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TBAHello, FemEx creator! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, and I am so glad you've signed up for one of my beloved fav pairings. On the off chance you care, you can see my letters for past exchanges here.

General Likes: Hurt/Comfort, Canon-Divergent AUs, alternate meetings, post-canon settings, time travel, wilderness survival, characters sharing secrets or painful moments (or having those moments revealed for them and dealing with the aftermath), scar kink, loyalty kink, forced declarations of love, most sorts of trope-y ridiculousness. I like fluff and dark stuff equally, and I'm good with both SFW and NSFW.

DNW: Non-human characters being given a human body, non-canonical character death, A/B/O, D/s-verse, RACK-style kink scene in general, heavy focus on body fluids of any sort during sex, character or ship hate, modern or mundane AUs, mpreg, matchmaking tropes, or infidelity.

1.) Pokémon (Video Games): Dawn/Cynthia, Diantha/Malva, Emma/Serena

(General Pokémon note: Please, please, please, no Sun/Moon spoilers!)

Cynthia/Dawn: It's been… longer than I care to think about since DPP came out, and I still ship these two as hard as ever. Cynthia makes for such a good, caring mentor, and Dawn more than holds up her end of the relationship by saving the day when push comes to shove. Finally beating Cynthia and becoming the Elite Four Champion is such a bittersweet moment, and the grace and joy she shows when Dawn triumphs always makes me tear up a little. Anything focusing on these two would be lovely, and I'd especially love to see something set post-canon; how does Dawn take to her new title, and how does it affect her relationship with Cynthia?

Diantha/Malva: This is such a fascinating pairing with so much potential, especially because we still know very little about Malva's true motives and how she feels about Diantha. Does she resent her or does she respect her despite her torn loyalties? How does she feel about her position as this woman's associate when she previously tried to tear down the very organization they work for? Is she remorseful at all? Does Diantha suspect anything about all of this? I'd be open to pretty much any interpretation here, whether that's Malva feeling hate and twisted love or loyalty and remorse. (Same on Diantha's side—whether she's innocently unaware of Malva's involvement or knows but loves her anyway is up to you.)

Emma/Serena: The Looker sidequests were my favorite part of X, and Emma was probably my favorite part of the Looker sidequests. The way Emma starts out so suspicious of Serena and Looker, the way she slowly comes to trust them both, and how Serena always seems to be watching out for Emma's safety in return… it's all so fantastic to me.

I'd be fond of pretty much anything for this ship of mine, but I'd especially love to see something that takes into account Emma's identity as Essentia, Emma's whole detective thing, and/or Serena's role as Kalos champ into account. Any sort of scene would be lovely—what are they during those friendly battles they often hold (the ones you can have with her a few days of the week)? Do they ever go detective-ing together? Does Serena stay over at Emma's apartment complex occasionally? Is it weird dating someone famous, especially considering how much of her life Emma's lived in complete obscurity?

Art-Specific: Art involving pokémon always makes me happy! Holding them, battling, meeting each other's pokémon… I'd also love to see an outfit-swap for any of the requested pairings.

2.) Final Fantasy VII: Yuffie/Elena, Lucrecia/Cloud's Mom, Elmyra/Ifalna

(General FFVII note: I'm not much of a Compilation fan, and I don't really know a whole lot about it—stories grounded within the events and overall tone of the original game make me happiest.)

Yuffie/Elena: Antagonism! Opposite worldviews! Shared kidnappings! IDK, I just think this pairing has a lot of potential—Yuffie and Elena are about as opposite as two people can be (Wutaian royalty vs. Shinra special forces, rebellious thief vs. duty-driven enforcer), and yet there's a lot of similarities between them too. They both believe strongly in their causes, they both have pretty hot tempers, and they both show a certain willingness to put their own morals aside in the face of a greater cause. There's a lot of fun stuff that could be done with that, IMO.

I'd love something set post-canon, with them learning to respect each other as more than 'the enemy' and sort of growing emotions along the way. Perhaps Yuffie has to deal with the Turks a lot as a leader of Wutai (and hey, at least Elena is better than Reno), or maybe the two of them have to work on some sort of mission together, or maybe they find some sort of common ground—training together, perhaps, or some strange hobby they both unexpectedly share. (Or perhaps they just have hot, angry makeout sessions that they both pretend never happened afterward. I am also very fine with that option.)

