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Hello, hello, new friends and old! It's absolutely wonderful seeing how lively my flist has been recently. I don't have a whole lot IRL-related to say right now (other than HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOW DOES IT WORK) but I did stumble across quite a few interesting fannish-type things recently!

First off, has anyone been following the The Phantom Pain shenanigans going on right now? Full context is here, but long story short: Kojima's trolling up a storm. I'm only a baby MGS fan myself (I'm currently playing through three) but I still find this really interesting. Especially the part about creating a fake Swedish game development company; that's pretty off-the-wall in terms of obfuscating techniques, haha. Plus, it sounds like it's supposed to be Big Boss backstory, so maybe Snake Eater would be all I need?

Secondly, I found this article both very sweet and sad. (I got a little more teared up than I probably should have considering it's about shipping Chinese textbook characters.) Being fannish is a very universal thing; so, apparently, is getting your ship mercilessly stomped on.

The Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Let's Play started today! (For anyone who hasn't heard me babble on and on about this fandom in all of my posts: I am seriously in love with this series.) So far Not!Francis York Morgan is my favorite, but considering a good portion of the characters haven't even spoken yet, I'm fairly certain that will change. Now to take bets on who bites it first.

Also, listen to this track. How can you not love a game with songs like that?

2600 words done on my Yuletide fic with eight days to go; I'm thinking another ~2000 or so ought to finish it off? I don't know. I know about where I want it to head, but the specifics continue to elude me. I guess I'll just keep writing and see where it takes me? I know a lot of people on my flist are doing some sort of fannish holiday exchange; how's it going so far for you?

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!


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