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I finally (finally!) beat an old DS visual novel called Time Hollow the other day. I'd had it around for years and never quite managed to get through it, so a while back I decided, “Eh, why not,” and gave it a proper playthrough.

Wrong decision. This game actually got okay-ish reviews back in the day, which I can only assume is because it comes from an era where people were just that starved for VN stuff, because let me tell you. The only saving grace was how hard I was laughing at the plot by the end of the game.

(Seriously: the main villain is this guy who hates you because he thinks you killed his mom in the past, except it turns out his mother is actually killing herself in the past because her son keeps stalking and murdering this girl in his high school and she's decided murdering herself when her kid is a newborn and leaving him to grow up alone is the only way to correct this situation. ????? Also, the game ends with an implication that you're going to bang either your cousin or a time-traveling version of your uncle's wife and your non-anthropomorphic cat just up and starts talking to you in literally the last few lines of the game. It's a trip and a half.)

In better news, I started playing VLR, which is a much, much better puzzle VN by several orders of magnitude. VLR Spoilers )

I've sort of overextended myself a bit on fic-writing this summer, just because there's so many interesting things I want to sign up for. mm_rares, fandomgiftbox, press_start, rarepairfest, are_you_game… I'm getting decently far on my mm_rares fics at least (for all they just keep needing more and more words), and as much of a bummer rarepairfest's technical issues is it's at least giving me a little extra time to work.

I've also been writing some original short stories lately! I sort of let that fall by the wayside in recent years, so I'm really happy to be doing that again; it's a different sort of beast and a whole lot of fun. Nothing really worth showing the world yet—I am so very out of practice—but I'm enjoying myself a ton nonetheless. RL has been stressful lately, and this makes a good distraction.

I think I'm going to have to officially stop using Tumblr starting now-ish, because the SuMo spoilers have reached critical mass and hardly anyone is tagging. :| If I try to unfollow all the people posting untagged pics, I'll lose a good half my follower list. Better to just wait it out 'til November.
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Yesterday my youngest sibling and I decided to head to the next town over to see about a store that sold beekeeping equipment, since the two of us have recently been considering joint-owning a hive. The bee store apparently had closed a while back (note to small businesses: if you're going to have a website, keep it updated), but we spent a few hours wandering around and window-shopping nonetheless. The town is one of those very college-campus-type places, so it has a lot of quirky stores; we explored a used games place, a really nice comic book store, and a shop that specialized in selling fossils and geodes that were as horrifyingly expensive as they were beautiful. I would have liked to stop by my favorite used bookstore too, but we ran out of time.

The games store especially was cool, though wow did it charge a lot for its PS2 game selection. Silent Hill 4: The Room was seventy dollars, and The Haunting Ground was eighty. o_o I like old-school horror games, but not quite that much. They also had Eternal Darkness, which I was super tempted to buy, but I don't even have a working Gamecube system set up rn so it would have been a huge waste.

Speaking of games, apparently Zero Time Dilemma is coming out a whole lot sooner than I thought? I was under the impression it was a 'sometime next year' sort of deal, but I checked just recently and the release date is the end of June. I'm... excited but also panicked--I haven't even played the second game yet, haha. Guess I'd better get on that!
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I've been saving up for a while, and I finally splurged on a refurbished Vita so I can actually play the Dangan Ronpa games!

...And then I went and bought Final Fantasy VII off the PSN while I was at it, and that's what I've been playing so far. Oops?

Final Fantasy VII is kind of a weird game for me, in that I've long considered myself a 'fan' of it even though I've never played it. The reason for that, actually, is the music - I have so much Final Fantasy music, especially for VII, on my iPod.

I'm still on the very earliest part, but so far it's been pretty interesting! It's not how I imagined it from the spoilers I've happened to read over the years (and I've read enough that I'm sure I could put together a pretty accurate plot summary for the game, haha). The biggest thing I've noticed is that it's a lot quirkier? Like, the way people talk about FFVII I expected it to be some epic tragedy, but so far it's pretty oddball and fun. I think a lot of games from this era are like that - I kind of miss it in more modern games, that sense of unbridled weirdness.

Also, wow, they are definitely eco-terrorists! I thought that was going to be really downplayed, but already I've met an NPC exclaiming over just how many people were killed by the bomb I set.

