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Dear Author,

Hello there! First off, I’m sorry for putting this up so late! I hope it’ll still be of some use to you. What should I say about my requests? Well, these are all the fandoms of my heart- there isn’t one I won’t be happy to get a fic for.

Some of the general things I like are found-family dynamics (ie, they’re not related, but they’re still a family together), future!fic, backstories for characters whose pasts we don’t know about, creative Aus (so high school or barista Aus aren’t so much my thing, but I love stuff like Film Noir or Mecha Pilot or Magical Girl AUs), fluff, friendship-focused genship, and awkward romance shenanigans.

Also, I generally tend to be not-so-fond of explicit porn, fics that deal with eating disorders, mpreg (or pregnancy fics in general, really) or fics about bad relationships (not necessarily abusive; breakup fics and other such things aren’t really my cup of tea either). I hope these won’t be too tough to avoid, though!

1.) +Anima

+Anima is such a fantastic manga! I'd really love some gen starring the four kids, especially something set after the end of the manga! Alternatively, preseries backstory-type stuff would also make me ridiculously happy.

My OTP for this fandom is Cooro/Blanca, but I'm a huge multishipper and I also love genfic. Anything goes, really!

All of this is true! +Anima is a lovely manga, one of the first I ever read and still one of my favorites. My favorite aspect of this series is probably the familial aspect between Cooro, Senri, Husky, and Nana- they way they care for each other turns my heart to goo, haha. The series is really fantastically feel-good, just in the way the kids act towards each other and the fact that, even during the sad parts, the manga always makes it seem like everything’s going to be all right. So something like that- maybe about their time on the road and their bond together- would make me really happy.

Another aspect I really like to the series is the kids’ animalistic nature. Show me how Cooro or Nana feel as they fly through the sky! What’s it like for Husky when he’s underwater? How does Senri feel about his powers? That was what first got me interested in this series in the first place, and I have a hard time finding fics that deal with that. So that would be really great to get!

The one thing I’m not so fond of for this fandom is fics about the characters losing their
+Anima powers, so if you could avoid that I’d appreciate it!

The majority of the series can be found here, if you’re interested!

2.) Dangan-Ronpa

So Dangan-Ronpa is fantastic. It also likes to murder every character I care about. So I would absolutely love any sort of relatively happy, non-murderschool fanwork. Maybe a happy ending sort of thing, where they manage to revive their dead somehow? Or something set preseries, before they all got locked in a school and murdered by a teddy bear. Or maybe some sort of AU, where they're all Film Noir detectives/space cops/magical girls/anything but murder victims?

Alternately, I'd love to see some introspective stuff for Syo/Fukawa or Celestia- their thought processes are really interesting to me!

(My favorite pairings for this series would probably have to be Asahina/Sakura and Mondo/Ishimaru/Chihiro. I'm a really big multishipper for this series, though, and I also love gen. Anything goes!)

Dangan-Ronpa is my obsession of choice at the moment, and there’s not a thing I don’t absolutely love about it! Pretty much anything you could write for this would make me happy.

One aspect of the series I’m particularly fond of, though, is the kids’ struggles to get along.
I think the way this game is written makes it really obvious that even the murderers aren’t altogether such bad people- just scared kids stuck in a bad situation. So I’d love to see anything that explores the series from that particular angle- maybe the one of the survivors feeling conflicted between wanting to make friends and knowing that could very likely get them killed? Or the thought of one of the murderers, in that moment after they first realize what they’ve done? Or something from the ‘before’ they’ve been hinting at, when they didn’t have to worry about this sort of thing at all.

Alternately, wild AUs! I would love to see Kirigiri the hardboiled, corpse touching Noir detective, fighting to solve mysteries with the help of heroine partner Naegi. Or Naegi the Mecha Pilot, fighting evil robotic teddy bears IN SPACE! Or something where Celes’ vampire fantasies are a little more real?

Basically, what I’m saying is go wild! There’s nothing you could write for this series that would disappoint me.

The LP, if you’re interested, can be found here.

3.) King of Thorn

This is one of those fandoms I'd really love to see fanfic set post-series for! It really cuts off at a place where I think there's a lot of adventures ahead for the survivors, and I'd love to see what they are.

Shipping-wise, I'm pretty big on Marco/Kasumi, but if you're not into that gen would be lovely too! I'm really fond of the familial relationship between Katherine and Timothy, and Ron is fantastic just in general.

For starters, I should mention that there’s both an anime and a manga for this series, and I’m not overly fond of the anime! So if you’ve seen both, a manga-based fanwork would be my preference. The manga was one of my first ventures into the world of survival horror, and even now it’s one of my favorite series. The cast is likeable and deep and they interact in ways I love, the monsters are freaky, and basically there’s tons of things about this series to like!

There’s a few aspects of this series I’m really fond of. One’s the group survival horror aspect—like I mentioned before, I love found family stories, and the way the survivors struggle to get along with each other while dealing with the scary new world around me really hits that button for me.

Also, I’m quite fond of the hopeful tone the ending took. IMO, this is one series that’s really begging for some future fic, because there’s just so many ways the story could go from there! I’d be especially interested in seeing how other (presumably human) surviviors would deal with meeting the strange group the main characters (and Children of Zeus) had become.

Actually, that would be another thing I think would be cool to see- the characters dealing with their new, inhuman nature. It’s got to be pretty weird for them, right?

Shipping wise, Marco/Kasumi is my pairing of choice! I love the protective element between the two—the way Marco protects Kasumi, and how Kasumi protects him in return, the way the trust builds between the two, and how they end up obviously really caring about each other. But I love gen for this series as well, so please don’t feel pressured to write this pairing if you aren’t so fond of it!

King of Thorn can be read here, if you’re interested.

4.) Kid Icarus: Uprising

I'm a big fan of the characters in this game, so anything character-driven would be lovely. The banter is one of my favorite parts of the game, especially the Palutena+Hades+Viridi trio, Pit and Dark Pit snarking back and forth, and Magnus just sort of being everyone's disgruntled straight man. Pairings-wise I really don't have any preferences, but I'd love to see some sort of fun, cracky ensemble piece, if that's something you like. Alternately, maybe Magnus backstory? There's a lot of tantalizing info given during the game- lost a kid to the dark forces, part of a mercenary group with Gaol- and it would be fun to see that turned into a narrative.

Oh, where do I start?

Well, first off, this game was basically made for me. It’s got tons of the things I love: winged characters, banter, great familial relationships, enemies being forced to team up against a bigger foe, and wild, ridiculous (and ridiculously awesome) plots.

I honestly really love all the characters in this story—from the big, obvious ones like Pit and Pittoo, Hades and Medusa and Viridi, and Magnus, to the smaller, more minor characters, like Pandora and Arlon and Gaol. An ensemble piece would really make me happy!

Another thing I think this series really lends itself well to is wild, improbable crackfic. I mean, when the canon already involves things like a plotline about the Sun God fusing with an alien spaceship, or a battle against the God of Death’s boogie-dancing heart, there’s a pretty big basis for it! So I’d love to see some crackfic for this series.

Pairings-wise, I don’t really have any preferences? But I love crack pairings just as much as I love crack fic, so if that’s something you like to write I would enjoy that.

Unfortunately, I don’t know of any good Let’s Play’s or such for this game! D: So I don’t know where to direct you for this one.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you very much for offering one of my canons! I’m super excited to see what you create, and I hope this letter can be useful to you somehow. <3 Also, I'm sorry this got so long! I've got lots of emotions about these canons, haha.


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