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So! Soulmates, soulbonds, destined and not-destined. I love it all, and I'm so thrilled that this exchange exists. Thank you for offering to create something for me!

FANART NOTE: I haven't written fanart-specific prompts for each pair here, because a lot of these tropes are pretty nebulous, and I would not be a good choice to instruct someone on how to recreate them visually. That said, I adore getting fanart and I'd be open to pretty much any soulmate-y/soulbond-y artistic interpretation of these relationships: personality-relevant or thematic soulmate marks, red strings tying them together, the world bursting into color as they see each other, matching magic powers or some sort of mystical something surrounding them, clutching at each other or catching each others' eyes in a way that implies something going on… if you can draw it, I will love it. My only fanart DNW is character drawn in the style of Western cartoons—especially a la classic Disney, Steven Universe, or Adventure Time. (I like all three, even, but the style is distinctive enough that I can't not imagine a crossover when I see characters from non-cartoon fandoms drawn that way.)

General Do Wants: Hurt/Comfort, Outside POV, Canon-Divergent AUs, alternate meetings, post-canon settings, time travel, wilderness survival, characters sharing secrets or painful moments (or having those moments revealed for them and dealing with the aftermath), found family/fire-forged-team dynamics, scar kink, loyalty kink, forced declarations of love, characters with self-esteem/self-worth issues, most sorts of trope-y goodness.

Soul-Specific Do Wants: Telepathy through a soulmate or soulbond relationship, non-soulmates being truly in love, gaining magic powers or other weird advantages, writing on skin appears on other's skin, the first words you say to your soulmate appear on their skin after you say them, and interspecies soulmates/soulbonds.

I love things like soulmates that weren't meant to be and yet somehow are, bonds forced to withstand immense pressure, non-soulmates finding happiness together, protecting a soulmate/soulbond from danger, soulmate/soulbond relationships that nobody but the ones involved believe will work, a soulmate/soulbond pair using the powers their bond gives them to solve some sort of problem, universes where soulmates/soulbonds are incredibly rare (and/or looked-down upon), prejudice against soulmates or the soulbonded (or prejudice against non soulmates/soulbond relationships) or soulbonds/soulmates that break societal conventions.

General Do Not Wants: A/B/O-verse, D/s-verse, pregnancy, detailed descriptions of body fluids other than blood, noncanonical character death, non-human characters being given human bodies, mundane AUs (excepting reincarnation or subverted mundane AUs), character or ship hate, or a focus on real-world identity issues or discussions. Also, while I like both fluff and darkfic, I generally prefer at least an optimistic/hopeful (if not outright happy) ending.

Soul-Specific Do Not Wants: Timer-based soulmates, seeing-color-based soulmates (except in fanart), soulmates or soulbonds that inherently harm those affected (ie losing magic, dying, losing a sense, etc.), and soulbonds where one half of the pair intentionally noncon soulbonds the other for malicious reasons.

Also, this one's a bit tougher to describe, but I'm not super into the sort of story where finding your soulmate or soulbond solves all your troubles. (IE, the sort of trope where someone's lonely, they run into their soulmate, and now they're not lonely anymore because they have an awesome fated-to-last relationship now.) I much prefer stories where the conflict is caused by the soulmate-finding or soulbonding, stories where that relationship is used as a tool to solve external conflict, and/or established soulmate/soulbond relationships.

1.) Naruto: Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi, Gaara/Uzumaki Naruto, Orochimaru/Yakushi Kabuto, Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto

Tropes: Told to Kill Soulmate As a Test of Loyalty, Soulmate Telepathy, Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism

Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi: These two!! I love them so much, their weird mismatched partners vibe that somehow totally works for them, the surprising loyalty they have towards each other, they way their codes of honor match up surprisingly well despite their very different life circumstances.

  • Soulmate Telepathy: Pre-canon, maybe? I love the idea of Itachi having a chatty, overly-friendly enemy-nin in his head, and desperately lonely Kisame (who's an outcast even in his own village) being thrilled at finally having someone he can talk to. Does Kisame decide to defect? Does Itachi make better choices with someone else's (admittedly pretty broken) moral compass to turn to?Alternately, canon-era stuff where the two use their telepathy to be an incredibly terrifying force of nature. Can you imagine how skilled a pair of S-class ninja with telepathy would be together?

