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Hello, Press Start creator, and thank you for... well, creating! I'm masu_trout on AO3, just as a heads-up, and I'm really excited for the chance to get something for one of my favorite vg fandoms.

I'm a very easy-to-please person overall, especially with these fandoms, and my prompts are meant to be general helpful bits rather than specific do this or else rules; if you have an idea that doesn't match these prompts, please feel free to use it so long as it doesn't contradict my DNWs!

General Likes: H/C, post-canon, canon divergence, missing scenes, outsider POV, wilderness survival, pining, loyalty, secrets being shared, competence kink, characters having self-esteem/self-worth issues, art that matches the canon style and/or uses lots of color.

General Dislikes/DNWs: A/B/O, D/s-verse, modern or mundane AUs, infidelity, a focus on identity issues or discussions, character or ship hate, nonhuman characters being given a human body.

General Fallout Note: For FO3 and F:NV, I'm fine with either titles as character names (i.e. 'The Courier', 'The Lone Wanderer') or vaguely period-appropriate names of your choosing. For FO4, I have a preference for either title-naming or Nate/Nora, but if you prefer to use a different name that's fine too. Also, please no Evil Karma/Legion-aligned/Total Jerkface protagonists! They don't have to be all sunshine and rainbows (in fact, some pragmatism and Wasteland-savvy would be preferable), but I do prefer a Good/Neutral character or equivalent.

SFW and NSFW pieces are both lovely! No pressure either way, please do what you like best. If you are interested in creating something NSFW, I have some wants and DNWs for that too.

NSFW Likes: comfort sex, scars, bloodplay, kinking on nonhuman bodies or inhuman attributes, spontaneity, praise kink, first times, oral/manual/intercrural sex, and rough sex.

NSFW Dislikes/DNWs: A/B/O, D/s-verse, ageplay, infidelity, noncon between my requested characters, excessive bodily fluids (except blood, blood is okay), asexuality, heavily-discussed RACK-type negotiation, exhibitionism, rimming, fisting, food being involved in any way, or watersports/scat.

1.) Fallout 3

Carol/Greta: BEST GHOULFRIENDS. I really love these two—Carol especially, her story of watching the bombs drop made me tear up—and I love that they've carved a little piece of something out for themselves in a world that's so against them. Anything would make me happy: perhaps the story of how they met? A regular day running their shop? Helping to defend Underworld from some sort of threat? Carol finds out about Ahzrukhal's plans against Greta and ruins him? So long as they're together and doing their best, I'm happy.

(My one big DNW is dead Greta. I know it's potentially canon, but it's sad, tearjerking canon and I refuse to ever take that option.)

Female Lone Wanderer: My one biggest want here is, more or less, competence porn. I love the narrative the game gives you of this young, sheltered Vault-Dweller stepping into the wastes, fleeing the only home she's ever known, and then becoming a straight-up force of nature and Wasteland justice. I'd love to see something about that journey, whether it's her exploits from the eyes of an outside Wastelander, working on the Survival Guide, a quiet moment of weapon repair or exploration out in some distant corner of the map, returning to Vault 101 and seeing how different she now is from everyone she left behind, maybe talking to James at the beginning of Waters of Life and him realizing how much she's changed… anything that touches on her surprising durability and power in the Capital Wasteland would thrill me. I ship her with, well… a lot of people (Moira, Three Dog, Harkness, Charon, Gob…), and shipfic and gen are both equally A++ to me. (Also, good (or at least neutral) karma LW, please! She can be a bit scary or pragmatic, but I'd prefer not straight-up evil.)

Fanart Specific: this is a hard one to describe, exactly, but I'd love to see anything 'Wasteland-y'. A piece that captures that sort of grimy, hard-won survivalist look the characters all have would be great. Any sort of Wasteland scene would be awesome, whether that's hunting a Deathclaw or huddling in a safe area or sharing some InstaMash and a bottle of purified water.

2.) Fallout: New Vegas

Katherine Stone: My favorite base-game terminal entries in all of F:NV and one of my favorite bits of Vault-Tec worldbuilding; this woman is so desperate and devoted, and the way she turns the games of those in power back on themselves so masterfully… it's such a sad story overall, but I absolutely love every single scrap of information we're given about her. I'd love to see a piece of her story fleshed out in greater detail: did her husband realize what she was doing and why? How did she feel when she was executing the members of the Justice Bloc? What's it like, desperately running towards your own death because it's the only way forward? Just… anything about her, please.

