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Hello, Rarepair creator! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, and I am so glad you've signed up for one of my beloved fav pairings. On the off chance you care, you can see my letters for past exchanges here.

General Do Want: Hurt/Comfort, Canon-Divergent AUs, alternate meetings, post-canon settings, time travel, wilderness survival (substitute 'labyrinth' or 'nightmare town' for 'wilderness' in the relevant canons), characters sharing secrets or painful moments (or having those moments revealed for them and dealing with the aftermath), scar kink, loyalty kink, forced declarations of love, most sorts of trope-y ridiculousness. I like fluff and dark stuff equally, and I'm good with both SFW and NSFW.

General DNW: Non-human characters being given a human body, non-canonical character death, A/B/O, D/s-verse, RACK-style kink scene in general, heavy focus on body fluids of any sort during sex, character or ship hate, modern or mundane AUs, mpreg, matchmaking tropes, or infidelity.

Most of my pairing-specific letter details is pretty general; I didn't have the words to get into specific prompts for each one, so I just focused on what made me love the pairing. Please, feel free to write or draw whatever you feel like! My likes for these pairings are very flexible—so long as you keep my DNWs into account, I'm positive I'll adore what you create.

1.) Final Fantasy IV

Please, no After Years! I'm not much of a fan of that game, and I'd prefer its events and characters not be referenced.

Golbez/Kain: If you're being mind-controlled and I'm being mind-controlled, then who's piloting the airship?! But no, seriously, I love the potential for guilt and shame and weird messed-up emotions leaking through from all sides that this pairing provides. Their arcs are so similar and so tragic, and the way they spend most of the game entangled in each others' lives—against, as it turns out, either of their wills—is primo ship fodder. Also, consider: mind control kink.

Cecil/Rosa/Kain: This is where my love for H/C and messy redemption and shame and healing comes in. The care they all have for each other in the final battle despite all the horrid things they (or Cecil+Kain, at least) have done and all the times Rosa and Cecil's trust has been strained in regards to Kain's redemption is just delicious. There's no way their relationship post-game is going to be anything like they used to have (Cecil's secretly an alien! Kain's betrayed everyone, like, five times each! Rosa's suffered immense mental and physical trauma!), and yet I really want to see them work it out and care for each other through it all. Also, I have a thing for H/C involving characters feeling ashamed of needing comfort, so if you want to include that please feel free.

2.) Final Fantasy VII

Please, no Compilation! I'm an OG-only sort of person.

Cloud/Barret/Tifa: The eco-terrorist OT3 strikes again. I love their dynamic and the way it changes over the course of the game; they go from a trio on the constant edge of collapse due to conflicting personalities to a united front ready to take on the day and save the world. Barret and Cloud argue a ton (and Tifa gets in some pretty impressive jabs of her own towards both), but when push comes to shove you can tell just how strong they've become together. Even when Cloud is at his very worst and neither of him know whether he can even be trusted anymore, both try to defend him in their own way: Tifa by staying with him and Barret by finishing what the three of them started. (And Cloud returns the favor towards them many times over when he finally has come back to himself.) Anything about their time working together in AVALANCHE or their future together as part of humanity's saviors would be lovely.

Aerith/Tifa: Two of my favorite characters here, and there's so much potential and possibility about them. I was really pleasantly surprised to see just how strong their bond is in canon; I was expecting jealousy tropes and instead I got friendship and loyalty and cute moments (and sorrow ;-;). Meeting in the den of a creepy mob boss/rapist may not be the most auspicious start to a relationship, but boy do they make it work. Something set before Aerith's death or in an AU where she lives would be fantastic; I'd be happy to see any sort of adventure between them, whether it's as small as 'let's beat up that monster' or as big as 'let's save the town/city/world'.

3.) Fallout

Just a note on names for this canon, since I know everyone has different opinions here: for Fallout 4, I highly prefer the default Nate/Nora; for FNV I'm fine with both names like 'Courier' or 'Six' or 'Lucky' and more normal-sounding custom name choices; for Fallout 3 I'm fine with any name at all so long as it sounds like it could fit in the Fallout-verse. Oh, and I also like fic where they're just referred to by their titles or given no name at all, provided it works for the story you're telling.

Female Courier/Yes Man: I, um… welp, I really don't have a good explanation for this one, but I love it nonetheless. Courier Six's whole life is changed because of schemes revolving around him; she murders a man to give him (and, well, herself) more power; he literally rewrites himself to be loyal to her alone; they essentially become a two-being army of rampaging Vegas freedom in the independent ending. Also, he can be truly creepy/hilarious towards the Courier in the very best of ways. I'd love to see them post-battle, doing their best to make sure New Vegas and the Mojave''s future is the best it can possibly be (and being a terrifying passive-aggressive interspecies power couple all the while).

