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I finally (finally!) beat an old DS visual novel called Time Hollow the other day. I'd had it around for years and never quite managed to get through it, so a while back I decided, “Eh, why not,” and gave it a proper playthrough.

Wrong decision. This game actually got okay-ish reviews back in the day, which I can only assume is because it comes from an era where people were just that starved for VN stuff, because let me tell you. The only saving grace was how hard I was laughing at the plot by the end of the game.

(Seriously: the main villain is this guy who hates you because he thinks you killed his mom in the past, except it turns out his mother is actually killing herself in the past because her son keeps stalking and murdering this girl in his high school and she's decided murdering herself when her kid is a newborn and leaving him to grow up alone is the only way to correct this situation. ????? Also, the game ends with an implication that you're going to bang either your cousin or a time-traveling version of your uncle's wife and your non-anthropomorphic cat just up and starts talking to you in literally the last few lines of the game. It's a trip and a half.)

In better news, I started playing VLR, which is a much, much better puzzle VN by several orders of magnitude. To probably absolutely no one's surprise, robot-man K (or suit-wearing-man K, to be more specific, but I've decided he's secretly an AI and if the game doesn't support me on this one I'm going to be crushed) is my fav so far, even though he left me to get murdered once already. (He rode the little coin-operated rabbit so very cutely!)

I'm trying to play methodically—get to the end of one branch, then go to the closest branching piece and work my way back down—but that's going to involve making some seriously jerkish choices sometime soon and I'm not sure I'm up for that just yet. ;-; Choice-based games always make me feel like such a huge jerk, haha.

The nice thing about waiting so long is that I'll be able to jump straight into ZTE once I'm done. No wait for me!

(I'm also still playing Fallout 3, but I haven't made much progress lately other than accidentally letting Charon get killed by the same Super Mutant Behemoth twice in a row before finally leaving him back in Megaton to keep him safe during the fight. I may just be the worst employer ever.)

I've sort of overextended myself a bit on fic-writing this summer, just because there's so many interesting things I want to sign up for. mm_rares, fandomgiftbox, press_start, rarepairfest, are_you_game… I'm getting decently far on my mm_rares fics at least (for all they just keep needing more and more words), and as much of a bummer rarepairfest's technical issues is it's at least giving me a little extra time to work.

I've also been writing some original short stories lately! I sort of let that fall by the wayside in recent years, so I'm really happy to be doing that again; it's a different sort of beast and a whole lot of fun. Nothing really worth showing the world yet—I am so very out of practice—but I'm enjoying myself a ton nonetheless. RL has been stressful lately, and this makes a good distraction.

I think I'm going to have to officially stop using Tumblr starting now-ish, because the SuMo spoilers have reached critical mass and hardly anyone is tagging. :| If I try to unfollow all the people posting untagged pics, I'll lose a good half my follower list. Better to just wait it out 'til November.
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