  • Told to Kill Soulmate As a Test of Loyalty: Mist wants Kisame to prove his loyalty in the most permanent way possible. He's willing to follow their orders—until he actually manages to track down his soulmate, and realizes killing him might not be as easy as he thought. (Banter, battles, and/or surprise defections encourage.) Alternately, the Akatsuki has a soulmate-killing requirement for joining… which starts causing some issues when two members are soulmated to each other.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: I'd love just about anything with this between these two: perhaps pre-canon, they accidentally soulbond while in a fight with each other and have to deal with that sudden connection? Or maybe the Akatsuki triggers it somehow?

Gaara/Uzumaki Naruto: Ahhhhh, this is such a good ship. I love how Naruto breaks through that soul-sucking loneliness Gaara's grown used to, and I love the way they inspire each other and bring each other to greater heights. Plus, dramatic rescues! I'm up for either early-series 'nearly-feral nightmare child meets unstoppable force of personality' Gaara/Naruto or Shippuden-era 'incredibly competent kage + incredibly powerful genin' Gaara/Naruto.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: Perhaps it's some sort of inter-jinchuriki bond that activates when Gaara's getting soul-sucked, perhaps their chakra magically ~connects in some way during a heated battle, perhaps it's some other set-up entirely. I'd love to see how they deal with a sudden bond they didn't ask for and

  • Told to Kill Soulmate as a Test of Loyalty: If Mother wants this strange Konoha-nin dead, Gaara's happily to oblige—except killing him proves to be much harder than he expected. Alternately, some evil dude (Danzo? Sand council?) tries to force one to kill the other—and of course their plan backfires horribly.

  • Soulmate Telepathy: Gaara's grown up with his mother in his head, but how does he feel about having Naruto there? I'd love to see two lonely people—who've dealt with their loneliness in very different ways—colliding in a beautiful telepathic disaster.

Orochimaru/Yakushi Kabuto: THESE TWO. So messed up, so amazing. There's nothing I don't love about the strange, frightening, occasionally hilarious thing they have together. Both canon-era creepy snaketimes and post-canon era orphanages!!!-style lighter fare is good by me.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: Ahaha, imagine these two getting soulbonded, whether on purpose (to increase Orochimaru's chakra, maybe, or to mitigate the effect of losing his soul-arms?) or by complete weird lab accident. What does that look like? How do they react? Does it make them any more stable, or so much worse?

  • Told to Kill Soulmate as a Test of Loyalty:Orochimaru demands many things of Kabuto, and Kabuto is more than happy to oblige. (IE, OroKabu with a poor dead OC soulmate for Kabuto.)

  • Soulmate Telepathy: How much more messed up can these two get if they're sharing a mindspace? I feel like there's tons of potential places this could go, either midcanon or post-canon when they're, ah, marginally more functional members of society.

Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto: Even after all this time, I still have a soft spot for this OT3. I love their pre-Shippuden years especially, before the betrayal started up in earnest and back when they were learning about each other and themselves together. That said, I'm up for any era (minus Boruto) or canon-divergence stuff.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: So many places this could happen: during the bell test or the mission to Wave or the chuunin exams, right in the middle of an expedition to get Sasuke back, etc. etc. No matter when or where it happens, it would be amazing and wonderful and have so many repercussions for them and for Konoha as a whole.

  • Told to Kill Soulmate as a Test of Loyalty: Dystopic Konoha AU? Extension of the canonical sicknasty Uchiha rituals? Orochimaru mindgame? Divided loyalties are my jam, and I'd love to see the three of them working through and overcoming a challenge like that, where the threat is attacking their bond and their connection to each other.

  • Soulmate Telepathy: CAN YOU IMAGINE, THOUGH. Sasuke would never get any peace and quiet! Naruto and Sakura would never let him go away and join up with Orochimaru if they could yell at him telepathically! Would a bond like this help their teamwork or introduce new obstacles (or both)?

2.) Fallout Series: Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine, Female Courier/Ulysses, John Hancock/Male Sole Survivor, Male Courier/Arcade Gannon

Tropes:Accidental Soulbond, Refusing to Admit You're Each Others' Soulmates, Soulbonded by Saving a Life, Soulmate-Identifying Mark is Damaged

(Female or Male) Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine + Male Sole Survivor/John Hancock: I'm grouping these together somewhat, apologies, because I requested a whoooole lot for this canon and things could get unruly real quick. In any case, I love every single pairing I chose here, and I love the idea of something as fragile and precious as a connection between souls colliding with something as nightmarish as the apocalypse.

