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Dear Chocolatier,

Hello, and thank you for offering to create something for me! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3. My prompts are just general guidelines (and, to be honest, a chance for me to ramble enthusiastically about my favorite ships and characters for a bit)--if you have an idea you love that deviates from them, I'll happily read it!

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Hello, Yuletide author, and thank you for signing up to write something in one of my fandoms!

I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, as well as pretty much anywhere else I have an account. These canons are very much the canons of my heart, and I will be 110% thrilled to get a fic for any of them.

My prompts are genera likes just general guidelines (and, to be honest, a chance for me to ramble enthusiastically about my canons for a bit)--if you have an idea you love that deviates from them, I'll happily read it!

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Hello, fellow Press Starter! Thanks so much for signing up to create something for one of my fandoms. I'm really excited about this fest, and I hope my prompts will be helpful to you. Also, apologies in advance for the length of this – I've always been the rambly sort.

Generally, I like canon-compliant fic or canon-divergent AUs. I also enjoy unusual AUs (magical girl, mecha pilot, wingfic, dinosaur racing, etc.), missing scenes, outsider POV fic, and future fic/art. I'm really into H/C as well.

I'm generally not too fond of mundane AUs (high school, coffe shop, bakery) unless there's a twist to them, and I'm generally not a fan of scenes from canon retold from a different character's perspective unless that perspective really adds something new. However, the only things I definitely do not want to see are graphic rape/noncon, noncanonical character death, and character bashing. (Also, I'd be happy to get smut for my FFVII, Sweet Fuse, Pokemon, SH, 999, or Dangan Ronpa requests, but I don't want it for my TM, Ib, GT, or KI:U requests.)

I've listed out some ideas of my likes and such below, but please know that (except for the hard DNWs above) all of these are optional. If you have a really fantastic idea that diverges from the things I've talked about below, go for it!

1.) Trace Memory | Ashley & D )

2.) Final Fantasy VII | Cloud Strife )

3.) Sweet Fuse: At Your Side | Meoshi Kouta & Inafune Saki )

4.) Pokemon | Serena & Emma )

5.) Silent Hill | Heather Mason )

6.) Ib | Ib )

7.) 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors | Junpei & Snake )

8.) Ghost Trick | Sissel )

9.) Dangan Ronpa | Asahina Aoi & Oogami Sakura )

10.) Kid Icarus Uprising | Pit )

Thank you again for creating something for me! I hope these prompts work for you - if not, please feel free to ask for more, or to go with your own idea!
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Hello, Yuletide writer. Thanks so much for writing something for me! I 'm so excited to have fic in one of my favorite small fandoms, and I hope my letter helps inspire you a little.

I just wanted to mention that, though my letter's a touch on the wordy side, please don;t feel like you have to adhere to it completely; this is just me rambling about fandoms I love, and hoping to give you some plot bunnies in the process. If you end up with an idea that doesn't fit what I've put in my letter, go for it!

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I've been saving up for a while, and I finally splurged on a refurbished Vita so I can actually play the Dangan Ronpa games!

...And then I went and bought Final Fantasy VII off the PSN while I was at it, and that's what I've been playing so far. Oops?

Final Fantasy VII is kind of a weird game for me, in that I've long considered myself a 'fan' of it even though I've never played it. The reason for that, actually, is the music - I have so much Final Fantasy music, especially for VII, on my iPod.

I'm still on the very earliest part, but so far it's been pretty interesting! It's not how I imagined it from the spoilers I've happened to read over the years (and I've read enough that I'm sure I could put together a pretty accurate plot summary for the game, haha). The biggest thing I've noticed is that it's a lot quirkier? Like, the way people talk about FFVII I expected it to be some epic tragedy, but so far it's pretty oddball and fun. I think a lot of games from this era are like that - I kind of miss it in more modern games, that sense of unbridled weirdness.

Also, wow, they are definitely eco-terrorists! I thought that was going to be really downplayed, but already I've met an NPC exclaiming over just how many people were killed by the bomb I set.

And the tutorial system is hilarious; instead of having NPCs explain things to Cloud, it's portrayed as Cloud giving lessons to various NPCs. It's actually a very clever way to avoid having the ultra-experienced mercenary learn how to use a weapon from Joe Random, but it also has the kinda hilarious side effect of making Cloud come off as a real know-it-all. Maybe he'd make a good teacher, if he weren't exploding things for money.