Randall Clarke: Honest Hearts had a lot of tearjerker moments, but reading his story was the one point where I just had to put my controller down because I couldn't see for crying. Losing everything again and again, trying to make some difference even as he wants nothing more than to die… it's especially moving when you realize just how deeply the Sorrows honor him even still. He's another character we only see through the scraps he leaves behind, but for all that we still learn so much about him. Again, I'd love to see any piece of his story fleshed out—a moment from one of his journal entries, or perhaps one of the many things he has to have seen or done between them.

Mean Sonofabitch: It's something when the tortured, forcibly-mutated monster is the happiest character in your noms, haha. I really love the more intelligent super mutants that populate the western wastes (Mariposa mutants, IIRC?) and this character is one of my favorites. He's extraordinary in that he's not particularly extraordinary: he's not a genius like Fawkes or God, he's not even a nightkin, he's just a super mutant and a really nice guy who remembered and is returning a small (and futile!) act of kindness given to him long ago. I'd love anything about his place in Westside and his interactions with the people there—the citizens seem pretty happy to have him, and he considers them his to protect in return. That sort of awkward friendship between humans and nonhumans is my jam, and I especially love it canons like the Fallout series where you so often see the opposite.

Fanart-specific: Randall and Katherine don't have canon appearances that I know of, so feel free to draw them however you want. Again, a snapshot from any of their stories would be lovely—Katherine stalking a member of the Justice Bloc or sitting in the Overseer's office, Randall up on his mountain or watching the escapee children, Mean chatting up a (very intimidated, probably) traveler to Westside or taking on a group of Fiends. Also, I'd love anything that incorporated the scruffy, orange-y Wasteland feel of the games themselves.

2.) Final Fantasy VII

(Just as a heads up, I am very much an OG sort of person. I'm not all that familiar with the events of the Compilation and probably won't be able to fully appreciate a work that draws heavily on it.)

Elmyra/Ifalna: So, what if Ifalna hadn't died at that train station? I doubt Elmyra would just leave her there (any more than she would've left Aerith), and the potential for awkward coexistence turning to genuine attraction is just way too good. Maybe Elmyra has to help nurse a wounded Ifalna back to health using conventional medicine rather than magic, or maybe she helps Ifalna learn how to navigate the big city without getting mugged or picked up by Shinra… any sort of Ifalna lives!AU would be fantastic. (Oh, and child!Aerith being adorable and accidentally mysterious is always bonus, especially if Ifalna initially tries to hide her daughter's strangeness.)

Tseng & Vincent: THESE TWO. I'm so sad we never really got to see a proper realization between the two of them; I want so badly to see the moment when Tseng realizes who Vincent is, who he was and what exactly's been done to him. And on Vincent's part, there's got to be ton of mistrust and suspicion there, with maybe a bit of lingering camaraderie towards the organization he once devoted his life to. There's all sorts of places this could go: the actual moment of “that guy was a Turk and he should definitely be dead”, Tseng seeing one of Vincent's transformations and going ???????, the two of them getting stuck on a mission of some sort together post-Meteor and being extremely uncomfortable with it… basically, anything that involves two incredibly well-trained spies, formerly of the same organization and now on opposite sides (or on the same side once more, if it's post-game), being forced to interact is golden.

Nanaki: Everything else is just war scars, but the number was done by Hojo. Nanki is such an interesting character to me—non-human (and non-bipedal!) in a world where so few non-humans are left, a scarred warrior even at his species equivalent of a young teenager, the last of his kind… Something set either pre-canon or post-canon would make me very happy; if pre-canon, I'd love to see his interactions with Bugenhagen, his guardianship of the village (what exactly is he fighting that leaves him so wounded?), or perhaps the events leading up to his capture. If post-canon, I'd love to see how he's changed and matured through his journey, and exactly who he is now that he's seen so much and fought so hard to protect the world.

Oh, also! Friendship fic/art between him and any of the members of AVALANCHE would be lovely, if you'd like to make that.