Lucrecia/Cloud's Mom: I know there's no proof these two met in canon, but that seems like such a big missed opportunity to me—Lucrecia was so close to the people of Nibelheim all that time, and yet we don't get to see any sort of evidence of interaction there. (It would have been so neat! …And also I just really want Lucrecia to be able to have something approaching a healthy relationship for once in her life.)

Anyhow, I'd love some sort of story where Lucrecia and Cloud's Mom meet up before Lucrecia's sort-of-death—perhaps Lucrecia goes into town occasionally to get away from everything and the two get to talking, or perhaps she finds her way to the Strife residence while escaping Shinra's clutches and Cloud's Mom agrees to help her out—and ~feelings~ happen. I just think there so much cool stuff that could come of that: does Lucrecia open up at all about what she'd been through and what she's done? And then does Mrs. Strife comfort her anyway? Maybe the two end up having to go on the run together, or maybe Lucrecia ends up hiding right under Shinra's nose in Nibelheim? Do things change at all if Lucrecia has a non-Shinra influence in her life going hey, this is all pretty messed up?

(Oh, and I have no name preference for Cloud's Mom, so do you what you like there.)

Elmyra/Ifalna: So, what if Ifalna hadn't died at that train station? I doubt Elmyra would just leave her there (any more than she would've left Aerith), and the potential for awkward coexistence turning to genuine attraction is just way too good.

Maybe Elmyra has to help nurse a wounded Ifalna back to health using conventional medicine rather than magic, or maybe she helps Ifalna learn how to navigate the big city without getting mugged or picked up by Shinra… any sort of Ifalna lives!AU would be fantastic. (Oh, and child!Aerith being adorable and accidentally mysterious is always bonus, especially if Ifalna initially tries to hide her daughter's strangeness.)

Art-Specific: 'Anything involving them interacting is a bit broad, I know, but it's also true. Perhaps a snapshot of Elmyra and Ifalna doing something together with Aerith or maybe staying up late together after she's gone to sleep? Lucrecia and Cloud's Mom curled up against the cold or sharing memories/stories/awful Shinra secrets or in the middle of fighting a Mt. Nibel monster off? Yuffie and Elena reluctantly working together on something, or maybe fighting back to back or Yuffie hugging Elena while secretly slipping her wallet out of her pocket.

3.) Fallout: Carol/Greta, Cait/Female Sole Survivor, Christine/Veronica, Female Courier/Female Courier's Brain, Moira/Female Lone Wonderer

(General Fallout Note: For FO3 and FNV, I'm fine with either titles as character names (i.e. 'The Courier', 'The Lone Wanderer') or vaguely period-appropriate names of your choosing. For FO4, I have a preference for either title-naming or Nate/Nora, but if you prefer to use a different name that's fine too. Also, please no Evil Karma/Legion-aligned/Total Jerkface protagonists! They don't have to be all sunshine and rainbows (in fact, some pragmatism and Wasteland-savvy would be preferable), but I do prefer a Good/Neutral character or equivalent.)

Carol/Greta: BEST GHOULFRIENDS. I really love these two—Carol especially, her story of watching the bombs drop made me tear up—and I love that they've carved a little piece of something out for themselves in a world that's so against them. Anything would make me happy: perhaps the story of how they met? A regular day running their shop? Helping to defend Underworld from some sort of threat? Carol finds out about Ahzrukhal's plans against Greta and ruins him? So long as they're together and doing their best, I'm happy.

(My one big DNW is dead Greta. I know it's potentially canon, but it's sad, tearjerking canon and I refuse to ever take that option.)

Cait/Female Sole Survivor: Dang does this ship ever hit me right in the id. There's such a wonderful dynamic between them, where Cait starts out kind of resenting the sudden and bizarre new life she's been thrown into and slowly grows to have this immense love and respect for the Sole Survivor. You can really tell, I think, that she spends a good while after joining waiting for the other shoe to drop and the hidden strings to be revealed; having the Sole Survivor work her way past those defenses and work her way into Cait's heart is so satisfying. And the Sole Surviror, for her part, is great too; she never seems to hold Cait's sketchy history against her or pry into things that Cait doesn't want to explain. Pre-personal quest and post-personal quest are equally fine; I just want something with them interacting and talking and trusting (or learning to trust) each other.

