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Hello, MM Rares person!

THIS IS A LOT OF WORDS AND I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. I got a bit carried away talking about all the fun pairings I adore. I've tried to break it up into decent-sized sections, so hopefully that helps.

Also! Thank you dearly for offering to write and/or draw one of my favorite rare m/m pairings. You clearly have impeccable taste. I really am very easy to please—whatever you create, I'm sure I'll absolutely adore it.

My general likes: I adore most forms of tropey ridiculousness, both the inherently shippy and the ship-adjacent; time travel, hurt/comfort, anguished/forced declarations of love, loyalty kink, xeno, scar kink, etc etc. I like canon-divergent AUs, canon-compliant fic, and post-canon fic especially.

Smut is always welcome for any of these pairings, but I'm also great with fics that don't involve sex! Please do what you want.

My general dislikes: I am not a fan of most full AUs, especially mundane AUs, D/S-verse AUs, and A/B/O AUs. I also dislike character or ship hate of any kind, issuefic, matchmaking tropes, or fics with unhappy endings. Kinkwise, I don't care for watersports, scat, infidelity, mpreg, vore, noncon between my requested characters, or 24/7 D/S. (I'm not into negotiated D/S or RACK-type stuff in general, really; I prefer my kink to be more on the consensual-but-spontaneous end of things.)

On the fanart end of things, my likes are pretty broad—I like pretty much any style, I'm equally fond of bright color and more limited palettes, and mostly if you gift me art I'll just be sitting there going SO COOL *_* at it. The one thing I'm not really into is the style that involves making characters look extremely realistic; none of my canons are live action, and trying to make my faves look as if they were real-life people just breaks my immersion.

(I'm also into guro, just as a 110% optional aside, though if that's something you'd be interested in writing/drawing I'd prefer you kept it to the softer side for this exchange. Blood, amputation/scarring kink, or xeno stuff is a yes; snuff/full-on torture porn/daruma/etc. is not what I'm into.)

Each of the prompts here is meant to be non-specific, more a springboard than an instruction sheet. If you have an idea that doesn't match something I said here—or if you want to use a fanart prompt for fanfic or vice versa—please go right ahead!

1.) Adekan

Please feel free to go 110% all out with tropes and kinks and iddiness for this fandom. (Sex pollen? Undercover as a couple? Amnesia fic? Huddling for warmth? Hurt/comfort?) I love how absurd this series manages to get while still being really compelling, and I am up for both serious and completely cracky.

Shiro/Anri: Codependent us-against-the-world pseudo-incestuous superpowered humans? Sign me up. I love so much about this pairing. Their shared history and trauma is so compelling; the way they alternately protect and antagonize each other is just fantastic; at first I thought the two were genuinely enemies, but the further the series went on the more obvious their hardcore devotion became. (They have their own language! Made of sexy gestures! It's horrifying but also so good!) Anything taking advantage of their intense dynamic would be awesome. (Also: big fan of the whole sadomasochistic bloodplay wound-licking thing they have going, in case you happen to be into that.)

Shiro/Kojiro: This is such a good pairing, I can't even say how happy every panel they spend onscreen together makes me. The actual declaration of love Shiro got to give in one of the most recent chapters nearly sent me out of my seat with joy. Their emotional and physical dependence on each other is like catnip to me, as is there mutual disregard for any sort of normal boundaries (seriously, I adore how much time they spend lounging all over each other). The loyalty kink for this pairing is so good, as is the hurt/comfort potential, and I have to admit I love Kojiro's housewife-y attitude towards Shiro as well. Something where Kojiro is forced to come to terms with his feelings or Shiro is made to confess his would be like catnip to me. I'd also be really interested in seeing some sort of outsider POV thing for these two, given how everyone at Shiro's office seems to basically assume they're married already.

Fanart: For fanart in particular, I'd especially love to see anything that took advantage of the elaborate costumes in this series—the harnesses, the umbrellas, the police uniform, the frequent crossdressing or near-crossdessing, the lack-of-loincloth, the… whatever sort of bondage gear it is Anri wears.