But yeah, I like it so far! I'll probably take a break soon and dig into Dangan Ronpa, though, because I've following it since early Chapter 2 of Orenronen's LP, and I'm so excited to finally be able to play it.
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First off, to my Femslashex author, thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really excited for this exchange, and I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you create. I wrote a rather TL;DR letter, but please don't let that constrict you! If you have an idea you'd like to do that isn't in my prompts, go for it; I'll be overjoyed just seeing a new femslash fanwork for any of these fandoms.

Letter under the cut. )


Jul. 7th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Siliconera's just announced that Dangan Ronpa will be coming to the US for the PS Vita in early 2014.

Pardon my capslock, but YES. THANK YOU. THIS IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED. (I guess I'm going to have to start saving up for a Vita now... Bummer they're not releasing a PSP version.)

Also, Trigger Happy Havoc is, um. A very unique name?
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Hello, Parallels creator! Thanks so much for offering one of my fandoms, and I hope my requests suit you well. :) Here's some general stuff to know about me:

General Likes: I'm fairly easy to please! I love canon compliant fic, but I also enjoy what-if AUs and fantasy/science fiction /AUs (also, magical girl or suerhero AUs. Those are always great). I also enjoy things like outsider POV, friendship fics, hurt/comfort, worduilding, and bonding. I'm equally fond of f/f, f/m, m/m and gen, so write what you'd like!

General Dislikes: In general, I'm not a fan of non-con or dubcon, PWP, mundane AUs, or deathfic.

Request 1.) Baccano!, Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent

I put Isaac and Miria in my characters checklist because I couldn't decide who should go there (and when in doubt, always go for those two), but I would actually be very happy with fic focusing on almost any of the characters nominated! There's more details in my letter (or there will be, if you're viewing this before sign-ups close), but as a general overview I'm fond of all the canon pairings as well as Maiza/Ronnie and gen, and I love the larger-than-life aspect of the series- both in terms of the characters act and in the crazy things they manage to pull off. I'm also a big sucker for found-family dynamics and outsider POV on the immortals.

This canon makes me really happy, and I'd love to see just about anything for it. I love gen for this fandom, and I'm also really fond of Ladd/Lua, Firo/Ennis, Claire/Chane, Isaac/Miria, Nice/Jacuzzi, and Ronnie/Maiza. (The only pairings I'm not too fond of are Ladd/Claire and Luck/Dallas; if you could avoid those, I'd be grateful!) I'm a big fan of the way the characters interact with each other, especially the immortals- I love that so many of them end up friends by the end of the series in spite of past betrayals and the danger being around other immortals poses.

Another thing I enjoy is the relative lack of angst the immortals have- it treats living forever as more of an adventure than an endless fountain of sorrow. Some fic like that would be nice- maybe future!fic showing what the characters get up to, or something about what Maiza and Ronnie did before they end up where we see them in the anime.

I'm also a fan of the larger-than-life capers the cast gets up to, from Isaac and Miria's wild schemes to the whole 'everyone trying to take over the same train' thing. I'd love to see some more of that idea.

Also, I'm only just starting to read the light novels now, so I'd prefer not too many spoilers! Pulling in character backstory information or stuff like that is fine, but I'd really appreciate not being spoiled for the actual plots of the light novels. Thanks! :)

2.)Tower of God, Jyu Viole Grace | Baam

Ahh, Baam. I really love him, both pre-time skip and post-time skip. He's such an interesting character, and his loyalty and perseverance are really amazing. I'd love any sort of fic focused on him, be it pre-series, during part one, during the time skip, or during the second part. (I have to admit I ship Baam/Koon, but if that's not your thing please don't feel pressured to include it! I'm also a big gen fan.)

Baam. ;_; He's such an amazing character, awesome and tragic, and I really just want to see the poor kid happy. I loved his scenes pre-time skip, when he was opening up to all the other characters (the Baam, Koon, and Rak team was my favorite), and I'm also really fond of him post-time skip; it's really nice to see him opening back up against his will, haha.

I'm also a big fan of the Tower itself- I love how unusual and wild it is, and how many different places there are to explore. If you'd like, a missing scene centered around Baam and team (whichever team you prefer) exploring some floor of the tower would be great!

