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Hello, Yuletide Author! First off, thanks so much for signing up for one of my fandoms! They’re all super-precious to me, and the idea of getting something for any of them makes me really, really happy. I’m sure I’ll love whatever you create, and I hope something in this letter can help inspire you!

Oh, and for resources:

(I don't think there's anyway to experience Kid Icarus: Uprising if you don't have a 3DS, sorry.)
Black Rock Shooter (2012)
Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet

General Likes: I love pre-and-post canon scenes, hurt-comfort, sci-fi or fantasy-themed AUs, plotty fic, casefic, fluff or cracky fic, mysteries, and stories that involve characters having strong bonds, be they platonic or romantic. I like a lot of things, really; this is just a small sample. Oh, and I’m a huge multishipper who likes femslash, slash, het, and gen, so don’t let pairings stress you out! Also, I’m a huge sucker for magical girl AUs. I doubt that’s likely to be something you’d like to write, haha, but I want to put it out there all the same!

General Dislikes: I’d prefer it if you avoided putting noncon of any sort, BDSM, watersports/scat, infidelity, or character-bashing in my fic. Also, I don’t really like reading about unhappy, abusive, or doomed relationships (be it platonic or romantic). It doesn’t need to be all light and fluff, but I strongly prefer stories where I can believe the characters have some chance of making it work and that the relationship is actually a good thing. (I hope that makes sense!)

1.) Dangan-Ronpa (Characters: Any)

Ahhhh, Dangan-Ronpa is such an amazing canon! I love it to bits. It’s really heartbreaking to watch the cast slowly shrink, and I love how the canon makes it clear that almost none of these kids are really bad people-- they’re just scared teens in a terrible situation. I also love seeing the survirors come to slowly trust each other, you know? There’s something really exciting in watching them become friends despite the sort of risk that entails. Pairings-wise, I like Naegi/Anyone, Asahina/Sakura, dysfunctional Togami/Syo, any combination of Mondo/Chihiro/Ishimaru, and, oddly enough, Maizono/Fukawa. And gen is always good too!

And for the record, when I say any, I do mean any. Poor Leon and Mukuro got left off of nominations, but I would still be thrilled to receive a fic about either of them!

Things I’d Like to See:

Preseries fic for any character. Set in the ‘true’ Hope’s Peak or even earlier, whichever you like. We get to see some tantalizing glimpses of the characters’ past in the Free Time events, and it makes me want to know more about them.\

Any kind of what-if AU where which kids live and die is changed. Maybe they manage to cooperate and not let anyone die? Maybe Sakura ends up trying to fulfill her obligation after all? Whatever interests you.

Film Noir type AU, or any sort of AU that involves Kirigiri and Naegi (and Togami?) putting their detective skills to some use other than class trials. Hardboiled private eye or Sherlock Holmes-style, any way would be cool!

Anything where the dead character get to interact with the survivors, be it ghosts or time travel or ‘back to life’ magic- I would just love to see how some of the earlier deaths would react to late-game plot spoilers. (The mastermind is who? and we all have what?)

Apocalyptic AU? (Er, this is assuming the Monopacalypse is canon and the mastermind's mindscrew.) I'd love to see any sort of idea where, instead of being stuck on the inside of Hope's Peak, the fifteen end up on the outside, beating up Monbear-masks and taking names. I know this is a bit out there, bbut I thought I'd throw it out as a prompt anyway! (Credit where credit's due; I got the idea from this doujin. I'd love to see it with any of the cast, though, not just Ishida.)

Or anything else! I know I’m putting a lot of plot ideas out there, but that’s only because I want to make sure you have some inspiration! If you get an idea that’s totally different to what I said here, please go and run with it! I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading it. (This goes for all my fandoms, for the record.)

2.) Kid Icarus (Characters: Any)

Another amazing canon, with fantastic (and hilarious) dialogue, character and interactions. This is one fandom where I’d prefer gen, for the record—immortality makes age differences confusing. I just love the four-way banter between Palutena, Viridi, Hades, and Pit, and how they keep getting themselves into stranger and stranger situations.)

This is also a canon where any means any! Magnus and Pittoo and a host of other interesting folks didn’t make nominations, but I’d still be very happy with fic that included them, if you wanted to.

Things I’d Like to See:

Futurefic! It’s pretty clear that the characters’ adventures don’t end just because the game does, so anything set afterwards would make me happy.

Weird Alliances: I..don’t know how to explain this, exactly, but I love things where heroes and villains interact non-confrontationally. (The alien invasion plot was my favorite part of the game, haha.) Whether that means teaming up against a worse enemy or movie nights in Skyworld is up to you.

Crack-fic. I mean, come on, this is a game where being turned into an eggplant or attacked by boxes with female legs is totally canon.

Origin fic, exploring the characters' pasts. How did Pit first become Palutena's angel. What were Viridi, Hades, and Palutena like way back when? How did Magnus lose his child? Anything along those lines would be great.

3.) Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet (Characters: Petunia, Todd, Cyril)

This webcomic is gorgeous in pretty much every way, from art to storyline to character development. I love how it manages to be full of adventure and yet pretty dang dramatic and emotional at times. For this canon, my OTP is definitely Todd/Petunia/Cyril! I love the way those three interact, and how Petunia sort of balances out the anger between the other two. (And, of course, how Cyril just sort of… inserts himself into their lives.) If you don’t want to write that, I enjoy gen as well! I also like Petunia/Todd or Petunia/Cyril, but I’m not as fond of Todd/Cyril on its own.

Things I’d Like to See:

Case-fic! These three seem to get sucked into mysteries a lot, haha, and so I’d love to read some sort of original adventure for them.

H/C—the comic gives a lot of fuel for this genre, what with Todd & Petunia’s sad pasts and Cyril getting himself sick in the latest chapter. (Even if Cyril is a huge pain to look after. Poor Petunia)

Bonding. I love how the three interact, so any sort of moments between them would be fantastic. At the same time, Cyril murders people and can be a very scary guy, Todd seems to be hiding a lot, and even Petunia has some secrets of her own; I like how they’re sort of thrown together even though they’re all so unsure of each other in their own ways, so that dynamic would make me very happy!

4.) Black Rock Shooter (2012) (Characters: Any)

Female friendship! Intense battles! Angst! Dramatic declarations of feelings! More angst! Lots of f/f subtext! Characters fighting long past the moment they should’ve gone down!

So yeah, this series is sort of like candy for me. I love how the girls each go through so much, and yet the ending still manages to be hopeful and bright. Pairings-wise, Mato/Yomi/Yuu/Kagari, Mato/Yuu, Mato/Yomi, and Yomi/Kagari. Also, I like both ‘Real’-Yuu and Strength-Yuu, so her nomination can go for either!

Things I’d Like to See:

Future-fic, just so long as the characters keep their friendship (or romance) in it! (Fics about people drifting apart always manage to make me feel weepy, haha. (Though fics where they start out apart and then un-drift are totally good.) But I feel like there’s a lot of potential for adventure in the girls’ futures, either mundane or Supernatural.

Something involving that bit at the end of the series where Strength wakes up back in the Other World. (Maybe with Mato rescuing her somehow?)

Exploration of relationships, either between the girls or the girls and their other selves. I just find all the interpersonal drama in the series so fascinating.


Anyway, I’m sorry my letter is so long! I’m just really excited for Yuletide. I hope this letter helps you figure out something you’d enjoy writing, and please remember that these are only suggestions! If you get an idea of your own or from somewhere else that you’d like to write, please do! I’m sure I’ll be thrilled with whatever you write. Anyway, thank you again. :)


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