2.) 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

This is embarrassing, but… I haven't actually played Virtue's Last Reward yet (horrible of me, I know), and so I'd really appreciate it if you could avoid spoilers for that game in your fanwork.

Junpei/Snake: A match made in snark and puzzles and daring dimension-hopping coffin rescues. The way these two interact with each other is a joy to watch; it's hilarious to see Snake poke at Junpei, and it's just as fun when Junpei snarks back. Anything set during canon or post-canon would really satisfy me: I'd love to see a moment where they come to trust each other better, or how they try to continue on with their lives after all of the insanity that happened to them. I'd also be happy (well, more heartbroken than happy, but you catch my drift) to see something where Snake survives That One Bad End.

Fanart: For fanart specific… maybe something with the two of them playing a game together? I bet Junpei sucks at go, but he might be awesome at Go Fish Or maybe Snake relaxing with his prosthetic off at Junpei's place, or the two of them spending time with Clover. Or maybe even something immediately post-canon, with the two of them exhausted and dirty and shocked to even be alive.

3.) Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is one of my fav Fallout games. Great DLC, a more open story and a more populated wasteland than FO3, and more quirkiness and opportunities to problem-solve creatively than FO4. I love all the wasteland-survival stuff, the adventures, and the way Courier Six is a person who gets drawn into someone's elaborate plot completely involuntarily and then just owns their new role as a force to be reckoned with in the Mojave.

Quick note on Courier stuff, since I'm requesting a bunch of Courier ships: my preferred Courier playstyle is sort of “a scarred, kleptomaniac charismatic wanderer who likes to solve things nonviolently but isn't afraid to open fire if talks go south”. That said, I'm open to lots of different interpretations; please no fully-evil Legion-worshipping Couriers or naively innocent pure-hearted waifish Couriers, but other than that I'm open to your ideas.

Courier/Arcade: Arcade is such a great character, and I especially love how very charmed he seems by a Confirmed Bachelor Courier. He's self-deprecating and rather closed-off but also really witty, and it's hard not to be really taken in by how much of an idealist he is at heart. I'd love to see something of their travels together; The Courier introducing Arcade to organic stimpacks? One of them rescuing the other? An alternate meeting between the two? Maybe even just The Courier being a doting robot dad to ED-E and Arcade having to deal with how creepy he finds his boyfriend's pet.

Courier/Boone: Boone! ;-; I love Boone a lot, because he's just this guy who's been burned so many times and yet just keeps going; he's bitter and closed-off and sarcastic, but you can tell he wants someone to trust and that just makes it so much more satisfying when he finally does open up. Like Arcade, anything involving the two of them traversing the wasteland together, whether pre- or post-Battle of Hoover Dam, would be awesome. There's so much room for adventures and annoyances and feelings out in the big bad Mojave.

Courier/Joshua: Speaking of people who've been burned before… but, no, okay, terrible jokes aside, I love Joshua so much. He's this perfect mix of repentant, and, well, not, and I love that Bethesda didn't just go, “Oh, he's sorry so he's a good person now.” He has so many good lines, too, both ones of his making and his biblical quotes. I'd love to see the Courier returning to visit him post Honest Hearts DLC, especially with the ending where Joshua spares Salt-in-Wounds—do they train together? Compare Mojave stories? Huddle for warmth around a blazing campfire? Ooh, or maybe something with Joshua returning to the Mojave for a visit and seeing what's happened since he left?

…Or smutty scar kink. That would be good too.

Courier/Ulysses: First off, I just have to say that Ulysses' voice is the best thing to happen to voice acting in Fallout games. Like, dang. Ulysses is a character who's really defined by his relationship to the Courier (and vice versa). I'd love to see something set post-DLC with a peaceful resolution to the nuclear scenario; what does Ulysses do from here? Does the Courier try to take him in, help him out? Surely two people who have so much in common aren't simply going to never see each other again after something like that. Even just the two of them swapping medicinal recipes (~sexily~) and hanging out in the rubble of The Divide would be lovely. And, like Joshua, I'd love to see something that involves him meeting characters from the base game. Maybe some of the Courier's companions try to help set the two up (or, alternately, try to warn him away from the dangerous ex-Frumentarii?)

