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Hello, sweet creator, and thank you for signing up for one of my favorite character combos! I'm masu_trout on AO3 and—on the off chance you're interested—you can find my past letters here.

I have a very wide variety of interests: I like fic and art, SFW and NSFW, fluff and dark, etc. etc. Please don't feel too constrained by this letter—it got away from me a little bit in terms of length and enthusiasm. Using specific prompts is good, using my general likes is good, using an idea you came up with on your own is good. So long as you steer clear of my DNWs, I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose to make.

This year, my requested fandoms are:

Fallout 4
Fallout NV
Silent Hill
Final Fantasy VII
Life is Strange

Fic Likes: Hurt/Comfort, Outside POV, Canon-Divergent AUs, alternate meetings, post-canon settings, time travel, wilderness survival, characters sharing secrets or painful moments (or having those moments revealed for them and dealing with the aftermath), found family/fire-forged-team dynamics, scar kink, loyalty kink, forced declarations of love, characters with self-esteem/self-worth issues, meeting AU versions of themselves, most sorts of trope-y goodness.

Art Likes: All of the above are also things I love to see in art, of course, but in addition I'm really fond of bright colors and/or unusual color schemes, art made to look like an in-canon document (ie a photo some of the characters might have taken together, a still from a security camera of them doing something, etc. etc. as canon-appropriate), cuddling or physical closeness, playing with animals or cuddly monsters, and dynamic or action-y poses.

NSFW Likes: non-penetrative sex, unusual erogenous zones on robots or other non-human characters, spontaneity, praise kink, comfort sex, mutually-nonconsensual H/C-type sex (ie sex pollen, aliens made them do it, etc.), scar kink, xeno, and first times.

DNWs: A/B/O-verse, D/s-verse, pregnancy, infidelity, non-human characters being given human bodies, mundane AUs, non-canonical character death, genderswap, mundane AUs, character or ship hate, and a focus on real-world identity issues or discussions.

NSFW DNWs: detailed descriptions of body fluids (other than blood) during sex, robots given vaginas or penises, overly-elaborate kink negotiation (I prefer a bit of spontaneity in my sex scenes), asexuality or demisexuality, kink setup that doesn't fit the universe (ie using red/green in worlds without stoplights). Also, I'd prefer no NSFW for Moon/Lillie or Gladion/Hau, please.

1.) Fallout 4 – Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine, Male Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine

(General Note: I prefer Railroad or Minutemen-aligned SoSus here! And while there's no karma in this game, I'd still prefer a Survivor who's at least a fairly decent person. Also, I prefer the default 'Nate' and 'Nora' as far as names go.)

Wasteland survival! Gloriously-weird sci-fi universes! Robots! My inability to smooch Nick Valentine without the use of mods is a horrible tragedy

Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine: not bothering to separate by gender here, since I requested both. I love Nick's genuine goodness and his wittiness and the way his sarcasm and self-deprecation hints to his insecurities and identity issues. Teaming up with him is so fun, and I love the idea of two old-world relics—in spirit, at least—falling for each other two hundred years after the world they knew ended.
  • Nick and Nate/Nora reminiscing about the old days, or complaining about the old days, or sharing bits of memories they have about before. Perhaps they go bowling?
  • Nate/Nora rescues Nick once more—perhaps from anti-Synth sorts?—or maybe Nick gets to return the favor. Or just injury/HC/wasteland survival scenarios in general; even the tiniest snapshot of something like that would make me happy.
  • Helping Nick out with repairs—bonus points if it's something he's embarrassed about or feels like he can't go to anyone else with—or even anything dealing with Nick's robot/human duality.
  • Mundane life: helping with paperwork, cases that turn out to be annoying busywork, moments of peace between looking for Shaun.

ART PROMPTS: Nick and the Sole Survivor standing outside the agency, lit by the sign. Anything Noir-ish. Nick smoking a cigarette with Nate/Nore by his side, fighting back-to-back, or sitting in the office surrounded by endless stacks of paperwork.

