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Recently stumbled upon a new, ongoing Creepypasta, and I've got to admit I'm pretty hooked. Petscop is a new video series--ostensibly a Let's Play by a quiet-voiced guy named Paul, exploring a copy of a never-released Playstation title from '95. It's fairly obviously some sort of fiction (for one, it references events--such as the murder of Candace Newmaker--which occurred years after its supposed release date), but it's a very compelling one. Are the supposed graphics some sort of incredibly impressive animation, or is there really a ROM of this game out there created by whoever's making this? And there's hints that the Let's Player running through this game might be a part of the story too; he occasionally references events and conversations he had with some as-of-yet unknown person.

IDK, I just really like video game horror, especially when the art is good. (And tbh, I'd also be really interested in playing the game that Petscop pretends to be for its first few minutes--the idea of a surrealist, brightly-colored game where you solve abstract puzzles to collect odd monsters sounds incredibly fun to me.)

I've also been listening to The Adventure Zone, which is just a really fun canon. I don't normally get into podcasts with sustained story arcs, but somehow this one just really hits the spot. I'm at the beginning of the The Eleventh Hour arc now, and we've got time loops going!!! I love time loops so much, they're just the best.

So far I'm mostly in it for the MCs, because there's something really fun about just listening to four family members chill out and have a great time with each other. The four of them all just know how to play off each other so well, it's really endearing. The actual story content has been getting more narratively coherent as we go--it was a bit rough at first--so that's nice.

(In other news-that-isn't, my obsession with the mobile game I've gotten into increases in direct correlation with how much time I get to spend playing as a talking wolf-hyena. Pls send help.)
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Weh, I'm so full of salt over the Overwatch Valentine's Genji & Mercy voice lines. Partly because I'm not really into the idea of playable characters being romantically involved with each other in the game itself rather than just in the comics... and partly because it's not my ship, dang it. Mercy is a fun character and all, but she just isn't a robot. Make her a secret android and then we can talk, Blizzard.

Well, whatever, I can deal. I've become a master at ignoring canon ships, and this one isn't even actually canon at this point.

On more exciting news, new TF2 comic soon! I never really got into the game itself, but I'm weirdly fond of the tie-in comics. They're such unabashed crack that I can't help but love them.

Swapping over to yet another separate note--'nine days after the new year' is probably not the ideal time to talk about New Years Resolutions, but... whatever, I want to.

Fannish NYR, Past & Present )

Also, I'm kind of considering giving YoI a try. Sports anime normally really aren't my thing, but the hype is intense and I could use a fluffy chaser now that I've finished Battle Royale feat. Magical Girls and Also Sadness (aka Magical Girl Raising Project).
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The very best thing happened to me on Friday, and I almost still can't believe it did.

I was sitting on a bench nearby a fast food place, reading a book on my Kindle, when all of a sudden, I hear someone ask from behind me, "Hey, do you like dogs?"

So I turn around and immediately see a woman holding THE SOFTEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD. She was some sort of rottweiler mix, probably about four months old, with a long black tail and floppy ears and a super-wriggly body.

Apparently the woman needed run in and grab herself dinner, but she'd forgotten her dog's leash and couldn't take her inside. So I got the hold the dog! For probably a good twenty minutes! She was adorable and friendly and--again--amazingly soft. It's been way too long since I got to spend any amount of time in the presence of dog, let alone a cute and well-behaved one like this.

(And then afterwards the woman came out and ate dinner next to me on the bench while the puppy ran around by our feet, and let me just say that the owner was very cute as well. It was a fantastic situation all around.)

On a more fannish note, [personal profile] gloss posted up a pretty neat AO3 meme about looking at the hit stats for your top ten fics by hits and seeing where they all fall in. My numbers aren't exactly anything to write home about, haha, but I thought it would be fun to try it nonetheless. It was interesting to do! Anyway, details under the cut.

Rambling about my own stuff under the cut. )

Real life has been really stressful lately, but the weather, at least, had been gorgeous. Green grass, blue skies, and warm winds blowing. ♥ Late spring is my favorite time of the year.
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Lately, the weather here has been ridiculous. Up to eighty one day, and then plunging down the next. I think it hit forty-nine the other weekend. ;_; Is some consistent summer weather too much to ask?

I have an interview for a job tomorrow! And then another on Thursday. They're part time retail, and the times fit basically perfectly with what I need, so I'm really hopeful. I've applied to... I think sixteen places so far? Maybe seventeen? And I've gotten four interviews but no offers yet; I'd really like for one of these to work out! Wish me luck. :)

There's so many interesting games coming out this year. Remember Me, Rune Factory 4, Sweet Fuse, the new Pokemon games, Pikmin 3 (Though I'd need a WiiU for that, which...) and the SMT IV, just for starters. Though if I tried to play them all I wouldn't have any time to sleep, haha. Still, though, it's nice- I'm especially excited for the 3DS games. It seems like the library for the system gets better all the time. (I can't wait for Pokemon to come out, both out of excitement for the actual game and because avoiding spoilers is way too hard.)

Also, I finished training recently and now I am an official AO3 tag wrangler. It's pretty cool, actually- I can't stop being nervous that I'll screw something up, but they don't seem to have too many wranglers for anime/manga/video games, so I feel good about helping out. Right now I'm only on DRAMAtical Murder (which is this super fun and tropey sci-fi BL VN I'm in the middle of playing and oh goodness I should not be as into this game as I am ;_; but I love it) but you're supposed to work up to having at least three- I'm not sure what other two I want. Maybe Baccano!, but I should probably try to get more familiar with the light novels if I'm going to take it.

There's a lot going on this summer in terms of fic fests- Parallels, The Pokemon Reverse Bang, Homestuck World Cup, female_fest, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm very excited about Parallels; I still haven't decided everything I plan to nominate. (Though, in fairness, this fest allows a ridiculous amount of nominations. Not that I'm complaining, it's pretty cool). So far I've nominated Attack on Titan, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Tower of God, Assassination Classroom, and DRAMAtical Murder. I know at least a couple people I know do this fest- has anyone else nominated things yet?

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer! This is my favorite time of year, weather-mood swings aside.


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