Fanart: Fanart-wise, I'd love anything that takes into account the beaten and yet beautiful atmosphere the Fallout games have. It doesn't have to be some big epic scenery piece: anything that shows the scrapped-together and resourceful nature of the Mojave's people would be lovely. The Courier wearing Ulysses' jacket or Boone's hat (a clothes-swap in general would be great, actually)? Cooperative weapon repair (or, uh “weapon repair”), cooking a meal together, one character bandaging the other up or fighting off an enemy… any of those little bits and pieces of Wasteland life would make a lovely picture, I think.

4.) Shin Megami Tensei 4

Akira/Flynn: It's an awesome pairing! I ship it, and so should you! It's got everything a relationship in a Shin Megami Tensei game needs—demonic influence, post-apocalyptic team-ups, and the vague looming threat/promise of cannibalism.

In all seriousness, though, these two are great together. I love Akira's bluster and not-so-hidden cowardice, I love the way Flynn basically just immediately commits to destroying all his enemies for him, and I love the fact that there's an option for Flynn to more or less say “yeah, no this burning Tokyo is cool. I'd be fine with staying here.” (In fairness, is it really all that worse? At least the cannibalism in Infernal Tokyo is semi-consensual and doesn't involve tormenting kidnapped children.)

I'd love to see anything with them together; maybe set after the defeat of Sanat or after the post-game. I like to think Akira actually does a pretty decent job as king in the long term, though I doubt he'd mind a little help from Flynn whenever his favorite human/assassin gets the chance to stop by.

Fanart: I could not kink harder on Akira's weird demon body, and Flynn is a pretty fine-looking samurai himself. Please feel free to go as bloody, kinky, and xeno-y as you'd like depicting these two; maybe a scene from a battle? A moment of downtime in an abandoned building while they wait for the danger to pass? Akira taking a little taste of Flynn?

5.) Final Fantasy VII

My one request for this fandom: please, no Compilation stuff! That includes AC, CC, DoC, BC, etc. I'm very much an original-game-specific kind of fan, and I don't know enough about the various spinoffs to properly enjoy works that draw from them.

Cloud/Barret: IS MY JAM. I was lucky enough to get the Barret date the first time around (and by lucky I mean I googled an exploit and made sure I'd end up with it) and They love antagonizing each other, but at the same time you can see the amount of trust the two of them share. During their journey, Barret's never unwilling to call Cloud out or discuss the danger his Sephiroth-caused issues might bring, but at the same time he clearly cares for Cloud and tries to protect him in any way he can. Similarly, Cloud is the person who gets on Barret's nerves the most, but he's also the one who teaches him how to wield materia and later entrusts him with the black materia.

Cloud/Vincent: Cloud and Vincent have a lot of really fun similarities between them, both personality-wise and backstory-wise. It's great just how quickly Cloud comes to trust Vincent despite his, uh… unusual introduction, and Vincent proves himself to be well-worth that loyalty (and willing to pay that loyalty back in turn when Cloud is the one who's out of control).

Mid-canon or post-canon would be great. I'd love to see something involving Vincent's demons in some way (perhaps Cloud helps him through a transformation that comes at an inopportune time, or perhaps one of the demons takes a fondness to Cloud) or something showing the two helping to rebuild the world (and also build a relationship) in the aftermath of Midgar's destruction. Similarly, I'd also love something where the two bond over Vincent's past in the Turks and Cloud's history with Shinra.

Sephiroth/Zack: The friendship! The betrayal!

I really love fics that explore what these two were two each other pre-Nibelheim—the only two first-classes we see in the game, and by every account something pretty close to best friends. The contrast between Sephiroth's tight, closed off demeanor and Zacks' bright, open personality is really fun, and it makes their shared status and the idea of a relationship between them really interesting. What missions might they have gone on together?

Fanart: Fanart-wise, please go as detailed or as stylized as you want. I love the use of color in this game, all the detailed and varied locations, and all the really quirky character designs. Pretty much any sort of picture of my pairings interacting together would put me over the moon with joy.
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