIPs in progress. I'm happy that I have fun fandoms to play around with, of course, but I also desperately need to pick one project and stick to it. Sometimes I wonder why I don't post more works-in-progress as a go along instead of finishing each one first, but then I remember... oh, right, I'm terrible at finishing stuff. XD This is more for my reference than anything else, but I just want to jot down a quick list of stuff I've got in my Docs folder right now that I actually do intend to finish. Maybe I can come back and cross them off as I post them, get a little motivation out of doing it.

WIP List )

Real life's been kind of exhausting recently, but nothing too unmanageable. It'll be better in the long run, I'm pretty sure, but in the short run it's exhausting. So it goes, I guess!


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