Apr. 21st, 2017

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Recently stumbled upon a new, ongoing Creepypasta, and I've got to admit I'm pretty hooked. Petscop is a new video series--ostensibly a Let's Play by a quiet-voiced guy named Paul, exploring a copy of a never-released Playstation title from '95. It's fairly obviously some sort of fiction (for one, it references events--such as the murder of Candace Newmaker--which occurred years after its supposed release date), but it's a very compelling one. Are the supposed graphics some sort of incredibly impressive animation, or is there really a ROM of this game out there created by whoever's making this? And there's hints that the Let's Player running through this game might be a part of the story too; he occasionally references events and conversations he had with some as-of-yet unknown person.

IDK, I just really like video game horror, especially when the art is good. (And tbh, I'd also be really interested in playing the game that Petscop pretends to be for its first few minutes--the idea of a surrealist, brightly-colored game where you solve abstract puzzles to collect odd monsters sounds incredibly fun to me.)

I've also been listening to The Adventure Zone, which is just a really fun canon. I don't normally get into podcasts with sustained story arcs, but somehow this one just really hits the spot. I'm at the beginning of the The Eleventh Hour arc now, and we've got time loops going!!! I love time loops so much, they're just the best.

So far I'm mostly in it for the MCs, because there's something really fun about just listening to four family members chill out and have a great time with each other. The four of them all just know how to play off each other so well, it's really endearing. The actual story content has been getting more narratively coherent as we go--it was a bit rough at first--so that's nice.

(In other news-that-isn't, my obsession with the mobile game I've gotten into increases in direct correlation with how much time I get to spend playing as a talking wolf-hyena. Pls send help.)


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