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Hello, Yuletide writer. Thanks so much for writing something for me! I 'm so excited to have fic in one of my favorite small fandoms, and I hope my letter helps inspire you a little.

I just wanted to mention that, though my letter's a touch on the wordy side, please don;t feel like you have to adhere to it completely; this is just me rambling about fandoms I love, and hoping to give you some plot bunnies in the process. If you end up with an idea that doesn't fit what I've put in my letter, go for it!

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(Or: I'll actually have a proper post up soon I promise ;_;) I've been roaming through the Yuletide archive these past few days, and there is a lot of good stuff! It's my first year in Yuletide so I don't know if this is normal quality or just a particularity good year, but either way I've been enjoying myself tons.

Apparently making fic rec lists is a thing many people do for this challenge? And since I love reccing things to absolutely anyone who'll listen, there was no way I'd pass such an opportunity up.

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Hello, Yuletide Author! First off, thanks so much for signing up for one of my fandoms! They’re all super-precious to me, and the idea of getting something for any of them makes me really, really happy. I’m sure I’ll love whatever you create, and I hope something in this letter can help inspire you!

Oh, and for resources:

(I don't think there's anyway to experience Kid Icarus: Uprising if you don't have a 3DS, sorry.)
Black Rock Shooter (2012)
Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet

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