2.) Fallout: New Vegas – Male Courier/Arcade Gannon, Christine Royce/Veronica Santangelo, Courier/Yes Man, Courier/Mr. House, Male Courier/Joshua Graham, Male Courier/Ulysses, Courier/Fisto

(General Note: as far as Couriers go, the more scarred and survivalist and cyborg-ified the better; I always have a blast installing every implant I can get my character's hands on and losing my head (and heart, and spine) as soon as possible. I prefer Independent Vegas and/or House-aligned routes, and I'd like a good or a least neutral-aligned Courier rather than an evil one.)

Male Courier/Arcade Gannon: These two are so cute! I love this nerd, and how he slowly opens up to you over the course of the game (even/especially about things that put him in real danger to share).
  • Post-Independent Vegas, Arcade expects he's seen the last of the Courier now that he has a city to run. To his surprise, though, the man just keeps coming around. (Or, just in general, anything where a charismatic Courier flirts wildly with a slow-to-catch-on Arcade.)
  • Assumed dead! An awesome trope! Perhaps Arcade hears that the Courier died in the assault on Hoover Dam, only for him to show up alive and bedraggled later—how does he grieve? What does he feel? The tropier the better for this one.
  • The Courier being an ultra-devoted dad to ED-E, and Arcade being weirded out (and slightly charmed) by it.
  • Apparently, one quote you can here from the Powder Gangers with Arcade around is: “We bought and sold guys like Four-Eyes over there like property back in the prison.” I'd like… any sort of H/C rescue mission type stuff with the Courier saving Arcade from the Powder Gangers or the Legion, or alternately Arcade being the rescuer.

Christine Royce/Veronica Santangelo: These two are tragically-separated girlfriends in desperate need of a reunion, and no one can tell me otherwise. I understand why the limitations of the console and the DLC meant it couldn't happen, but I just desperately want them to meet again.
  • Veronica makes the long, hard trek to the Sierra Madre after hearing from the Courier that Christine is alive.
  • How long has it been since they've seen each other? Christine's appearance and voice has changed pretty drastically, and I'm sure Veronica's different now too. What's it like, finding someone again after so long apart?
  • In a Veronica-joins-the-Followers ending, both of them end up being outcasts from the organization they grew up believing so strongly in; what's that like for them? Us-against-the-world or taking comfort in the one piece of family you have left would be lovely.
  • Honestly, any simple fluff for these two would be great. Let them have a moment of happiness!

Courier/Yes Man: The power couple of Independent New Vegas! Yes Man's just a fun character—I always cherish his amazing combination of cheer and biting snark, and the Courier's reactions to him are great too. It's kind of wonderful to be able to react to him as a thinking being and team up with him as equals when pretty much no one in his life has ever seen him as more than a tool before.
  • Outsider POV would be lovely—what's the New Vegas rumor mill have to say about that situation?
  • Yes Man and the Courier out exploring the wasteland together: perhaps on a mission or perhaps just finding some of the stranger scenery on offer out in the desert.
  • Someone—a trader, an NCR diplomat, anybody—gets a meeting with the Courier and assumes Yes Man is just his or her robot servant; The Courier is more than happy to set them straight.
  • The moment Yes Man comes back online post-NV's ending: how the Courier feel about having him back?

Courier/Mr. House: The leader of New Vegas and his right-hand messenger; the way the Courier goes from nobody to trusted partner in House's eyes is so nice to see, and I love that bit about a “quiet sense of pride” in the good karma House ending.
  • From what we can see of House's robots, he tends to have a preference for 'Old-World beauties', so to speak—I'd love to see him falling for someone who's so opposite that ideal.
  • So, we know that House's ultimate plans involve going to space—given what we know about cyborgs in canon, it's entirely possible the Courier will love long enough to see that happen. Do they make space plans together? Build spaceships?
  • House buying fancier and fancier gifts for the Courier to show his affection, while still being terrible at communicating his feelings.
  • Someone tries to pay the Courier off to betray House. (It worked for the Omertas, right?) It goes… poorly.

Male Courier/Joshua Graham: Okay, a big part of this is that Joshua's voice is just great. I mean, dang. I also love his backstory and the way he's sort of… redeemed but still still a frightening figure in many ways.
  • Scar kink/comfort kink always welcome. Does a Courier who's good at science find a way to help lessen the pain? Or, heck, I'd love a fic that's all about changing bandages.
  • How do the Courier's other companions react to the news that he's involved with the Legion's former second in command?
  • These two have some interesting parallels in their pasts; I'd love to see them opening up more and learning more about each other.
  • The Courier brings the news of Caesar’s death to Joshua as a present.