3.) DRAMAtical Murder, Seragaki Aoba

I'm a big fan of Aoba, which is honestly pretty rare for me when it comes to dating sims! But I think he's a really likeable character, and I appreciated that he had a pretty active role in the plot. I also really liked Midorijima- I thought it was a really interesting place, and I'm very curious to see how it (and Aoba) will change without Platinum Jail around. Romance-wise, my two favorite love interests were Clear and Koujaku, though I pretty much ship Aoba with all the possible love interests (and Mizuki).

(Oh, and my one big request for this canon is that you avoid Re:Connect spoilers. Thanks!)

Ahh, DRAMAtical Murder. :) I haven't played a ton of visual novels or anything, but I really enjoyed this one. Aoba's great, and I enjoyed his interaction with all the other characters.

Some ideas:

1.) Like I mentioned, future fic! I'm pretty interested in seeing where the canon goes, especially in regards to the characters' relationships and the rebuilding that's probably necessary after Platinum Jail's rule collapses.

2.) Alternately, something set post-Koujaku's bad end. I, um... was very interested in that ending. For reasons. (Basically, I really, really like the idea of evil!Aoba/monster!Koujaku.)

3.) Preseries Aoba? Either during his, um, rebellious phase, or back when he was a kid. I'd love to see something like that.

4.) Weird AUs. The cast as Pokemon trainers, mecha pilots, supernatural creatures, superheroes, or something weird like that. I don't know why, but I feel like this canon would lend itself really well to that sort of thing. XD

4.) Girl: "Who are you?" Alien: "Er, I'm an alien.", Girl & Alien

So as it turns out, interspecies H/C-riffic femslash is basically my kryptonite. I loved the relationship between the alien and the girl, and I'd love to see where they end up after the end of the story. I'd love to see something set after that, showing their future! I think you could take it in either a fluffy direction (Exploring brand new worlds and getting used to alien bodies, literally and figuratively! Maybe they end up getting married, but it turns out they have two wildly different ideas of what that entails?) or dark (What happens if the others of the alien's species find out what she did?). Not even the sky is a limit for this canon.

So. Yup. I think my prompt for this one has most of the important details! I would really love some Girl/Alien for this fandom- what direction you take it in is totally up to you. I would just be so overwhelmingly excited to see anything for this fandom, haha. I love the sense of codependence, I guess, that I get from these two, and the way that, despite all their issues, they seem much healthier and happier together than apart.

5.) Attack on Titan, Hanji Zoe

Hanji is almost certainly my favorite character in this series. I love her passion for SCIENCE, her over-the-top eccentricities and genuine appreciation for the creatures that killed over half of humanity. Anything at all about her would be amazing- maybe her studying Eren or the female titan, or a fic on how people outside the Scouting Legion see her- I imagine she has to be absolutely terrifying and baffling to them, haha.

Or, if you're not really a Hanji fan, there's also other characters I love! I am a huge shipper of Ymir/Christa and Reiner/Bertholt, and I also love the relationship between Armin, Eren and Mikasa, whether you write it as friendship or romance. Really, you couldn't go wrong with a fic about the rookies- I love them all, and the way the try to band together even as their own separate agendas, secrets, and the politics and violence of the world around them keep tearing them apart.

Hanji is such a great character! I don't really ship her with anyone, so if you do choose to write about her, I'd prefer for it to be gen. That aside, though, I'd be happy with pretty much anything for her! There's the prompts I mentioned above, or if those don't work for you you could take it in a different direction-maybe something about her past, either when she was a child or her time in the Scouting Corps before she became a researcher? Bonding with the rookies? (I'd especially love to see something like this with Eren & co. I love the strange sort of mentorship-thing she has going on with him.)

If you're not a Hanji fan, I also love the rookies. I ship all the things I mentioned above, and I'd also be very happy to see any sort of bonding between any rookie members- the more canon tries to make them suffer, the more I want to see them be even just a little bit happy. XD

Anyway, I'm sure I'll love whatever you decide to do!

6.) Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Katsuragi Yako

I love Yako, and I'd love to see any sort of fic that focused on her. I'd be especially interested, though, in something focused on mystery-solving, set either during the time Neuro was gone, or after he got back. The idea of a wandering detective/negotiator traveling the world and helping people out is great. Another idea I'd be interested in is Neuro and Yako's crimesolving from the perspective of a witness or suspect- I imagine they must be a pretty strange sight to people who haven't heard about them, ahaha.

(Shipwise, Yako is pretty much my little black dress for this fandom. My very favorite pairing is Yako/Aya, but I also ship her with Neuro, Sasazuka, Akane, Higuchi, X... pretty much anyone who isn't Sicks. And, of course, I really love gen!)