Perhaps they get stranded somewhere, pre-personal quest, and Cait starts suffering from withdrawals? Or maybe they have to go undercover together and need to rely on each other more than they'd normally be comfortable with. Or maybe they finally get a day where something isn't going horrible wrong, and they enjoy it together.

Christine/Veronica: ♥ ♥ ♥ This pairing is so great, and I'm so sad Obsidian didn't give us the option to reunite them properly. (I know, technical limitations, but still.) Anything where the two meet up again would be like candy to me--

Female Courier/Female Courier's Brain: I'm not going to lie, I have no idea how this one would work on a purely logistical level. But, in the words of the Courier herself, You're my brain and I'm your body. This is meant to be, baby! …In all seriousness, though, I really love the snarky sort of rapport these two have going, where the brain is just disdainful of everything and the body is happily goading and teasing and arguing back. OWB has so many great lines, but I think the dialogue between these two may be my very favorite.

I'd love to see something where they don't get put back together—given the Courier's new role as Guardian of Big MT, that could lead to a lot of interaction between the two. Working out science things together and improving the Wasteland, defending their facility from outside attacks, maybe just arguing about literature and science and hormones vs. logic while also having some not-so-hidden for each other? Please feel free to go as cracky as you like on this one; given the pairing and the tone of the DLC it's from, that's only appropriate.

(Oh, and as a sidenote, I'm completely happy with either a female Brain or a Brain that's just super disdainful of the whole concept. I'm fond of the deep voice, though, so I'd prefer that not be changed.)

Moira/Female Lone Wanderer: My Lone Wanderer got her head crippled by raiders and wandered through a Mireluck nest armed with nothing but a Stealth Boy researching Moira's book for her. If that's not love, I don't know what is. Moira's one of my favorite characters in Fallout 3, just because she's so quirky and cheerful. I like the dynamic between Moira and a high INT Lone Wanderer especially; they have sort of a mad genius and long-suffering sidekick dynamic going on between them, what with Moira tossing out dangerous assignments like candy and happily spouting out all her theories (scientifically plausible or otherwise) and the Lone Wanderer going “That's a terrible idea, I know that's a terrible idea” and then going out and doing it anyway because she can't tell Moira no. (Also, would be very open to some ghoul!Moira action, if you wanted, though I'm not very interested in evil!LW; maybe an AU where Moira managed to get herself ghoulified in some other way than a Megaton explosion?)

Art-Specific: this is a hard one to describe, exactly, but I'd love to see anything 'Wasteland-y'. A piece that captures that sort of grimy, hard-won survivalist look the characters all have would be great. (Love in the Time of Radiation and all that, haha.) Any sort of Wasteland scene would be awesome, whether that's hunting a Deathclaw together or huddling in a safe area or sharing some InstaMash and a bottle of purified water.

4.) The Rook Files: Odette Leliefield/Felicity Clements

Odette/Felicity: I'll admit I was a bit disappointed to see less of Myfanwy in Stiletto, but nothing cheers me up better than excellent f/f enemies-to-friends tension-filled loyalty plots, and this book delivered in spades. I love the interactions these two had, and I'd love to see what becomes of them post-book.

Odette's going to become a proper Pawn, after all, and Felicity's now at least a little bit Grafter herself—how do they deal with that sudden point of similarity between them? Do they get to go on a lot of missions together, now that they've proven their ability to work well together? Or maybe Felicity takes it on herself to help Odette see more of London (and maybe get her mind off her dead friends), now that she's no longer under constant suspicion. Any sort of developing relationship thing between these two would be wonderful, the more awkward and fumbling the better. (Also, I love the whole body horror science thing the Grafters have going on, as well as the ridiculously-specific superpowers of the Court.)

Art-Specific: Mad-scientist shenanigans would be lovely—maybe Odette showing off some new mods to her girlfriend, or trying to give Felicity an awkward hug while her spurs are out? Or a picture of them on a mission together? Or maybe them post-mission, exhausted and crashed on a couch somewhere together.


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