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I've been playing around with XKCD's new 'Garden' comic a fair bit this past week--it's actually very relaxing. (My Garden is here. I have an octopus! With a hat!) It sort of hits the same spot that Neko Atsume does for me, where it's just very laid-back and all about playing the waiting game and seeing what happens.

(...Or at least, that's how Neko Atsume is right up until you realize That One Rare Cat has visited over thirty times and still hasn't left a memento. Agh.)

I've also been meaning to pick up one of the prompts from Hanami Prompts before it ends, just because I like the idea and because there's some ideas I really like on the list. There's almost too many though, haha--I can't quite figure out which one I want to write most.

Fanfic Fest Season, as I've taken to calling it, is starting up soon. I'm excited for a lot of the ones running over summer & fall especially: Insert Coin, Femslashex, Parallels, Everywoman, Fusion Fest, Femme Remix, Chocolate Box... lotta stuff going on. I probably can't juggle signing up for all of them, though, so I'll have to sort through which of them I want most.

I especially can't do all of them because, looking through my list of recently-opened documents, I've begun to realize I officially have Far Too Many WIPs in progress. I'm happy that I have fun fandoms to play around with, of course, but I also desperately need to pick one project and stick to it. Sometimes I wonder why I don't post more works-in-progress as a go along instead of finishing each one first, but then I remember... oh, right, I'm terrible at finishing stuff. XD This is more for my reference than anything else, but I just want to jot down a quick list of stuff I've got in my Docs folder right now that I actually do intend to finish. Maybe I can come back and cross them off as I post them, get a little motivation out of doing it.

  • A rewrite of the Pokemon fic I first did four years ago and hated at the time, but actually kind of like now. (12000 words)

  • An Undertale fic that was supposed to be about Sans and Alphys friendship but has become much more focused on Alphys's self-esteem issues. (1000 words)

  • A PMMM fic that can be basically described as 'Homura is super creepy and Sayaka can't deal'. (2500 words)

  • The sequel to my previous Pokemon/Undertale fusion fic. (1000 words)

  • A completely ridiculous PMMM idfic where Homura is a sad angry slave who gets rescued by Madoka, and there's h/c and magic and religious terrorism. (3500 words)

  • A FFVII fic that's basically a stealth fusion with Silent Hill, and is all about Zack and Cloud trying to escape Nibelheim while everyone else tries desperately to rescue them. (15000 words)

  • A Cloud/Sephiroth fic where Cloud is a were-chocobo. For, uh, reasons. (2000 words)

Most of these won't take too long to finish, I don't think, but the one Madoka AU and (especially) the FFVII horror-tinged fic might well grow into monsters before I'm done with them. The FFVII fic in particular I'd planned to be about 10000 words, and now I'm 15000 in and barely at the halfway point. >_< Oops.

Real life's been kind of exhausting recently, but nothing too unmanageable. It'll be better in the long run, I'm pretty sure, but in the short run it's exhausting. So it goes, I guess!

Date: 2016-04-14 10:06 pm (UTC)
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I love peeking at people's WIP lists. Even when I don't know the fandoms, it's so much fun.

I ended up getting stressed out by Neko Atsume, the same way Animal Crossing stresses me out. Neither should! But the responsibility gets to me, I guess.


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