Yako is one of my favorite characters in, well, anything, and I'd be very happy with anything featuring her. I'd especially love femslash (Like I said, Yako/Aya is amazing, and I also love the idea of Akane/Yako no matter how cracky a ship it is) but I know that's not exactly a popular pairing type and I'm certainly not expecting it!

Any of the prompt ideas I mentioned in my letter would make me very happy! I'm a total sucker for mysteries/adventure, haha. If you don't feel like you'd care to write that, though, I'd also be happy with something more introspective? Perhaps Yako's thoughts right after the death her father, a typical day around the office for Neuro and Yako, or Yako going fishing with Honjou or hanging out with Godai or something like that. :) Whatever you choose to do, I'm sure I'll enjoy it!

I apologize for making this so long! >_< I hope it's not too intimidating, and please remember that I requested all these fandoms because I love them! So even if your ideas take you in a different direction than the prompts here, I'm sure I'll love it. I hope you have a good time with whatever you do. :)
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AKA The most wonderful time of the year. All my sites have been bursting with talk about it, and it's got me so excited!

(Xbox has mostly been exciting in the 'which terrible thing will they do next?' sense, admittedly. Which is rather disappointing because I have a few Xbox 360 games that I enjoy a lot, but mostly I'm just glad that everyone else is refusing to accept terrible ideas like those as the future of gaming. If this system crashes and burns hard enough, hopefully it will discourage anyone else from trying to pull stupid stuff like that.)

Nintendo's looking good (Well, okay, both Nintendo and Sony are looking good right now just by virtue of not being Microsoft, but)- new Smash Bros news, some other cool things, and a new Pokemon trailer which I am refusing to watch because I know I'll enjoy the game more if I go in as unspoiled as possible. But it is really tempting me. I saw someone post a link to it earlier and I swear my finger reflexively tried to click it. ;_; Four and a half months is way too long!

I'm also interested in some of the WiiU news- I don't have the system right now, but I'm a huge fan of Pikmin, and so I'd like to eventually get it for Pikmin 3. The LoZ Wind Waker remake looks cool, at least, and so does X.

I'm also surprisingly invested in Kingdom Hearts 3 finally being announced! I've only ever played the handheld releases, and I have absolutely no plans to buy a PS4, but nevertheless seeing it announced after all the time is really cool. Maybe someone will put a good LP or something.

On the real life side, I start my new job this week; 8-5 Thursday through Sunday. I'm both excited and preemptively stressed, haha. Wish me luck!
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Aghghghsdkjd I keep hearing spoilers for the new SnK chapter that sound so bizarre and yet I can't find a translation anywhere. >_< I want to know what happens!

Also, I went to the library yesterday. I got some interesting-looking books: I am the Cheese, Catching Fire, a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, and a few volumes of Here is Greenwood. ...and, um, I also got Tyra Banks' YA novel, Modelland. I have heard so many things about hilariously bad it is, and just from the blurb I have a feeling it's going to exceed my wildest dreams. I almost want to reactivate my Tumblr (which I probably haven's used in almost a year) just so I can post some choice quotes. Though I'll probably end up being too lazy for that, haha.\

Also, I got a job! It's a temporary thing, six weeks, and it pays minimum wage. Nothing glamorous, but it's a source of money and something to do so I'm very satisfied. Orientation's tomorrow, though, so I'm a touch nervous. Wish me luck!
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Lately, the weather here has been ridiculous. Up to eighty one day, and then plunging down the next. I think it hit forty-nine the other weekend. ;_; Is some consistent summer weather too much to ask?

I have an interview for a job tomorrow! And then another on Thursday. They're part time retail, and the times fit basically perfectly with what I need, so I'm really hopeful. I've applied to... I think sixteen places so far? Maybe seventeen? And I've gotten four interviews but no offers yet; I'd really like for one of these to work out! Wish me luck. :)

There's so many interesting games coming out this year. Remember Me, Rune Factory 4, Sweet Fuse, the new Pokemon games, Pikmin 3 (Though I'd need a WiiU for that, which...) and the SMT IV, just for starters. Though if I tried to play them all I wouldn't have any time to sleep, haha. Still, though, it's nice- I'm especially excited for the 3DS games. It seems like the library for the system gets better all the time. (I can't wait for Pokemon to come out, both out of excitement for the actual game and because avoiding spoilers is way too hard.)