  • Accidental Soulbond: Maybe soulbonds are a whole new thing, post-apoc, and the SoSU doesn't realize exactly what's being wandered into here? Maybe it's the result of a Vault-Tec expirment gone wrong? I like the idea of bonding with your traveling companion entirely by accident, and then trying to coe to understand that sudden shift in the relationship it causes. Does a soulbond give any sorts of cool powers?

  • Refusing to Admit You're Each Others' Soulmates: So many ways you could go with this! Perhaps Nick-or-Hancock assumes that of course Nate/Nora's spouse was their soulmate (whether they weren't or whether you can have multiple is up to you), or perhaps the SoSu assumes that there's no way their soulmate could be born so long after when they should have died. Lots of pining and/or dancing-around feelings would be lovely. (Both Nick and Hancock do seem to get self-conscious about their respective identities at times, so perhaps that could play into it? I love me some good slef-esteem issues.)

  • Soulbonded by Saving a Life: I looooove this trope, and I especially love it in relation to Fallout; there's so much potential for things like ending up bonded to someone you only barely know, or someone you care about deeply but feel you can't admit your feelings to, or having a badly injured partner who's life you just saved and all of a sudden having to hash that awkward feelings conversation out right now. Plus, tons of H/C opportunities here if you're so inclined.

  • Soulmate-Identifying Mark is Damaged: Lots of ways this could happen here—cryosleep is hard on the body, after all, and neither Nick nor Hancock have the ideal sort of skin for showing a soulmark clearly. I'd love something where this leads to denial of feelings a la the trope above, or alternately something where they just know even if the marks themselves are unclear.

Female Courier/Ulysses + Male Courier/Arcade Gannon: And here's the NV half of the grouping. These are two of my favorite pairings for this game, and I love the story and the connection—different as they may be—that the Courier shares with each of them. (Also: no Evil/Legion Courier, please!)

  • Accidental Soulbond: Whooops! Lots of ways this could happen—side effect of radiation? Result of life-saving? Desperate times call for desperate measures? No matter what, I'd love to see the resulting emotions.

  • Refusing to Admit You're Each Others' Soulmates: So many options here! I can imagine Arcade just straight-up refusing to believe in soulmates (or at least refusing to believe he could ever have one), and as for Ulysses… well, I imagine the Legion doesn't look well upon something as decadent as soulmates (and he probably would have some Issues with being soulmates with the woman who blew up his town). Denial of feelings, weird pining, awkward dancing around subjects… all of that is candy to me.

  • Soulbonded by Saving a Life: This goes well with the accidental one above, I think. Arcade and the Courier save each other enough in canon if you're taking him as a companion; I' love to see some extremely unexpected aftermath to a battle where one of them went all heroics to save each other. For Courier/Ulysses you could get some good drama in—I imagine any life-saving related bonds would be pretty fraught initially, given the way Ulysses is so hesitant to kill her and yet yearns so deeply to see her suffer.

  • Soulmate-Identifying Mark is Damaged: Benny would be enough of a jerk to shoot the Courier right in their mark while he was at it, don't you think? Imagine carrying that sort of baggage around. Alternately, it's something that happened long before—perhaps the Enclave or the Legion demands it of their children—and finding your soulmate despite the damage is a pretty amazing thing.

3.) Overwatch: Genji Shimada/Tekkhartha Zenyatta, Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge, Efi Oladele & Orisa

Tropes: Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Soulmates with an Artificial Intelligence

Genji Shimada/Tekkhartha Zenyatta: Robot/Cyborg 4ever, I love these two so much. There's so much trust and respect between them, and the hints we get of their backstory are just plain wonderful.

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing: There's so much fun you could have with this trope, given the amount of time these two spend together and the sort of relationship they have. Who starts to suspect first? Do they mention it, or do they assume they must be going crazy? Do people even know soulbonds are a thing, and, if so, do they recognize Omnics as being able to make them? (Is there pining?)

