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The very best thing happened to me on Friday, and I almost still can't believe it did.

I was sitting on a bench nearby a fast food place, reading a book on my Kindle, when all of a sudden, I hear someone ask from behind me, "Hey, do you like dogs?"

So I turn around and immediately see a woman holding THE SOFTEST PUPPY IN THE WORLD. She was some sort of rottweiler mix, probably about four months old, with a long black tail and floppy ears and a super-wriggly body.

Apparently the woman needed run in and grab herself dinner, but she'd forgotten her dog's leash and couldn't take her inside. So I got the hold the dog! For probably a good twenty minutes! She was adorable and friendly and--again--amazingly soft. It's been way too long since I got to spend any amount of time in the presence of dog, let alone a cute and well-behaved one like this.

(And then afterwards the woman came out and ate dinner next to me on the bench while the puppy ran around by our feet, and let me just say that the owner was very cute as well. It was a fantastic situation all around.)

On a more fannish note, [personal profile] gloss posted up a pretty neat AO3 meme about looking at the hit stats for your top ten fics by hits and seeing where they all fall in. My numbers aren't exactly anything to write home about, haha, but I thought it would be fun to try it nonetheless. It was interesting to do! Anyway, details under the cut.

Calculated (Dangan Ronpa)
20 Dec 2012
Togami & Kirigiri
Hits: 4642 Kudos: 252
-Okay, yeah, I can't lie, this is still one of the fics I'm prouder of. It was my first Yuletide, I was not expecting to get Togami as my assigned character, but I had a really great time writing it and ended up falling a lot more for Togami in the process. There's a lot writing-style-wise I'd do differently today, but I still like the underlying structure of it.

1001 Days (Homestuck)
21 Sep 2011
Rose/The Grand Highblood Moirallegiance
Hits: 2813 Kudos: 241
-I almost didn't post this one because I assumed nobody would want to read such a weird pairing, haha. Apparently I underestimated Homestuck fandom a bit. It's still hilarious to me how much of a dropoff in attention this one got after AO3 changed things so that only the top ten pairings were listed in the sidebar; I can only assume a lot of my clicks came from people seeing the pairing and going what?

A Single Soul (Undertale)
16 Nov 2015
Sans & Frisk
Hits: 2767 Kudos: 271
-Oh, hey, an actual recent fic! This was written in the span of... jeez, maybe an hour or two? It was definitely a spur-of-the-moment thing (though I edited it later, of course). After spending such a long time in less-active fandoms, it was boggling to post this one; Undertale fandom can be frustrating, but it's definitely kind to its writers.

Shit, Let's be Parents (Homestuck)
5 Aug 2011
Hits: 1930 Kudos: 51
-This one...yeah. It's one of my first fics posted to AO3, and I think it shows. I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but I very much hope my writing has improved somewhat since I posted it. I'm surprised it's so high up in hits, actually.

A Heart So True (Undertale/Pokemon)
1 Jan 2016
Frisk & Toriel
Hits: 1890 Kudos: 212
-Ome of my Yuletide fics for this year! I had a great time writing it. I'm picking away at a sequel, actually, though it's somewhat slow going. I love picking out Pokemon teams for my favs, and this was a chance to indulge in that.

Death is Kind (Dangan Ronpa)
7 Aug 2013
Hits: 1721 Kudos: 62
-Another low hit/kudos rate, but, well... it's femslash with weird kinks, I am not the least bit surprised. If anything, I'm very pleased with just how many hits it's gotten over the years.

The Great Boondoggle (Undertale)
10 Mar 2016
Frisk & Sans
Hits: 1518 Kudos: 206
-If there's one thing I've learned about Undertale fandom, it's that it is really into Sans. Even my gen fics involving him get amazing amounts of attention. It's pretty flattering!

The Last Train Home (Madoka Magica)
30 Nov 2012
Hits: 1493 Kudos: 107
-Weirdly, I switched from being 110% ALL ABOUT this pairing to being more into Homura/Madoka as time went on. I still love the ship, though, and I'm happy I wrote this--I love fix-it fic a lot and I don't write it as often as I want to.

When the Dust Settles (Final Fantasy VII)
17 Aug 2015
Hits: 1071 Kudos: 154
-This is hugely popular in comparison to the rest of my FFVII fics, haha. Not super surprised, though; this pairing's been unusually popular ever since a multi-fandom BNF started writing it. Can't complain! This was written for an anon meme prompt, actually.

All the Rowboats (Ib)
25 Dec 2012
Ib & Mary
Hits: 965 Kudos: 69
-I am shocked and weirdly pleased to see this one in the top ten, considering that Ib is a legitimately tiny fandom. This was also a bit of a departure in style for me; I normally am not one to go for unhappy endings.

So, overall:

-7 video games, 2 webcomics, 1 anime.
-3 of my top ten are Undertale, two are Dangan Ronpa, and two are Homestuck. (It's pretty funny, actually, just how many of my top fics are The Homestuck and Adjacent Fandoms show, considering I got into both DR and UT for reasons entirely unrelated to Homestuck.)
-5 gen, 2 femslash, 2 slash, and 1 het.

If anyone else feels like doing this meme, link me! I'd love to see others' results and discussion.

Real life has been really stressful lately, but the weather, at least, had been gorgeous. Green grass, blue skies, and warm winds blowing. ♥ Late spring is my favorite time of the year.
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