Also, I finished training recently and now I am an official AO3 tag wrangler. It's pretty cool, actually- I can't stop being nervous that I'll screw something up, but they don't seem to have too many wranglers for anime/manga/video games, so I feel good about helping out. Right now I'm only on DRAMAtical Murder (which is this super fun and tropey sci-fi BL VN I'm in the middle of playing and oh goodness I should not be as into this game as I am ;_; but I love it) but you're supposed to work up to having at least three- I'm not sure what other two I want. Maybe Baccano!, but I should probably try to get more familiar with the light novels if I'm going to take it.

There's a lot going on this summer in terms of fic fests- Parallels, The Pokemon Reverse Bang, Homestuck World Cup, female_fest, and a few others I can't remember off the top of my head. I'm very excited about Parallels; I still haven't decided everything I plan to nominate. (Though, in fairness, this fest allows a ridiculous amount of nominations. Not that I'm complaining, it's pretty cool). So far I've nominated Attack on Titan, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Tower of God, Assassination Classroom, and DRAMAtical Murder. I know at least a couple people I know do this fest- has anyone else nominated things yet?

Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying the beginnings of summer! This is my favorite time of year, weather-mood swings aside.
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Under the cut. )

Apparently I have a habit of starting with short bits of dialogue? There's a lot of relatively short sentences in general, actually. I think the biggest thing I learned from this, though, is that I really have to organize my fanfiction better. Some of it's only on LJ, some DW, some AO3 or FFnet, and there's quite a few pieces that only ever posted to random prompt communities; I can't even remember where some of it is at this point. >_
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I don't know how long it's been since I've updated this journal, but I'm fairly certain too long is a pretty good estimate. Real life has a way of sucking up all my motivation, and even when I have some downtime it's hard for me to sit down and just focus, haha. But! I am here now, and hopefully I'll be able to keep up a slightly more active updating schedule from now on.

Honestly, the biggest problem is that right now, writing is like pulling teeth for me. I haven't written anything substantial in terms of fiction since Yuletide, and even just getting this entry down is taking me way longer than it should.

I think it might be a procrastination thing- whenever I try to sit down and write (or read, or play video games, or anything else that requires at least somewhat of a time commitment) my brain can't stop going to everything I should be doing, and I can't concentrate. Which is stupid, because it's not like it's making me any more productive- I just end up messing around on the internet instead, because I feel like I can quit that the second I need to, and waste just as much time for far less benefit than if I'd just sat down and written in the first place. >_< I dunno, maybe this update will help me get over it?

Anyway, media! It's been long enough since my last update that I have a pretty big backlog of things to talk about.

I watched all of Baccano! since my last update, and holy crap. Just... dang. It was really, really great.

Baccano! Thoughts )

It is pretty gory, though, so if that's not your thing I can't really recommend it.

Oh, speaking of gory!

The first episode of Shingeki no Kyojin came out this weekend. )

Sometime soon I want to make a rec list of all the webcomics I follow and love. There's a lot of really awesome ones out there, but it can be kind of hard to find a fandom for the ones other than Homestuck.

Other fannish things I want to accomplish:
1. Write a Shingeki no Kyojin canon primer.
2. Repost my Dangan Ronpa over here on DW. (This should not even take that long to do, I don't know why I haven't gotten around to it yet.
3. WRITE SOME FANFIC ALREADY. Seriously, I need to kick this Writer's Block now or it'll just keep steamrolling right over me.
4.. Especially if it's the self-indulgent Pokemon OT fic that I've been wanting to write ever since I learned fanfic was a thing. Or a weird crossover. I love to read weird crossovers but somehow I never write them.

Anyway, how have things been going for you?
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Hi, everyone! It's been a while since I last posted an entry, due to being busy with RL. (I've also been a little neglectful about responding to others' entries, for which I apologize. I promise I'll engage more from now on!) I meant to put up a 'about my Yuletide fics' post, and a 'fannish year in review post', but... well, that didn't happen. >_< Anyhow.

First, off books! And manga too, because you can't have one without the other. I went out to Barnes & Noble the other day and got the collected Magic Knight Rayearth and the first three volumes of A Bride's Story! (And wiped out every B&N giftcard I'd received over the past two years. It was worth it.)