Male Courier/Ulysses: Speaking of fantastic voices… Ulysses is an awesome character, and an awesome way to build that climactic moment that all the DLC had been leading up to. He's kind of terrifying about a whole lot of things, but at the same time you can really see just how his life experiences shaped him and led him all up to this. (And talking him down is so satisfying and wonderful. ;-;)
  • New Vegas, post-independent ending, seems in some ways to resemble the Divide before it was lost. Does Ulysses ever come to visit and see it for himself?
  • Ulysses braiding messages into the Courier's hair—maybe romantic, maybe rude. Hair braiding or combing or stroking as an intimate act in general.
  • Exchanging stories of their pasts, or the Courier telling Ulysses about all the things he's seen and done in the wasteland. I'd love to see their tentative connection grow into something stronger.
Courier/Fisto: Best quest, best robot, best romance. Accept no substitutes.
  • Honestly, given the nature of the pairing, I would fully and gleefully accept 300 words of bizarre robot sex with bonus inability-to-feel-legs-afterwar.
  • Alternately, the Courier becoming fond of Fisto for reasons entirely (or mostly) unrelated to the sex. He or she spends their caps to buy Fisto's time, then spends all of it making casual conversation with Fisto and offering to help fix that one loose spring that keeps bothering him. Everyone else is extremely confused.
  • The real reason the Courier fought so hard to keep New Vegas out of the Legion and the NCR's hands: either one of them would have made protectron prostitution illegal.

ART PROMPTS: Out exploring the Wasteland together, enjoying the New Vegas nightlife, or a shared battle against a powerful creature. In general, I'd love anything that gives off that sort of New Vegas vibe: Western aesthetic, orange-y colors, old-fashioned-looking images, etc. etc.

3.) Overwatch – Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta, Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge, Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix/Lena "Tracer" Oxton, Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Hana "D.Va" Song

Genji Shimada/Tekhartha Zenyatta: The robot/cyborg pairing I always needed in my life, with bonus humor and feelings and loveliness all around. These two interact so perfectly: I love the sense of trust and respect they have, and also the way they enjoy teasing each other some.
  • Pre-canon get together fic! Zenyatta luring Genji out of his bitter shell, Genji slowly coming to trust and respect Zenyatta. (Triple bonus points for mutual pining, where both desperately want the relationship while assuming the other would never reciprocate.)
  • Genji comforting Zenyatta after the loss of Mondatta, or Genyatta helping Genji to prepare for meeting Hanzo once more.
  • Something about their time spent traveling or at the renewed Overwatch together; viewing scenery, trying out tourist attractions together, sharing ridiculous moments, going on missions. (Not to mention that Zenyatta is very… well, zen about anti-Omnic sentiment, but I doubt Genji would be so chill about someone insulting his teacher.)

Junkrat | Jamison Fawkes/Roadhog | Mako Rutledge: I love these two!!! :D They're terrible and fantastic and I adore it all. Everything about them is over-the-top in the very best way, it's impossible not to be at least a bit endearing by their life of ridiculous crime.
  • Pre-canon fic! The moment where Roadhog first decides he might actually be a bit fond of this walking disaster, or when Junkrat decides he likes his new employee as more than just hired muscle.
  • Any sort of heist or caper-style thing, whether it's about the crime itself or just them relishing in their spoils.
  • One gets hurt, and the other takes on the role of rampaging protector.
  • The story of their relationship as told through police scanner transcripts, news reports, insurance claims, and the like.

Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix/Lena "Tracer" Oxton: Such an intense, emotion-filled ship. Their interactions in the video and the games itself is so fraught and tense—it's heartbreaking, seeing the little bits of compassion and regret that still exist within Widowmaker, and how Tracer wants so badly for things to be different. (For this ship, I'd prefer a 'no comics AU' or a vague handwavey breakup over anything more dramatic or involved than that.)
  • Anything hurt/comfort-y: Widowmaker gets hurt on a mission and Tracer can't just leave her, or she has some sort of hurt (physical or emotional) that she can't go to Talon about.
  • Bed-sharing, stuck in a cabin (or a base in Antarctica) together, kidnapped by a third party and forced to rely on each other to get out… any sort of forced intimacy and trust.
  • Overwatch manages to capture Widowmaker, and Tracer—successfully or unsuccessfully—decides to try and help her.

Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Hana "D.Va" Song: These two are so cute and fun with each other! I love the way their passions seem to match up so well, and the fact that they're both fans of each other.
  • Both get the call to join Overwatch, and end up meeting each other along the way. Roadtrips, mission fic, sneaking past authorities or groups interested in stealing their tech, learning to lean on each other.
  • Something with one of them sharing their hobbies/passions with the other! Is Lúcio any good at retro games? Does Hana have a solid ear for musical composition?
  • Some sort of outsider POV on their relationship—does Lúcio's fanbase start spreading rumors and paparazzi pics? How does the Starcraft community (or the Omnic-battle livestream community) react to the news?

ART PROMPTS: Watching each others' backs, either to defend each other or preparing to attack. The characters hugging or smiling together while in the skins of your choice. A quiet moment between attacks on any of the maps, or else riding on top of the payload together. Anything bright and colorful would be lovely.

4.) Pokémon – Gladio | Gladion/Hau, Lillie/Moon, Ookido Green | Blue Oak/Red, Gold/Silver, Hikari | Dawn/Shirona | Cynthia

Pokémon is pretty much my forever fandom. I've loved it for longer than I'd care to admit, and I really doubt I'll stop any time soon. I love the worldbuilding, the amazing designs, the fun characters, the sheer joy of everything about these games.

Gladio | Gladion/Hau: These two! So cute!! I love how Hau slowly breaks down Gladion's walls with his sheer relentless cheer, and I love how you can tell the two are interacting and getting to know each other better even when you're not around to see it.
  • Hau giving Gladion a tour of his favorite places on the islands—or, at least, his favorite malasada shops.
  • Teaming up for double battles at the Battle Tree, or facing off against each other in friendly competition.
  • Gladion opening up more to Hau about his past and what he went through; perhaps Hau's more understanding than Gladion would expect?

Lillie/Moon: These two ♥ ♥ One of my new favorite ships: I love Lillie's slow-growing confidence, the way she survives so long with just her and Nebby and the way she comes into her own while using Moon as support to help her develop that independence. They make such a great pair.
  • Nebby having two moms! It makes me sad I can't give Lillie her precious best friend back, so something where the two raise Solgalgeo/Lunala together (and deal with the shenanigans that come from raising a legendary with all of Nebby's mischievous nature) would be awesome.
  • Letters from Kanto to Alola and back again: the two communicates even when they're so far apart.
  • Lillie returning to Alola after training up in Kanto and challenging Moon on the Champion's field.
  • Exploring some remote location in Alola together.

Ookido Green | Blue Oak/Red: Vacationing boyfriends are the best. I love Blue's (one-sided) banter, and the personality you can feel from Red even through his silence. I also love that they've begin together all this time—the first game's rivals, still appearing even now—and I'd love a story set at any point in their long journey.
  • Who first realized their feelings? Was Blue in deep, deep denial, or did Red realize early on and just never say anything? Pining and embarrassing emotions would be welcome here.
  • Pokémon battles as a way of expressing one's true feelings. Training or raising a pokémon together and growing closer that way.
  • Dealing with the day-to-day issues of being Gym Leader/Elite Four Member/Battle Tree Leader together. (Alternately, Red during his stint of solitude on Mount Silver, and Blue being the only one who he still regularly keeps in contact with.)
  • Red doesn't ever seem to talk, but Blue understands him anyway—how did they develop that close connection? Does Blue ever use his status as unofficial translator for mischief?

Gold/Silver: Another truly excellent rivalship from the Pokémon canon. I love prickly, afraid, cruel Silver, and I love how he slowly melts and learns to trust again through his interactions with Gold. It's one of my favorite little redemption arcs, both for its understatedness and for how sweet it can be.
  • Gold and Silver battling properly, now that Silver knows to treat his Pokémon right.
  • Gold trying to help Silver learn to enjoy the simpler things in life—maybe dragging Silver out to properly enjoy the towns of Kanto and Johto, rather than just passing through them angrily?
  • Gold crushing on Silver while assuming Silver would never reciprocate (or exactly the opposite).
  • Accidental baby pokémon acquisition!