And the tutorial system is hilarious; instead of having NPCs explain things to Cloud, it's portrayed as Cloud giving lessons to various NPCs. It's actually a very clever way to avoid having the ultra-experienced mercenary learn how to use a weapon from Joe Random, but it also has the kinda hilarious side effect of making Cloud come off as a real know-it-all. Maybe he'd make a good teacher, if he weren't exploding things for money.

But yeah, I like it so far! I'll probably take a break soon and dig into Dangan Ronpa, though, because I've following it since early Chapter 2 of Orenronen's LP, and I'm so excited to finally be able to play it.
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AKA The most wonderful time of the year. All my sites have been bursting with talk about it, and it's got me so excited!

(Xbox has mostly been exciting in the 'which terrible thing will they do next?' sense, admittedly. Which is rather disappointing because I have a few Xbox 360 games that I enjoy a lot, but mostly I'm just glad that everyone else is refusing to accept terrible ideas like those as the future of gaming. If this system crashes and burns hard enough, hopefully it will discourage anyone else from trying to pull stupid stuff like that.)

Nintendo's looking good (Well, okay, both Nintendo and Sony are looking good right now just by virtue of not being Microsoft, but)- new Smash Bros news, some other cool things, and a new Pokemon trailer which I am refusing to watch because I know I'll enjoy the game more if I go in as unspoiled as possible. But it is really tempting me. I saw someone post a link to it earlier and I swear my finger reflexively tried to click it. ;_; Four and a half months is way too long!

I'm also interested in some of the WiiU news- I don't have the system right now, but I'm a huge fan of Pikmin, and so I'd like to eventually get it for Pikmin 3. The LoZ Wind Waker remake looks cool, at least, and so does X.

I'm also surprisingly invested in Kingdom Hearts 3 finally being announced! I've only ever played the handheld releases, and I have absolutely no plans to buy a PS4, but nevertheless seeing it announced after all the time is really cool. Maybe someone will put a good LP or something.

On the real life side, I start my new job this week; 8-5 Thursday through Sunday. I'm both excited and preemptively stressed, haha. Wish me luck!
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Lately, the weather here has been ridiculous. Up to eighty one day, and then plunging down the next. I think it hit forty-nine the other weekend. ;_; Is some consistent summer weather too much to ask?

I have an interview for a job tomorrow! And then another on Thursday. They're part time retail, and the times fit basically perfectly with what I need, so I'm really hopeful. I've applied to... I think sixteen places so far? Maybe seventeen? And I've gotten four interviews but no offers yet; I'd really like for one of these to work out! Wish me luck. :)

There's so many interesting games coming out this year. Remember Me, Rune Factory 4, Sweet Fuse, the new Pokemon games, Pikmin 3 (Though I'd need a WiiU for that, which...) and the SMT IV, just for starters. Though if I tried to play them all I wouldn't have any time to sleep, haha. Still, though, it's nice- I'm especially excited for the 3DS games. It seems like the library for the system gets better all the time. (I can't wait for Pokemon to come out, both out of excitement for the actual game and because avoiding spoilers is way too hard.)

Also, I finished training recently and now I am an official AO3 tag wrangler. It's pretty cool, actually- I can't stop being nervous that I'll screw something up, but they don't seem to have too many wranglers for anime/manga/video games, so I feel good about helping out. Right now I'm only on DRAMAtical Murder (which is this super fun and tropey sci-fi BL VN I'm in the middle of playing and oh goodness I should not be as into this game as I am ;_; but I love it) but you're supposed to work up to having at least three- I'm not sure what other two I want. Maybe Baccano!, but I should probably try to get more familiar with the light novels if I'm going to take it.

There's a lot going on this summer in terms of fic fests- Parallels, The Pokemon Reverse Bang, Homestuck World Cup, female_fest, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm very excited about Parallels; I still haven't decided everything I plan to nominate. (Though, in fairness, this fest allows a ridiculous amount of nominations. Not that I'm complaining, it's pretty cool). So far I've nominated Attack on Titan, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Tower of God, Assassination Classroom, and DRAMAtical Murder. I know at least a couple people I know do this fest- has anyone else nominated things yet?

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer! This is my favorite time of year, weather-mood swings aside.


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