Fanart-Specific: Elmyra and Ifalna with a young Aerith between them or Elmyra supporting a wounded Ifalna, Vincent and Tseng sizing each other up with mutually-distrusting expressions, Nanaki in battle or with Bugenhagen or sitting by his father's body… honestly, anything that incorporates these characters would make me happy. Also, if it helps at all, I really like the bright colors and the unique-and-often-a-bit-odd characters designs that original-flavor FVII uses.

4.) Soul Calibur

Voldo: ♥ ♥ ♥ Freaky boneless contortionist overly-loyal bodyguard ♥ ♥ ♥ There are so many questions you can ask about Voldo, like why an archnid codpiece? Is he not aware he's wearing purple and orange together or does he simply not care? Does his jaw ever get sore around the gag and, if so, is that why he occasionally switches gag styles between the games? In all seriousness, though, I'd love to see anything emphasizing his strangeness: what's the world like through his ears? What's a fight like from his perspective, and how does he make his way around the catacombs he calls home? Alternately, outsider POV would be lovely—perhaps an opponent underestimates the strange bald writhing man and quickly comes to regret it, or maybe one of the more straight-laced/honorable SC characters is forced to coexist nonviolently with Voldo for some period of time (and spends most of that time going whhyyyyy).

If you're a shippy sort of creator, I'd happily accept Voldo/Vercci of any form. It's… well, it's pretty much canon, and deliciously messed-up to boot. (Vercci needs someone assassinated, and Voldo is delighted to comply? Vercci's touch is that much more intense to a man who's so very in control and aware of every bit of his body?)

Fanart-specific: I mean… well, draw Voldo seems like a challenge enough in and of itself, given the endless bobs and bits (and the bold color choices) of his character design. Maybe a pic of him lounging in the Money Pit or pulling off a particularly acrobatic move in battle?

5.) Pokemon

AZ: Oh man, this guy is just so cool and interesting, and as excited as I am for SuMo, I'm distraught that we probably won't have the chance to learn more about him. The things he did, the time he spent wandering the regions, his relationship with Floette… it's all so interesting to me. I'd love to see something set either during his 5000-year journey (who does he visit? What sort of legends are passed down about him?) or post-canon (what does he do, now that they're finally reunited? Does he finally try to settle down a bit, or do the two wander together?). Friendship with Serena/Calem or various other XY characters would also be loved.

Gold/Silver: One of my first OTPs, even if I didn't realize it at the time. ♥ I love how Silver starts out so prickly and closed-off and unwilling to rely on anyone except himself, and how that slowly turns to something softer as he keeps running into Gold and travellng further with his pokémon. I love the moments when they find themselves on the same side (much as Silver hates to admit it) and I love their little confrontation in Mt. Moon. Something set post-canon would be fantastic: maybe Gold using battles as an excuse to spend time with Silver, the two of them stuck on some remote route together for reasons and forced to rely on each other, or Silver being all awkward and prickly with his feelings and not knowing what exactly he wants or how to express it? Ooh, or something with Gold learning more or Silver's past would also be lovely.

Kris/Jasmine: Another early and long-lasting OTP! Jasmine has always been my favorite gym leader: I love her quiet nature and her deep sense of loyalty, and the way she expresses that both towards her city and the pokémon she cares for. Maybe Jasmin and Kris hanging out together once Amphy's recovered, or Kris returning to Olivine again and again just to stop in and say hi to Jasmine? (Not that I ever did that in my Crystal game, of course.) Or perhaps Kris helping the ever-dutiful Jasmine to relax a little and take a day off: they could go fishing or pokémon-catching, and it's up to you whether things go perfectly right or horribly wrong. XD

Jasmine/Clair: The most personable gym leader and the most prickly—these two are opposites in so many ways, but they also have their similarities and I think that makes the idea of a relationship even much more interesting. Perhaps the two keep having to team up to chase down rogue Team Rocket cells/capture rampaging pokémon/help stranded trainers/etc., and along the way realize they actually work together pretty well? Or maybe they bond over their shared sense of duty: Clair towards the Dragon's Den and her family name, Jasmine towards Amphy and the lighthouse. …Or maybe Clair pushes all Jasmine's buttons and bicker a ton, but they still have each others' backs when it comes to it.

Fanart Specific: I'd especially love to see fanart that incorporates pokemon in some way! Holding them, cuddling with them, battling them, helping them… Pokemon and humans interacting in fanart always makes me happy.