Image under the cut )

The art in A Bride's Story is amazing, quite possibly one of the best I've seen. The detail that goes into every aspect, from the designs of the wood and clothing to the animals and even the landscape, is beautiful. I can't praise it highly enough. The story is also really fascinating- it's slice of life with just enough action and drama to keep the pace up, and I think this is the first time I've enjoyed a work of fiction focused on an arranged marriage. Basically, I like this series a lot! I definitely want to do a more in-depth review of it sometime.

Magic Knight Rayearth was also pretty interesting; I read the first half of the series when I was young, but never actually got around to the second half, so I was completely unspoiled for the ending. The series started out pretty forumlaic, (fight baddies, acquire powers, repeat) but the twist ending was really great. (Plus, the final battle involved both magical girls and giant mecha! More series should make full use of that thoroughly amazing combination, IMO.)

Another series I've been reading is Liar Game. I really, really enjoy the plot and the character interactions; watching Nao grow is really enjoyable, and the games always keep me on the edge of my seat. (Also, I am 100% shipping Fukunaga and Nao right now and I'm not even sorry.) And ugh, Yokoya is a truly despicable villain; I love to hate the guy. I'm not fully caught up yet (it's a long series) but I've been steadily chipping away at it. I'm currently starting the Pandemic Game arc. (The art is... not good, haha, but I can live with that.) My biggest problem isn't with the series itself (I think?) but with the translators.

Liar Game Rant (Talks about Transphobia) )

On the non-manga side of things, I recently read three of Malcolm Gladwell's works: The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers. Outliers was by far my favorite, but they were all very good.

More about the books )

I've had considerably less success in the anime department, though. I tried Kuroko's Basketball, but it just... didn't really click for me? I liked much of the character interaction, but I guess sports anime really just don't do it for me. I think I'll try Jojo's Bizarre Adventure next; I love ridiculous gratuitous shonen, so it sounds right up my alley.

...Argh, this isn't even half of what I wanted to talk about, but this post is already really long and rambley, whoops. Maybe if I leave the other half for later it'll inspire me to actually update this journal in a timely fashion? That sounds like a good plan.

Anyway, how is everyone doing? Has the New Year been treating you well so far?
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Pokemon fans! Check back in 1 day for major news!

I am so excited. I just... common sense dictates it would be an R/S/E remake, right? I mean, it's not 100% certain, but that what most people seem to be saying. No matter what it turns out to be, I can't wait to find out. ;_; Make it tomorrow already, please!
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(Or: I'll actually have a proper post up soon I promise ;_;) I've been roaming through the Yuletide archive these past few days, and there is a lot of good stuff! It's my first year in Yuletide so I don't know if this is normal quality or just a particularity good year, but either way I've been enjoying myself tons.

Apparently making fic rec lists is a thing many people do for this challenge? And since I love reccing things to absolutely anyone who'll listen, there was no way I'd pass such an opportunity up.

The Fics )
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Hello, hello, new friends and old! It's absolutely wonderful seeing how lively my flist has been recently. I don't have a whole lot IRL-related to say right now (other than HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOW DOES IT WORK) but I did stumble across quite a few interesting fannish-type things recently!

First off, has anyone been following the The Phantom Pain shenanigans going on right now? Full context is here, but long story short: Kojima's trolling up a storm. I'm only a baby MGS fan myself (I'm currently playing through three) but I still find this really interesting. Especially the part about creating a fake Swedish game development company; that's pretty off-the-wall in terms of obfuscating techniques, haha. Plus, it sounds like it's supposed to be Big Boss backstory, so maybe Snake Eater would be all I need?

Secondly, I found this article both very sweet and sad. (I got a little more teared up than I probably should have considering it's about shipping Chinese textbook characters.) Being fannish is a very universal thing; so, apparently, is getting your ship mercilessly stomped on.

The Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Let's Play started today! (For anyone who hasn't heard me babble on and on about this fandom in all of my posts: I am seriously in love with this series.) So far Not!Francis York Morgan is my favorite, but considering a good portion of the characters haven't even spoken yet, I'm fairly certain that will change. Now to take bets on who bites it first.

Also, listen to this track. How can you not love a game with songs like that?

2600 words done on my Yuletide fic with eight days to go; I'm thinking another ~2000 or so ought to finish it off? I don't know. I know about where I want it to head, but the specifics continue to elude me. I guess I'll just keep writing and see where it takes me? I know a lot of people on my flist are doing some sort of fannish holiday exchange; how's it going so far for you?

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well!


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