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First off, to my Femslashex author, thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really excited for this exchange, and I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you create. I wrote a rather TL;DR letter, but please don't let that constrict you! If you have an idea you'd like to do that isn't in my prompts, go for it; I'll be overjoyed just seeing a new femslash fanwork for any of these fandoms.

I really like a lot of things, so I'm not quite sure how to make a likes list that adequately sums it up. But in general, my likes include: Fluff, angst, both stories about characters discovering their feelings and stories about established relationships, post-canon stories, H/C, and fantasy and/or science fiction-themed AUs.

In general, I dislike: PWP, noncon, infidelity, pregnancy themes (I'm fine with stories involving adoption, though), character bashing of any sort, and mundane-themed AUs (with one exception in my prompts list). Also, I'm fine with character death in most of my fandoms, but I'd prefer you avoided it if you're writing for Pokemon. Thanks!

1.) Silent Hill 3

Heather Mason/Claudia Wolf,

Silent Hill 3 is a horror game, originally for the Playstation 2, about a girl named Heather who lives a seemingly-ordinary life. One day, however, a woman named Claudia tears that all apart, forcing her to return to Silent Hill to confront her past. If you're looking to do a canon review and/or just plain interested in the game, there's a great LP for it here.

I love the delightfully antagonistic relationship Heather and Claudia have, and the way it all ties back to Claudia's incredible devotion to/reliance on Alessa and how she remembers her. If you choose for this fandom, I'd love to see something that explores that!

Heather/Claudia – I love the emotions between these two – the way Hather (rightfully) hates Claudia for what she's done, while Claudia cares for Heather on the basis of who she used to be while still putting her through such awful things. Their shared history, and how they started off close and then ended up so far apart is...well, it's certainly not love by any traditional definition, by that only makes me ship it more. An AU where Claudia survives the events of the game would be really interesting, or maybe something where Claudia first tries to win Heather back by other means instead of immediately going into murder-mode.

Also, if you're not really eager to write in the canon universe of SH3, I'd happily accept an AU. Some ideas for that:

Magical Girl AU- It's... sort of canon? And it should be way more canon than it already is, because magical girl!Heather is amazing. I would be absolutely thrilled with anything involving Heather fighting evil by moonlight (aliens and shiba inus optional).

Coffee Shop AU- I don't even remember the context, but someone once made a joke about Claudia owning a coffee shop, and ever since then I have been in love with the idea of an AU for that.

2.) Girl: “Who Are You?” Alien: “Er, I'm an Alien.”


Girl... etc. is a short story originally written on 2chan and translated by vgperson. You can find a link here It's about an emotion-eating alien who accidentally crash lands while scouting out new planets, and the girl who takes her in. It's full of emotional h/c and awesome sci-fi fun, and femslash that's more or less canon.

The girl and the alien have a really sweet relationship, with the alien trying to push the girl to accept reality and the way they're each others' only friends. I love the genuine sense of caring between the two- the girl opens up for the alien like she hasn't for anyone else, and the alien can't just write the girl off, no matter what protocol says.

If you write for this canon, I'd love to see a continuation of the story! There's a lot you could go from where it leaves off- how do the two adjust to being together? Do they settle on Earth, or do they explore pther planets together? Do the other aliens find out about what our alien did, and if so, how do they respond? You could really go in a lot of different ways for this canon- a fluffy interspecies wedding and desperate forbidden love type deal would both make equal sense, and I'd happily accept either!

3.) Pokemon

Any Pairing

Pokemon is... well, I'm not sure there's an easy way to sum up Pokemon! But it's my oldest fandom and still one of my favorites, and when I say any pairing I really do mean it. For this fandom, I'd really love to see something set in the canon world of the games, especially if it takes the opportunity to explore the world as well as the characters' relationship.

There's a lot of really fun things you could do with the pairings nominated – what's it like dating a gym leader in another town or a Frontier Brain or an Elite Four member or a girl who wanders all over the world? Is it difficult, or can you just fly over for an afternoon whenever you feel like it? What sort of hobbies do Pokemon Trainers have, anyway? (Other than training, of course!) Are there any relationship habits that are normal there but would seem totally weird to us? (Or hey, maybe even something that seems normal in one region, but totally bizarre in another.) Gym leaders and Elite Four member seem to be sort of the celebrities of the Pokemon world – what's it like, dating one of them? And if you have a completely different plot bunny, please feel free to use it! The Pokemon world is one without a whole lot of canon relationships, and that only makes me more interested in how it works there.

4.) Dangan Ronpa

Asahina Aoi/Oogami Sakura, Enoshima Junko/Ikusaba Mukuro, Asahina Aoi/Fujisaki Chihiro, Asahina Aoi/Genocider Syo, Fujisaki Chihiro/Oogami Sakura, Alter Ego/Fujisaki Chihiro

Dangan Ronpa is a murder mystery visual novel, and it's amazing. The game won't actually be released in English until next year, but you can read a full translation here. One thing I ask is that you not spoiler for SDR2- I'm following along with the LP currently. Thanks!

I requested quite a few pairings for this canon, so I won't go over each of them individually. I love both pre- and post-Despair fics, and I'd also totally be up for an IF-centric AU or another AU idea!

If you do pre-series, I'd love to see anything that fleshes out the character's histories. He glimpses we see of them from before are really interesting, and anything that expanded on that would be cool. Whether it was Sakura & Asahina training together, either (or both! Sakura/Asahina/Chihiro would be fantastic) of them training Chihiro, Chihiro working on Alter Ego the first time around, an exploration of Junko and Mukuro's initial creation of DESPAIR, or anything else like that; I'd love it all!

For post-Despair, I'd love to see an alternate take on the events of canon- maybe a relationship averts tragedy, or maybe it causes even more- or something where one of the characters comes back as a ghost or something.

In an IF AU, the idea of rebuilding after the apocalypse and finding love (or a twisted version of it, depending on who you're writing about) along the way really appeals to me. What must it be like, knowing you knew someone and not being able to remember it?
Alternately, I'd love some kind of unusual AU for this series! Maybe superheroes, or magical girls, or mecha pilots; anything that tends not to be done as often would make me happy!

5.) Attack on Titan

Ymir/Krista, Annie/Hange Zoe

Attack on Titan is a manga and anime about cannabalistic monsters and the people who fight them and/or turn into them! I'm caught up on the manga, and would be very happy with a fic that references current events. However, if you follow the anime, that's fine too!

For Ymir and Krista, I really love the obvious care between them and the way it can get wrapped up in their codependency. Krista needs to be needed, and no matter how much Ymir tries to act like she doesn't need anyone, it's obvious she cares deeply for Ymir. Backstory fic for them would be lovely, as would something set during a mission. Maybe something dealing with their identities and the things they both hide, or maybe just an adorable scene between the two. (Goodness knows this canon could use some fluff.)

For Annie and Hange... well, for these two the possibilities are rather endless, haha. I really think Hange's love for SCIENCE! combined with her adoration for and complete lack of caution around titans could combine for fantastic ship dynamics. This could be as serious or cracky as you want to take it – I would be totally happy either way.

Again, thank you so much for writing for me! I hope I've written a helpful letter.


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