  • Soulmates with an Artificial Intelligence: Self-explanatory here, I think. I love all the different ways you could go with the soulmate trope and AIs: soulmate marks not showing up or showing up differently) because's there's no skin for them to imprint on, societal prejudice against Omnics in soulmate relationships, Genji assuming he'll never find his soulmate after what's happened to him, etc. etc. Go wild with it!

Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge: Everything about this pair is delightful to me. Their contrasting personalities, their slowly growing bond, their odd partnership, their beyond bizarre crime sprees… they're just pure fun.

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing: Everything about this setup for these two is hilarious and wonderful to me. How do they end up soulbonded—stole a mysterious artifact, maybe, or wandered into the wrong place at the wrong time? And how long does it take them to realize? I can easily imagine Junkrat hardly acting different, given that he's already an odd duck, and Roadhog's so good at being gruff and snarky that it might take him a while to realize justhow close he's gotten to his employer.

  • Soulmates with an Artificial Intelligence: ...I have to admit, I am really entranced by the idea of an AU where Junkrat is just The Worst Omnic and Roadhog somehow ends up being soulmates with him anyway. How would they even deal with that, given the circumstances? Do they end up the best worst soulmates ever, or surprisingly competent?

Efi Oladele & Orisa: Orisa is one of my new faves, and I love Efi's role in her story so much. There's something so lovely about them: the way Efi takes her fear and turns it into a symbol of strength, their family-like bond, the way Efi is so determined to be a mentor and Orisa wants to become the hero Efi believes in.

  • Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing: I like the idea of Efi, child genius, accidentally binding her own soul to her greatest creation without even realizing what she's done. How do they figure it out? Is it considered strange to be soulbond to an Omnic? What's the connection between them like—does it help Orisa learn and defend Numbani, does it cause a lot of problems for the two of them, or perhaps both?

  • Soulmates with an Artificial Intelligence: This is, of course, self-explanatory. Again, I love the idea of Efi rising up from a horrific event, building this great new being—and, in the process, creating the other half of her soul. How does that seem to other people; is the idea that you can make your own soulmate accepted, or is strange even in Numbani? How do Efi and Orisa react to having this close bond between them when they're both so young in their own ways?

4.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Akemi Homura/Kaname Madoka

CANON NOTE: I personally am a big fan of Rebellion Story, but don't feel you have to include it if you don't want to! Either way is fine with me.

Tropes: First Words You Speak to Your Soulmate Appear on Their Skin, Injuries Transfer to Soulmate, Soulmates Share One Another's Pain, Soulbonds Persist Through Time Travel, Soulmate Remembers You (When No One Else Does)

Madoka/Homura:BE STILL MY HEART. This pair is just lovely, I adore them and absolutely everything about their interactions. The different ways they meet and connect over the loops! The loyalty (that sometimes leads to bad decisions being made)! The way they each try to protect the other!

  • First Words You Speak to Your Soulmate Appear on Their Skin: I love the idea of these words changing, over and over again, as Homura and Madoka meet and re-meet. In the later timelines, how does Madoka feel about realizing her soulmate is this frightening girl? In the earlier ones, how does Homura feel about repeatedly losing her connection to Madoka in such a physical sense as well as an emotional one?

  • Soulmates Share One Another's Pain /Injuries Transfer to Soulmate: WELP. This one, above all, has some major angsty H/C potential. Homura's more than used to being hurt in ways a normal person could never survive by the later timelines, but Madoka sure isn't—is she horrified? Worried for Homura? Desperately trying to hide her mysterious injuries from those around her? Can Homura even fight to her full potential, knowing what will be happen to Madoka if she does? I'd love either some wound-patching involving the actul injuries transfer or emotional H/C-type stuff with just the sensation of pain coming through.

  • Soulbonds Persist Through Time Travel: More potential for confusion and secrets and drama! Homura's soulbonded to Madoka, but Madoka has no idea why or how and Homura… well, she probably gives up on trying to explain at some point. How does that go? Do people assume something untoward has happened, does Madoka try to get closer to her strange soulbond or stay away as much as possible?

  • Soulmate Remembers You (When No One Else Does): I mean, this one already has so much basis in canon, given the end of the TV series. Is Homura marked somehow by her soulmate being erased from existence? Do other people think she has no soulmate at all, do they think hers is dead, that she just has yet to find the one? Does their bond give Madoka some way to aid or communicate with Homura still?