Cait/Female Sole Survivor: Dang does this ship ever hit me right in the id. There's such a wonderful dynamic between them, where Cait starts out kind of resenting the sudden and bizarre new life she's been thrown into and slowly grows to have this immense love and respect for the Sole Survivor. You can really tell, I think, that she spends a good while after joining waiting for the other shoe to drop and the hidden strings to be revealed; having the Sole Survivor work her way past those defenses and work her way into Cait's heart is so satisfying. And the Sole Surviror, for her part, is great too; she never seems to hold Cait's sketchy history against her or pry into things that Cait doesn't want to explain. Pre-personal quest and post-personal quest are equally fine; I just want something with them interacting and talking and trusting (or learning to trust) each other.

Moira/Female Lone Wanderer: My Lone Wanderer got her head crippled by raiders and wandered through a Mireluck nest armed with nothing but a Stealth Boy researching Moira's book for her. If that's not love, I don't know what is. Moira's one of my favorite characters in Fallout 3, just because she's so quirky and cheerful. I like the dynamic between Moira and a high INT Lone Wanderer especially; they have sort of a mad genius and long-suffering sidekick dynamic going on between them, what with Moira tossing out dangerous assignments like candy and happily spouting out all her theories (scientifically plausible or otherwise) and the Lone Wanderer going “That's a terrible idea, I know that's a terrible idea” and then going out and doing it anyway because she can't tell Moira no. (Also, would be very open to some ghoul!Moira action, if you wanted, though I'm not very interested in evil!LW; maybe an AU where Moira managed to get herself ghoulified in some other way than a Megaton explosion?)

4.) Pokemon

Diantha/Malva: This is such a fascinating pairing with so much potential, especially because we still know very little about Malva's true motives and how she feels about Diantha. Does she resent her or does she respect her despite her torn loyalties? How does she feel about her position as this woman's associate when she previously tried to tear down the very organization they work for? Is she remorseful at all? Does Diantha suspect anything about all of this? I'd be open to pretty much any interpretation here, whether that's Malva feeling hate and twisted love or loyalty and remorse. (Same on Diantha's side—whether she's innocently unaware of Malva's involvement or knows but loves her anyway is up to you.)

Cynthia/Dawn: It's been… longer than I care to think about since DPP came out, and I still ship these two as hard as ever. Cynthia makes for such a good, caring mentor, and Dawn more than holds up her end of the relationship by saving the day when push comes to shove. Finally beating Cynthia and becoming the Elite Four Champion is such a bittersweet moment, and the grace and joy she shows when Dawn triumphs always makes me tear up a little. Anything focusing on these two would be lovely, and I'd especially love to see something set post-canon; how does Dawn take to her new title, and how does it affect her relationship with Cynthia?

5.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka/Homura: My magical girl OTP of OTPs. I love these two more than I can even describe. The loyalty, the self-sacrifice; they're both so messed up by what they've gone through, and yet they continue to do their very best to protect each other (which doesn't always work, admittedly, but hey, it's Urobuchi). I'd love anything set pretty much anywhere along the timeline: mid-show, post-show, mid-Rebellion, post-Rebellion… I'd prefer stoic Homura to pigtails Homura, but that's about my only preference. You can go as dark or as fluffy as you want with these two; I'm equally interested in happy moments and tragic losses.

6.) Silent Hill

Heather/Claudia: This pairing is so messed-up and yet fascinating; the strange way these two care about each other despite their antagonism and opposite ideals is like catnip to me. Claudia refuses to even acknowledge Heather's existence, and yet she has so much adoration and love for her reborn 'Alessa'. She does so many terrible things, to Heather and to the world in general, and yet you can see just how badly she wants to help and do the right thing and how badly she wishes she could be together once more with the only friend she ever had.

Walter/Henry/Eileen: A ghost, a possessed woman, and a guy with terrible taste in real estate walk into a nightmare town… But no, seriously, there's something so sad and so fascinating about the way these three's destinies intertwine. Eileen and Henry both seem to have deep sympathy for the guy despite all the horrible things he's doing and plans to do to them. Walter himself seems to think very highly of them as well, both in terms of how they fit into his plans and just how they are as people. (Admittedly, most of his kind gestures end up causing more trauma—those dolls!—but, uh, it's the thought that counts? Maybe?)


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