6.) Portal

GlaDOS/Chell: AI/human relationships are always A++, no exceptions, and this AI/human relationship is especially grand. I love these two as enemies and I love these two as allies, and I love the way GlaDOS can't seem to stop obsessing over Chell even though she tries very hard to convince herself she had nothing but disdain for her test subject. I'd be happy to see something dark and twisted between these two, but I'd also be interested in a lighter take where they manage to find some less-murderous common ground after teaming up the way they did.

Chell: I love silent protagonists, but I always wish we got to see more of what was gone on in their heads. Chell's so enduring and stubborn, but the things she'd gone through would take a toll on anyone. Is there humanity out there for her to return to, post-Portal 2? If there is, does she even fit in with them anymore? Her post-game life is something I've wondered about a lot: she's out of time and starved of non-deadly interaction with others, but she's also really good at adapting to new situations. Outsider POV would also be very welcome here.

Fanart Specific: Anything that incorporates the darkness and the dimness of Aperture (or, alternately, something set on the outside giving the exact opposite of that) would be fantastic. The game's setting is so atmospheric, and it makes every interaction with GlaDOS feel that much more loaded with meaning. No android-bodied!GlaDOS, please!

7.) Silent Hill

Heather Mason: MY FAV HORROR PROTAG. She's so cool and resilient and sarcastic in the face of danger, and yet she's not immortal: you get to see her fear and the way she forces herself to keep going after losing Harry and everything she knew. I'd love to see something set post-game for her: how does she settle back into ordinary life after everything that's happened? Where do she and Douglas go and what do they end up doing? Does the whole 'I left my father's mutilated body in our apartment and ran away to another town with a stranger' thing end up causing trouble for her at all? Alternately, a dark piece set in the bad ending would be very cool; it's such a creepy end, and I'd love to see it explored more.

Fanart Specific: Something showing off Heather's scars would be very cool, or a piece with her and a monster or some sort of Order religious imagery. On the (maybe) cheerier side, I'd also love to see a snapshot of her post-Silent Hill life, whether that's enjoying the sunshine and fresh air or waking up after a horrible nightmare.

8.) Fallout 4

Female Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine | Male Sole Survivor/Nick Valentine: Nick not being romanceable is a tragic oversight, not only in the game but in the universe as a whole, and I've been turning to fandom as much as possible to fill that Valentine-shaped hole in my Valentine-shaped heart. These two have a really interesting shared history in that they remember before, and I kind of really love that the characters Commonwealth society would expect to be most different actually have this unusual common ground.

I don't really have any female or male-character specific prompts for this one, as I'm perfectly happy with either gender for the Sole Survivor. Anything between the two of them would be lovely--a mystery solved together, a night out on the town, The Sole Survivor protecting Nick from Synth-haters or Nick rescuing them from a hostage situation (because he owes his best partner one after Skinny Malone, after all). I also really love anything that involves Nick having synth-based self-esteem issues, the Sole Survivor helping to repair Nick (especially in the middle of a tense or dangerous situation), or either character comforting the other.

Fanart-Specific: So many things I'd love to see! The Sole Survivor dressed in pre-war clothes to match Nick's own Noir outfit, the two of them pressed together under the light of the agency's sign, the two staking out a crime scene together or even just something as simple as holding hands (especially if it's his metal hand the Sole Survivor is holding).

9.) Sweet Fuse

Meoshi Kouta/Inafune Saki: My favorite couple from this game, and perhaps my favorite otome couple in general! I love how Kouta is the shyer, more retiring one of the two, and I love how Saki helps draw him out of his shell. The way these two interact is just so adorable and lovely: they protect each other every chance they get, and her outgoing and bold personality supports his much quieter one rather than overwhelming it. They're so fun together! I'd love to see something set post-game with the two interacting--maybe Kouta introduces her to his family or they run into some people he used to go to class with? Perhaps she gets into some of his favorite video games, or perhaps he takes up a favorite hobby of hers? Maybe they get the chance to go to a non-terrifying amusement park together?

Fanart-Specific: The two of them out together, eating lunch or holding hands or just being adorable in general would be so lovely. Alternately, if you want to go a more action-based route, I'd love a snapshot of them going through one of the games together; there's not a ton of CGs in this game, and I always love the chance to see more images of the two together.


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