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Hello, author!

First off, thank you so much for offering my fandoms! I hope this list can give you some inspiration, and I promise I will be happy with whatever you write. I’m passionate about all of these ships, as strange as some of them may seem, and getting one of them written would be like a dream come true. Anyway, hope my letter is of some use to you!

Things I like: Hurt/comfort, future!fic, Wild AUs (such as space pirates, superheroes, magical girls, ghosts, secret agents, etc.), lighthearted or fluffy fic, action, teenagers (for all of my ships that involve teenagers, anyway, which is a lot of them), age differences, goofing off and being playful, fics grounded in the canon of the series, for-want-of-a-nail AUs, and scenarios where character get to show off their competence in their chosen field. (Not necessarily fighting/action related! I’d be equally happy with a fic where Chell got to bust robots, Jane got to show off her amazing baking skills, Hilda impressed others with her talent for Pokemon battling, or Fukawa got to showcase her knowledge of literature. I just love the amazing range of skills the characters listed in my sign-up have, you know?)

Things I don’t like: Noncon, 24/7 D/s, watersports, scat, mundane AUs (coffeshop, highschool, etc.), infidelity, kidfic or pregnancy, or unhappy relationships.

As for some more specific info about each of my fandoms:

1. Pokemon: Lyra/Jasmine, Kris/Jasmine, Lyra/Clair, Kris/Clair, Hilda/Iris, Hilda/Bianca, Lyra/Karen, Kris/Karen, Dawn/Mars, Dawn/Cynthia, Sabrina/Leaf, Sabrina/Erika, Dahlia/Lucy, Anabel/May, Glacia/Argenta, May/Lucy, Dawn/Dahlia, Jupiter/Mars, Courtney/Shelly, Hilda/Dahlia, Dawn/Marley.

…Maybe I should’ve just put ‘any’ for this series, huh? But yeah, I have a lot of femslash rarepairs and crackships that I’d love to see for this series. A lot of these are MC/People the MC battles ships (be that gym leaders or Elite Four or Frontier Brains), because I love the idea of hitting it off with someone in the middle of a really important battle, or the idea of growing and seeing all these heroes on TV and such, then actually going out and meeting and dating those heroes, or the idea of two professionals in their field having a romantic relationship. Sort of like the ‘Battle Couple’ trope, I guess. (…And now you know more about my id than you probably ever wanted to, haha.) Pretty much anything you did with any of these pairings would make me really, really happy!

2. Homestuck: Jade/Kanaya, Roxy/Jane, Roxy/Calliope, Roxy/Jane/Calliope, Jane/Calliope, Porrim/Rose/Kanaya, Porrim/Rose, Rose/Meenah, Porrim/Jade, Vriska/Jade, Vriska/Terezi, PM/WQ, PM/BQ, PM/Jade

Homestuck is so full of lovely women and wonderful ships, I don’t know how it’s even possible. I love the spirit that each of these characters can have, and how they’re still people in spite of their larger-than-life awesomeness. (Er, well, I guess they’re not all technically people? But you know what I mean.) I don’t have a quadrant preference for any of these ships, so feel free to do you what you want! Every ship I listed here is one I love and can never seem to find enough of, so I guarantee I’ll enjoy anything you can come up with.

1. Portal/Mirror's Edge: Chell/Faith

Action girlfriends! I think this is a crossover that could be done very plausibly, and the idea of Chell helping Faith with her Running through creative use of portals is too good to pass up. Oh, and if it matters, I really love the idea of mute Chell—as in, she doesn’t talk because she can’t, rather than because she’s a silent protagonist. It’s not at all a dealbreaker if you’d rather not have it that way, though. 

2. Silent Hill 3: Heather/Claudia

Ugh, these two. Their relationship is so twisted and messed up, and I love it so much I can’t even explain it. I love the contrast between them—the way Claudia’s desperately clinging onto the last bit left of Alessa left even as Heather desperately tries to escape her, the anger and frustration that builds between them throughout the game, the regret Heather seems to feel when she realizes Claudia’s dead, and how obviously and horribly messed up Claudia’s childhood was. For this fandom, I’d love to see something along the lines of a ‘what if Claudia survived fic?’ or maybe some sort of weird AU based on the Alien ending or Magical Girl unlockables.

3. Dangan Ronpa: Asahina/Sakura, Celestia/Kirigiri, Maizono/Kirigiri, Fukawa/Maizono

This fandom is so full of wonderful femslash potential! Asahina/Sakura is obvious—I love their shared enthusiasm for sports, their deep friendship, the way they both try to do everything their power to protect each other, and all those (IMO, at least) super subtext-y moments between them. At the same time, though, I’d love to see some other pairings for this series as well! Celestia/Kirigiri is so deliciously twisted and I love to imagine how they’d try to screw with each other; same with Maizono/Kirigiri, really. And for Maizono/Fukawa, I love the idea of two girls who are a lot more deeply scarred and messed up than just what you see on the surface coming together, and it would be an awesomely terrible relationship.


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