5.) Life is Strange: Max Caulfield/Chloe Price

Tropes: Soulbonds Persist Through Time Travel, In Love With Someone Else's Soulmate

Max Caulfield/Chloe Price: This game killed me. I adore the connection between these two—the way they don't always get along and struggle to bridge the gap between their understandings of the world, but at the same time care deeply and passionately towards each other.

  • Soulbonds Persist Through Time Travel: There are so many cool places you could go with this. I can imagine Max soulbonding with Chloe right at the ending, or during a doomed timeline, assuming that it will just be one last loving gesture… and then nope
  • , when she goes back it's still there! Chloe must be hella freaked out by this sudden weird intimacy, and I'm sure it can't be easy for Max either—how does that go?
  • In Love With Someone Else's Soulmate: NGL, I kind of love the idea of Rachel Amber having been Chloe's soulmate… and Max falling head-over-heels for her anyway. Chloe in denial about her soulmate's death even after she realizes the truth, feeling like it's a betrayal to love again—and then on Max's end, all sorts of confusion and pining and drama involving her feelings.

6.) Kingdom Hearts: Axel/Roxas

Tropes: Secret Soulmates, Soulmates Across Multiple Universes, Soulmate Name as Tattoo, Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate

CANON NOTE: Please feel free to incorporate 358/2 Days canon or not as you prefer. Either way is fine by me.

Axel/Roxas:THEY DO TOO HAVE HEARTS and deep bonds between those hearts. This ship is an old fav of mine that I just keep coming back too—I love the loyalty and the desperation between them, the immense feelings that persist even after Roxas's memories (and later, his very being) are destroyed, and the slight chance of a happy ending that still exists for them.

I love things that make these two happy, but I'm also more than thrilled to roll around in the sadness. Aexl going to great lengths to get Roxas back, the two 'heartless' beings exploring this strange connection together, loyalty and deep feelings that they try to repress but just can't manage. I'd also be really interested in anything that uses Sora's connection to Roxas in an interesting way; does Sora feel strangely about Axel and not realize why until he somehow finds out about the connection?

  • Secret Soulmates: I love all the scheming and plotting that happens within the ranks of the Organization, and I think this could add to it amazingly. Axel and Roxas aren't sure how they ended up soulmates—Nobodies aren't supposed to be capable of that—but they both know that nothing good can come of letting Xemnas find out and so they hide it as best they can (how good their best is is up to your discretion).

  • Soulmates Across Multiple Universes : Kingdom Hearts fandom always loved its incredibly unusual AUs—especially when reincarnation was involved—and I can't shake that love even still. Give me an AU where they're (ordinary people/superheroes/in space/etc.), or give me a five things-type collection of those AUs. Perhaps the various canon worlds can be incorporated somehow?

  • Soulmate Name as Tattoo: I just love all the weird stuff you could do with this, considering all the strangeness around Nobody identities and names. Does Axel have Roxas' name from the moment Roxas comes into existence, or does it not show up until he's given the name 'Roxas'? (Or does he have it even as Lea, long before Roxas is 'born', and if so how does that go?) Does some remnant of that tattoo persist onto Sora's soul? Etc. etc. etc., whatever direction you want to take this in.

  • Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate: I'd love to see a take on this between them that somehow involves the keyblades or various other magical powers they have. Does having Roxas as a soulmate help Axel get that keyblade he ends up with? Is Roxas' dual-weilding somehow related to his soulmateship? Or perhaps a different-meeting sort of AU, where they awaken their powers together without the Organization's interference.

7.) Pokémon (Main Game Series): Lillie/Moon, N | Natural Harmonia Gropius/Touko | Hilda, Ookido Green | Blue Oak/Red

Tropes: One Soulmate Has Lost Their Soul, Told to Kill Soulmate as a Test of Loyalty, Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining

    Lillie/Moon + N/Hilda + Blue/Red: I'm lumping these three together because my ideas for the prompts on each is very similar, and because I just turn into a great big ball of squee whenever I get talking about this canon and I don't want this letter to run too long. I love these three ships so much, and everything about the characters and the world they live in is like catnip to me.
  • One Soulmate Has Lost Their Soul: I feel like there's a lot of Pokémon that could cause an effect like this: one of the emotions trio, perhaps, or a chandelure or another spooky ghost type. I'd love to see the reaction—does it take the other half of the pair a while to realize or do they notice right away? How does one go about retrieving your soulmate's lost soul? Do they know it's their soulmate who needs help, or do they do the rescuing out of the goodness of their heart and only realize afterward that they've saved their own soulmate?

