Jan. 10th, 2017

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Weh, I'm so full of salt over the Overwatch Valentine's Genji & Mercy voice lines. Partly because I'm not really into the idea of playable characters being romantically involved with each other in the game itself rather than just in the comics... and partly because it's not my ship, dang it. Mercy is a fun character and all, but she just isn't a robot. Make her a secret android and then we can talk, Blizzard.

Well, whatever, I can deal. I've become a master at ignoring canon ships, and this one isn't even actually canon at this point.

On more exciting news, new TF2 comic soon! I never really got into the game itself, but I'm weirdly fond of the tie-in comics. They're such unabashed crack that I can't help but love them.

Swapping over to yet another separate note--'nine days after the new year' is probably not the ideal time to talk about New Years Resolutions, but... whatever, I want to.

Fannish NYR, Past & Present )

Also, I'm kind of considering giving YoI a try. Sports anime normally really aren't my thing, but the hype is intense and I could use a fluffy chaser now that I've finished Battle Royale feat. Magical Girls and Also Sadness (aka Magical Girl Raising Project).


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