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The latest Omnibus Edition of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service came in today! I tore through it in one sitting, haha.

Most of the stories were a bit on the stranger end of Kurosagi's normal fare--there was one notable one that involved a robot zombie otaku with an anime sword--and I was a bit disappointed that it didn't really seem to do much with the cliffhanger that the last volume ended on, but I really adored the story with the ghost classmate and the chapter about Yata and Makino's backstory.

I dunno, in spite of (or maybe because of) the subject matter, I just really enjoy the series as a bit of calming reading. It's very episodic and all the characters are always just super calm about the situations they get into.
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Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I last posted an entry, due to being busy with RL. (I've also been a little neglectful about responding to others' entries, for which I apologize. I promise I'll engage more from now on!) I meant to put up a 'about my Yuletide fics' post, and a 'fannish year in review post', but... well, that didn't happen. >_< Anyhow.

First, off books! And manga too, because you can't have one without the other. I went out to Barnes & Noble the other day and got the collected Magic Knight Rayearth and the first three volumes of A Bride's Story! (And wiped out every B&N giftcard I'd received over the past two years. It was worth it.)

Image under the cut )

The art in A Bride's Story is amazing, quite possibly one of the best I've seen. The detail that goes into every aspect, from the designs of the wood and clothing to the animals and even the landscape, is beautiful. I can't praise it highly enough. The story is also really fascinating- it's slice of life with just enough action and drama to keep the pace up, and I think this is the first time I've enjoyed a work of fiction focused on an arranged marriage. Basically, I like this series a lot! I definitely want to do a more in-depth review of it sometime.

Magic Knight Rayearth was also pretty interesting; I read the first half of the series when I was young, but never actually got around to the second half, so I was completely unspoiled for the ending. The series started out pretty forumlaic, (fight baddies, acquire powers, repeat) but the twist ending was really great. (Plus, the final battle involved both magical girls and giant mecha! More series should make full use of that thoroughly amazing combination, IMO.)

Another series I've been reading is Liar Game. I really, really enjoy the plot and the character interactions; watching Nao grow is really enjoyable, and the games always keep me on the edge of my seat. (Also, I am 100% shipping Fukunaga and Nao right now and I'm not even sorry.) And ugh, Yokoya is a truly despicable villain; I love to hate the guy. I'm not fully caught up yet (it's a long series) but I've been steadily chipping away at it. I'm currently starting the Pandemic Game arc. (The art is... not good, haha, but I can live with that.) My biggest problem isn't with the series itself (I think?) but with the translators.

Liar Game Rant (Talks about Transphobia) )

On the non-manga side of things, I recently read three of Malcolm Gladwell's works: The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. Outliers was by far my favorite, but they were all very good.

More about the books )

I've had considerably less success in the anime department, though. I tried Kuroko's Basketball, but it just... didn't really click for me? I liked much of the character interaction, but I guess sports anime really just don't do it for me. I think I'll try Jojo's Bizarre Adventure next; I love ridiculous gratuitous shonen, so it sounds right up my alley.

...Argh, this isn't even half of what I wanted to talk about, but this post is already really long and rambley, whoops. Maybe if I leave the other half for later it'll inspire me to actually update this journal in a timely fashion? That sounds like a good plan.

Anyway, how is everyone doing? Has the New Year been treating you well so far?
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I am currently stressing out quite a bit, haha; the header is more advice I should be taking than anything else. I have things I should be doing right now, really, but I want to chat a little bit before that. :)

Dangan Ronpa )

I biked over to my local library (which is only one and a half miles away and has a very good graphic novel collection) and picked up ten manga volumes this padt Saturday. Except now the weather has taken a turn for the worse (dropped ~30 degrees and it's now doing that awful chilly drizzle-not-quite-rain thing) so I don't want to bike back and return them. ;_; Which is a good thing, really, since the last thing I need is more distractions, and I know I went now I'd end up grabbing another huge group. (I think I'll see if I can hitch a ride from a car-owning friend next week, since I'll not be busy then and she's offered that sort of thing before.)

Anyway, about the manga. )

Speaking of 20th Century Boys, I am so glad I read it! Endo Kanna is one of my new favorite protagonists, and I loved how much she treasured Kenji and how they sort of made saving the world a familial task; what a great family. And all the supporting characters were so human- Urasawa has a real talent for packing characterization in without losing plotting. I can't wait for 21th Century Boys 1 & 2 to be released- even if the threat is over, I haven't gotten my full resolution yet.

Also, as an early New Year's Resolution, I want to start posting fandom related meta. I always love reading it, and it saddens me how hard it can be to find sometimes. (People on my Flist who post meta: thank you! Even if I don't always comment, I do love reading it.) I doubt I can change that at all, considering that I'm the NNFest of NNFs, but it can't hurt to try, right? (Of course, that might have to wait. Yuletide + Pokemon Holiday Fest + Small Fandom Big Bang + Actual Real Life = not enough hours in the day, haha.) Anyway, if anyone has any recs for interesting meta, please link me!

Anyway, how are you all doing?


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