  • Told to Kill Soulmate as a Test of Loyalty: This goes so well with my love of torn loyalties and reluctant feelings! How far do they get before realizing they can't go through with it, or is the one they're meant to kill too strong for them to even try? Do they go straight for the kill (dramatic pokémon battles) or try to earn their soulmate's trust? For Lillie and N I think this would be a pretty easy setup, given that they both have some pretty bad parental influences in their lives—perhaps Blue/Red could involve a Rocket!Red AU, or some other fun setup like that?

  • Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining: The longing! The angst! The dramatic reveals! How do they get soulbonded? Which one is doing the pining? How does the other half find out? Anything with this setup would leave me absolutely overjoyed, I love this trope so much.

8.) Original Works (Soulbonding Edition): Princess/Female Shapeshifting Dragon, Male Robot/Male Human

Tropes: Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers , Soulbonding as Punishment, Soulbonded By Saving A Life, Told to Kill Soulmate As a Test of Loyalty

Princess/Female Shapeshifting Dragon--a high fantasy setting, or perhaps something in this style of urban fantasy? Either way, I'll love it.

  • Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers : The princess needs a powerful magic to protect her kingdom. Who better to broker a deal with than a dragon, the most magical beast of all? (She certainly didn't expected her soulbond partner to be like this, though.)

  • Soulbonded By Saving A Life: The princess thought nothing of helping a traveller on the road. As it turns out, dragons have a strange way of saying thanks.

  • Told to Kill Soulmate As a Test of Loyalty: The princess needs to slay a dragon to prove herself worthy of taking up the throne. There's just one problem with that.

  • Soulbonding as Punishment: the disgraced princess is forced to bond with a creature that isn't even considered human; alternately, a powerful dragon is captured and humbled by forcing to submit herself to a bond with a mere mortal. Either way, it doesn't exactly go the way those in power planned.

Male Robot/Male Human--I love robot/human relationships so much. My ideal robot is humanoid but still very clearly nonhuman, and my ideal human is deeply confused about the situation he's found himself in.

  • Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers: ...Time for technological wizardry! Perhaps magic-powered bots are the law of the land here, or perhaps our human is entirely confused as to why he suddenly is able to shoot flames out his fingertips—after all, the only thing he talked to today was a machine.

  • Soulbonded By Saving A Life: Does the human protect the robot from a group of technophobes, only to find their brief moment of connection has become somehing much deeper? Or does the robot protect a human from (the robot uprising/other humans/etc) only to realize he's somehow committed to something much larger?

  • Told to Kill Soulmate As a Test of Loyalty: Dramatic loyalty issues! Star-crossed lovers! Being forced to turn your back on everything you've known! And with a technological backdrop to boot. I love this set-up so much.

  • Soulbonding as Punishment: Who's being punished here, and who's the punishment? Why do they end up tied together so intimately? Do they end up falling for each other despite the odd and quite possibly awful circumstances? (Yes please.)

9.) Original Works (Soulmate Edition): Female Detective/Female Serial Killer, Nonhumanoid Artificial Intelligence/Human Being, Person Whose Soulmate Is Dead/Person Who Hates Their Soulmate

Tropes: Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid, Secret Soulmates, Non-Soulmate Relationship in a Soulmate Universe

Female Detective/Female Serial Killer: The more twisted the better, for this prompt. I want all the grime and the grit and the hatred mixed with feelings that just shouldn't be.

  • Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid: Working hard on a soul-sucking case? Pop! There's a serial killer in your lap now. Desperately trying to hid e a body in time? Pop! There's a detective standing next to you now. Go as funny or as eerie as you like.

  • Secret Soulmates: I mean, would you tell people your soulmate kills people? I can imagine some intense film noir detective pursuing the killer, finally catching up… only to realize the horrible truth. What happens next?

  • Non-Soulmate Relationship in a Soulmate Universe: Neither of them can for soulmate bonds—or, alternately, they already have soulmates. And yet, somehow they're drawn together.

