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TBAHello, FemEx creator! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, and I am so glad you've signed up for one of my beloved fav pairings. On the off chance you care, you can see my letters for past exchanges here.

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Hello, Press Start creator, and thank you for... well, creating! I'm masu_trout on AO3, just as a heads-up, and I'm really excited for the chance to get something for one of my favorite vg fandoms.

I'm a very easy-to-please person overall, especially with these fandoms, and my prompts are meant to be general helpful bits rather than specific do this or else rules; if you have an idea that doesn't match these prompts, please feel free to use it so long as it doesn't contradict my DNWs!

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Hello, Rarepair creator! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, and I am so glad you've signed up for one of my beloved fav pairings. On the off chance you care, you can see my letters for past exchanges here.

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Hello, MM Rares person!

THIS IS A LOT OF WORDS AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. I got a bit carried away talking about all the fun pairings I adore. I've tried to break it up into decent-sized sections, so hopefully that helps.

Also! Thank you dearly for offering to write and/or draw one of my favorite rare m/m pairings. You clearly have impeccable taste. I really am very easy to please—whatever you create, I'm sure I'll absolutely adore it.

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Hello, Yuletide author, and thank you for signing up to write something in one of my fandoms!

I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, as well as pretty much anywhere else I have an account. These canons are very much the canons of my heart, and I will be 110% thrilled to get a fic for any of them.

My prompts are genera likes just general guidelines (and, to be honest, a chance for me to ramble enthusiastically about my canons for a bit)--if you have an idea you love that deviates from them, I'll happily read it!

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Hello, fellow Press Starter! Thanks so much for signing up to create something for one of my fandoms. I'm really excited about this fest, and I hope my prompts will be helpful to you. Also, apologies in advance for the length of this – I've always been the rambly sort.

Generally, I like canon-compliant fic or canon-divergent AUs. I also enjoy unusual AUs (magical girl, mecha pilot, wingfic, dinosaur racing, etc.), missing scenes, outsider POV fic, and future fic/art. I'm really into H/C as well.

I'm generally not too fond of mundane AUs (high school, coffe shop, bakery) unless there's a twist to them, and I'm generally not a fan of scenes from canon retold from a different character's perspective unless that perspective really adds something new. However, the only things I definitely do not want to see are graphic rape/noncon, noncanonical character death, and character bashing. (Also, I'd be happy to get smut for my FFVII, Sweet Fuse, Pokemon, SH, 999, or Dangan Ronpa requests, but I don't want it for my TM, Ib, GT, or KI:U requests.)

I've listed out some ideas of my likes and such below, but please know that (except for the hard DNWs above) all of these are optional. If you have a really fantastic idea that diverges from the things I've talked about below, go for it!

1.) Trace Memory | Ashley & D )

2.) Final Fantasy VII | Cloud Strife )

3.) Sweet Fuse: At Your Side | Meoshi Kouta & Inafune Saki )

4.) Pokemon | Serena & Emma )

5.) Silent Hill | Heather Mason )

6.) Ib | Ib )

7.) 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors | Junpei & Snake )

8.) Ghost Trick | Sissel )

9.) Dangan Ronpa | Asahina Aoi & Oogami Sakura )

10.) Kid Icarus Uprising | Pit )

Thank you again for creating something for me! I hope these prompts work for you - if not, please feel free to ask for more, or to go with your own idea!
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Hello, Yuletide writer. Thanks so much for writing something for me! I 'm so excited to have fic in one of my favorite small fandoms, and I hope my letter helps inspire you a little.

I just wanted to mention that, though my letter's a touch on the wordy side, please don;t feel like you have to adhere to it completely; this is just me rambling about fandoms I love, and hoping to give you some plot bunnies in the process. If you end up with an idea that doesn't fit what I've put in my letter, go for it!

Fair warning, I tend to ramble. )


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