Hikari | Dawn/Shirona | Cynthia: The challenger and the champion! I love the mentor-mentee dynamic these two have going on, and the way they work together to stave off the threats to Sinnoh. Cynthia's one of my favorite champions, and I love the way you get to work with her throughout the game.
  • Working together to defend the region from some sort of threat.
  • Exploring the Distortion World together, or spending time at Cynthia's place in Celestic Town.
  • Training, raising, or battling pokémon together.
  • Dawn and Cynthia have to go to some sort of Elite Four event together, and end up dancing with each other.

ART PROMPTS: Playing with pokémon, battling pokémon, cuddling pokémon, cuddling each other while cuddling pokémon… the list goes on! Characters posed to battle or dressed up in the fun clothes you can buy in X/Y/SuMo, trainers relaxing together on the beach or trudging unhappily through a particularly inhospitable route, camping in a remote location or sleeping on the floor of a Pokémon Center.

5.) Silent Hill – Stanley Coleman/Heather Mason, Claudia Wolf/Heather Mason

Body horror! Survival horror! Resilience in the face of overwhelming odds! Really disturbing levels of dependency and emotional connection! Feel free to go as creepy as you like for this canon, I love everything it chooses to be.

Stanley Coleman/Heather Mason: #1 fav horrifying pairing, for a variety of reasons. Stanley is just so eerie and well done—there's a special sort of horror in the way that you can go an entire playthrough with him acting as a disturbing-but-ultimately-benevolent force (waiting, each time you get a letter, for the other shoe to finally drop) and only realize much later that actually he wants to maul your face. Actual interaction is 100% not required for this pairing, given how canon plays out.
  • More poetry from Stanley—the creepier, the better.
  • Weird ghost-corpse pining from afar. How much of his spirit is left by the time she visits him?
  • Heather can't shake the feeling of being watched, or avoid the eyes of the dolls that keep showing up…
  • I just—IDK, again, the eerier the better. Something involving their connections to Silent Hill in general, or with Stanley's identity as the Linnet?

Claudia Wolf/Heather Mason: Ugh, I love these two so much. They're a long time OTP for me, and I love how deep their connection runs and how everything between them just gets tangled up into this immensely emotional mess. Claudia loves Heather despite not even acknowledging her as a person, and Heather keeps trying to save Claudia even though she hates everything she's done.
  • Claudia survives Silent Hill—what happens next?
  • Angsty, angry pining from before set between the time when Claudia first finds Heather and when she reveals herself.
  • A weirdly tender moment between the two set sometime during the game. Could be for purposes of manipulation—Heather pretending to be Alessa again?—or it could just be a genuine moment of connection between two people who wouldn't have to be at odds if not for the cult.

ART PROMPTS: Anything melancholy or creepy or just plain strange would be immensely appreciated here. Heather holding one of Stanley's dolls, Claudia with her arms wrapped around Heather, an intense staredown in a dark hallway, cracky shenanigans involving the magical girl bits…

6.) Final Fantasy VII – Zack Fair/Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart/Cloud Strife/Barret Wallace, Elena/Yuffie Kisaragi

(General Note: I'm not much a fan of the Compilation as a whole—the original game is my jam for this canon.)

I love the weird, wild world of Final Fantasy VII; the characters are surprisingly morally ambiguous (and also amazing dweebs), the plot is intense and ridiculous and all the more enjoyable for it, and the world has so many unique details and touches.

Zack Fair/Cloud Strife: This ship is so painful and so good: the way Zack works so hard to save them both and how it just doesn't quite work no matter how hard he tries, the moment when Cloud finally accepts those memories… wonderful.
  • Roleswap AU where Cloud's the one conscious after coming out of the labs. I imagine he wouldn't have the same instincts to head for Midgar, but what does he do?
  • Time travel! Time travel is always welcome anywhere, and especially for this fandom.
  • AU where Zack lives—do they become mercenaries like he said? Does Shinra ever stop coming for them?
  • Hurt/Comfort from their time in the labs; the more desperate and emotional, the better.