Nonhumanoid Artificial Intelligence/Human Being: I am partially to wonderful, powerful, city-spanning AIs (the sort that run massive facilities or spaceships or whole towns), paired up with humans who on the surface are quite ordinary. I also love war-machine-type AIs and inhuman-looking ones that still have a deep core of emotion and sentience.

  • Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid: Is the human accidentally bringing some immensely powerful AI to their side, or do they keep getting summoned to the heart of some massive secret compound (much to the consernation of the researchers)?

  • Secret Soulmates: I mean, yeah. There's a lot of (iddy) reasons these two could be trying to keep this whole thing a secret. Is there a stigma? Would people try to use the human to control the 'bot? Would it open the AI to further testing or compromise them in some way? How do they keep their connection secret?

  • Non-Soulmate Relationship in a Soulmate Universe: Well, robots, right? Perhaps this AI doesn't have a soul in the way that soulmate-bonds can protect, or perhaps the AI does and it just isn't the human. Either way, I'd love to see the forming of a relationship that's truly unconventional on multiple different levels.

Person Whose Soulmate Is Dead/Person Who Hates Their Soulmate: I love the defying fate aspect of this, and the idea that a more 'mundane' relationship can be every bit is wonderful. There's no markings or colors or destiny involved, just two people who really like each other. m/m, f/f, f/m is all good for me here.

  • Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid: NGL, I'm mostly kind of imagining a comedic sort of tone for this: Person B is so happy to finally be in a relationship with someone they actually like… but every time they stress out, their hated soulmate shows up to interrupt everything. How do you deal with that sort of dynamic?

  • Secret Soulmates: And on a more serious note: I can just imagine Person B's soulmate being really awful, so horrible that they're worried anyone who knows their soulmate's identity would hate them by proxy, and Person A finding out about it and just… comforting them, giving them the acceptance they never expected to find.

  • Non-Soulmate Relationship in a Soulmate Universe: I just am really into the idea of two people coming together because they want to, not because they have to. Society says one of them should be learning to love the person the despise and the other should be never moving on after that loss, but they just… fall for each other instead.

10.) Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth/Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart/Cloud Strife/Barret Wallace, Zack Fair/Cloud Strife

Tropes: Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond, Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism

Sephiroth/Cloud Strife: One of my favorite hero/villain ships. There's so much in common between them, and yet they turned out to be complete polar opposites. And, even with the many moral differences between them, there's no denying that they have a deep connection.

  • Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond: I feel like this is something Hojo would do somehow: tie his greatest experiment to a random soldier (or, later, to the random soldier who somehow managed to defeat his greatest experiment) just to see what happens. However you set it up, the aftermath and the dealing-with would be amazing.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: NGL, I really love the idea of these two's enemyship somehow bonding them; maybe Sephiroth's soul is bound to Cloud's in the reactor as a desperate last-ditch attempt not to die (or vice versa), or perhaps it happens sometime during the game events. Either way, I imagine adding that to their already-fraught interactions would be fascinating.

Tifa Lockhart/Cloud Strife/Barret Wallace: My fave OT3; their initial mutual distrust turning to genuine care and teamwork, the way they bond together to become the main force of AVALANCHE, their care for Marlene and for each other.

  • Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond: Shinra experiments? AVALANCHE getting in a little over their heads with experiments? The Planet interfering in some way? I'd love to see how they deal with this unexpected, sudden bond.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: There's a lot of opportunity for this, given how often these three end up in deadly danger together. Perhaps the Planet connects their souls in some way, or perhaps it happens naturally in rare situations and they just happen to be the lucky ones. Again, what's it like to suddenly be soulbonded to two others in that way?

Zack Fair/Cloud Strife: We see very little of them in the OG, but what we do I love. Zack's loyalty and desperation and harsher edges, Cloud's admiration, the forged-by-fire bonds they develop in the lab.

  • Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond: So, uh Hojo. Lotta time spent down in those labs, lotta time for him to get freaky with his experiments. I'd love a more frightening take with body horror/medical experimentation, or something where this bond they never asked for nevertheless becomes something they rely on desperately.

  • Soulbonding as a Survival Mechanism: More lab shenanigans, maybe? Given how tortured they are down there, I can see something like this happening; perhaps Cloud's soul clings to Zack's in order to avoid losing himself, or perhaps Zack's the one who somehow initiates the bond. Does it help them in their escape? What's it like in the labs when your only connection is something that powerful?


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