Jul. 16th, 2015

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Hello, fellow Press Starter! Thanks so much for signing up to create something for one of my fandoms. I'm really excited about this fest, and I hope my prompts will be helpful to you. Also, apologies in advance for the length of this – I've always been the rambly sort.

Generally, I like canon-compliant fic or canon-divergent AUs. I also enjoy unusual AUs (magical girl, mecha pilot, wingfic, dinosaur racing, etc.), missing scenes, outsider POV fic, and future fic/art. I'm really into H/C as well.

I'm generally not too fond of mundane AUs (high school, coffe shop, bakery) unless there's a twist to them, and I'm generally not a fan of scenes from canon retold from a different character's perspective unless that perspective really adds something new. However, the only things I definitely do not want to see are graphic rape/noncon, noncanonical character death, and character bashing. (Also, I'd be happy to get smut for my FFVII, Sweet Fuse, Pokemon, SH, 999, or Dangan Ronpa requests, but I don't want it for my TM, Ib, GT, or KI:U requests.)

I've listed out some ideas of my likes and such below, but please know that (except for the hard DNWs above) all of these are optional. If you have a really fantastic idea that diverges from the things I've talked about below, go for it!

1.) Trace Memory | Ashley & D )

2.) Final Fantasy VII | Cloud Strife )

3.) Sweet Fuse: At Your Side | Meoshi Kouta & Inafune Saki )

4.) Pokemon | Serena & Emma )

5.) Silent Hill | Heather Mason )

6.) Ib | Ib )

7.) 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors | Junpei & Snake )

8.) Ghost Trick | Sissel )

9.) Dangan Ronpa | Asahina Aoi & Oogami Sakura )

10.) Kid Icarus Uprising | Pit )

Thank you again for creating something for me! I hope these prompts work for you - if not, please feel free to ask for more, or to go with your own idea!


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