Tifa Lockhart/Cloud Strife/Barret Wallace: These three work so great together—watching them go from wary, barely-sticking-together allies connected by money and hatred for Shinra to an actual, close knit team is just so good.
  • Post-canon, coming together while trying to rebuild and figure out what to do in a world where they're suddenly not terrorists on the run anymore.
  • Taking care of Marlene! All the chaos and joy of triple-coparenting, in the aftermath of a near-apocalyptic event.
  • One of them gets captured or stranded or put in danger, and the other two just go nope, that is not allowed to stand.
  • Time travel where they all go back together.

Elena/Yuffie Kisaragi: Two people on opposite sides of the conflict and yet so very similar in many, many ways. I adore these two dorks and their ridiculous interactions, and I love the idea of them in a relationship.
  • Fake dating that develops ~feelings. Yuffie and Elena both want to bring intel back to their respective people, but then to their horror the end up actually caring about each other.
  • Post-Meteor, they end up kinda-sorta on the same side, and end up getting along so much better than either would have expected.
  • Post-Wutai-kidnapping-fiasco, they end up getting to hang out (and make out) for real for a little while.
  • Yuffie pulling a Yuffie—Elena thinks she's getting a goodbye hug, and then hours later she realizes her favorite materia and five hundred gil are missing from her pockets. (And if that means she has to track Yuffie down and see her again to get it back, well…)

ART PROMPTS: cuddling chocobos! Fighting marlboros! Cuddling… marlboros? (Probably not a good idea, but still. Fighting a powerful enemy together, or relaxing on a beach in Costa del Sol together. Zack and Cloud escaping the labs together, Cloud and Barret and Tifa planting a bomb or helping to rebuild a city, Yuffie shamelessly picking Elena's pocket while giving her a hug. Just as a general thing, anything that takes into account the weirdness of the FFVII world would be great.

7.) Life is Strange – Max Caulfield & David Madsen, Maxine "Max" Caulfield/Chloe Price

This game gave me so many emotions. I love the time travel mechanic, I love Max and Chloe and most of the supporting characters besides (the others love to hate), I love the artstyle and the photography and the music. The ending murdered my heart—and I wish they'd given us a chance at a golden ending—but it also felt immensely heartfelt. This whole game is gold.

Max Caulfield & David Madsen: Throughout the course of the game Max gets to see so much about David—qualities he probably never he realized he had—and that's just… fascinating to me? In the Save the Bay ending he ends up thinking his step-daughter died hating him (and, well, she sort of did), and the only one who knows she ever felt differently is Max, this girl he doesn't even remember ever talking to. That's intense. I love the idea of a weird friendship forming between these two.
  • Max helping out David and Joyce after Chloe's death, doing little things to make the grief easier and take on some of the burden of mourning Chloe, and David finding a way to say he appreciates that.
  • A strange sort of grieving process, where each is bearing this immense weight of guilt and neither is willing (or even really able, in Max's case) to explain why.
  • Through ~magic~, Max still has some of the photographs she took through the game, and she shares them with David and Joyce.

Maxine "Max" Caulfield/Chloe Price: I cried. I cried a lot. Everything about their relationship was tailor-made for me. (For endings, I prefer save the bay, but I am still 100% open to fix-it fic where Chloe lives.)
  • It sort of occurred to me after the fact that the ending only truly makes sense if some sort of supernatural entity has it out for Chloe, and I would love something that runs with that—Max relying on her ingenuity and pulling a pseudo-Orpheus to get Chloe back, or her just going screw you, I control time and *making* things work.
  • Even after Chloe's gone, Max's art never stops being a tribute to her: using photography to keep her personality alive, expressing her love through what she creates. (Outsider POV would also be cool for this.)
  • Time travel shenanigans in general: Max using her powers to make things right, or to steal one last moment with Chloe.

ART PROMPTS: something in the style of one of Max's photos would be awesome. Alternately, I'd love anything incorporating the visual themes of the game (the doe, the butterfly, the storm, the graffiti and chalk drawings, the various strange occurrences and bits of surrealist imagery). Ooh, or an image using an unusual palette.

8.) Portal – Chell/GLaDOS

(General Note: please no Caroline-as-Chell's mom. I know it's a reasonable theory, but I don't ship it that way.)

Once more for the people in the back: robots! Portal is an amazing series, both for what it shows you of its world and what it leaves to the imagination. I love the atmosphere and the characters alike, and—of course—wonderful robot/human ships are always a bonus.

Chell/GLaDOS: A twisted, dependent, wonderful ship. GLaDOS lies about just about everything, but by the end of Portal 2 you can tell she really does care, no matter how much she wishes she didn't. Chell's a tough woman to read, but I think she's probably affected in some way by teaming up with and learning so much about the woman who's always tried to hurt her.
  • Post-Portal 2, Chell ends up acting as GLaDOS's protector in some way: perhaps outside forces want to capture her for their own means?
  • The outside is lonelier than either of them ever imagined (as is an empty Aperture), so Chell returns occasionally.
  • GLaDOS's thoughts on Chell throughout some point in one of the two games—does she ever catch herself thinking fondly over her test subject?
  • Weird sex, of the sort that can only occur when one participant is a human and the other is an entirely-nonhumanoid machine. Perhaps mind-meld-type intimacy or creative applications of robotics?

ART PROMPTS: Anything taking into account the dark, eerie atmosphere of Aperture or the contrast between flesh and machine that GLaDOS and Chell have going on. A strange mechanical embrace, potato!GLaDOS and Chell chilling, GLaDOS offering a slice of cake…

9.) Naruto – Orochimaru/Yakushi Kabuto, Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi

This series is can occasionally be frustrating in its, well, everything, but I'm still deeply and immensely fond of all the interesting characters and worldbuilding that Kishimoto dreamed up. (It's also one of those series where almost all the villains get woobie backstories and weird powers, and I am so there for that.)

Orochimaru/Yakushi Kabuto: Snake man and assistant snake man! I love their SCIENCE and their awesome snake-based powers and their dedication to being as creepy as possible, and I love the vat!baby and orphanage!caretaker endings they got. Does it make sense? Maybe not. Is it amazing? Yes. Feel free to go as creepy or as cracky as you like on this one.
  • Unethical experiments are so much more fun when you have someone to perform them with.
  • Post-canon, Kabuto has some hand in the creation of Orochimaru's child: perhaps he donates genetic material, perhaps he literally carries the kid, perhaps Orochimaru just shows up on his doorstep every time he needs truly unorthodox parenting advice from someone who won't automatically recoil in horror at the thought of dad!Orochimaru. (Also, my pregnancy DNW is lifted for this pair. If you want to write weird pregnancy fic for these two, you have my blessing.)
  • Anything exploring Kabuto's truly unhealthy level of devotion to Orochimaru—bonus points if Orochimaru only wanted him as a pawn, but ends up becoming fond of him in his own strange way.
  • Talking to each other about things only the two of them would understand, whether that's discussing the feeling of having loyalties so divided you don't even know yourself anymore or exchanging scale-care tips.
  • Weird sex. Just… weird, weird snakes.

Hoshigaki Kisame/Uchiha Itachi: Again, these two are great. The king of good intentions and bad life choices and his surprisingly chill fish-man partner are endless fun, and I really like the contrast between their whole missing-nin shtick and the genuine care they seem to have for each other.
  • AU where both survive the war (or manage to remain incarnated even after the zombie-no jutsu goes away?) and end up going “well, what do we do from here?” Trying to carve out a life where you're not exactly hated anymore but certainly not trusted.
  • Non-massacre AU where Itachi ends up with an arch-nemesis from Mist… and finds himself being strangely attracted to that nemesis.
  • Post-Itachi-death, Kisame dabbles in some extremely dubious resurrection techniques to get his favorite partner back.
  • Someone once mentioned the idea of a soulmate AU for these two, and I would be so there for that: pre-massacre, an enormous aquatic guy from an enemy village shows up on young Itachi's door (or outside his tent in the middle of a dangerous mission) all, “Hey, so, guess we're soulmates? :D”

ART PROMPTS: Sparring, fighting together, camping out near each other, exploring the scars or strange markings pretty much all four of them have, a kiss in the middle of a truly inappropriate location, battle-worn and blood-soaked but still having fun, an oddly domestic moment shared between the two, either of the pairs alongside their signature animals.

And... well, that's about it. Again, thank you so much for creating something for me!


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