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Dear… Coin Creator? Inserter? I'm not sure whether this fest has a catchy participant name attached to it, haha.

Anyhow, thank you very much for offering to write or draw something for me! You're great. I'm fairly easy to please, especially when it comes to the fandoms I've requested for this fest—I love each and every one of them, and I'll be thrilled to see what you come up with for them. Oh, also, I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, not John_Egbert.

My general likes include H/C, friendship fic, romance, team dynamics, canon-compliant stuff or canon-divergent AUs, ghosts, and time travel. I like both fluffy and darker stuff.

My general dislikes include character-bashing, ship-bashing, mundane AUs, dark fic/art without some sort of happy or at least potentially hopeful ending, and kid!fic/kid!art.

1.) Final Fantasy VII: Cloud & Barret

First of all: yes, I totally ship it. If you want to create me some Cloud/Barret for this fest, I would be 100% overjoyed. I love the slow build of trust between them, the way they start off barely tolerating each other and end up as very close friends. And, of course, I love the date scene between them.

For fanfiction, I'd love to see something set post-canon or during their time during the game spent traveling together; I like to imagine they stick together even after the threat of Meteor is over. For fanart, maybe a version of the date with more kissing? Both of them spending some time with Marlene? Fighting back-to-back?

That said, I'd also love to see anything individual for these two! I love each of their histories, the way they get hurt so badly and just keep on going long after any other person might have stopped.

For Cloud, I'd love to see something about his time in ShinRa's army, his attempts at getting into SOLDIER, his time on the run with Zack, or something set after Meteor. Or, for fanart, maybe something with him playing with chocobos, fighting one of FFVII's especially weird monsters, or posing with the Buster Sword?

For Barret, I'd love to see something about him raising Marlene or his time as leader of AVALANCHE. His struggle between being a father and being a rebel is really wonderful, and I'd appreciate anything that touched on that. For fanart, maybe him holding Marlene or hanging out with one (or more) of Jessie, Biggs, Wedge, or Tifa?

I also very much ship Barret/Tifa, Barret/Cloud/Tifa, and Cloud/Every single member of AVALANCHE, so if you want to do one of those ships instead I am there for it.

(Additionally, I don't really like the Compilation, and I'd appreciate it if you don't include significant details from it in your work.)

2.) Final Fantasy IV: Cecil & Rosa & Kain

I am very much into the FFIV OT3, and if you like it to I'd love to see something for it! I like the way they complement each other, and how even despite the fact that they often faced betrayal and pain through their journey they each kept believing in the others. I'd love to see something set during or after their journey—maybe about the trials and tribulations of running a country? Or just a pleasant day they spend together?

I also love each character individually! They're three of my favorites, and anything you could write about any one of them would make me very happy.

For Cecil, fanfic-wise, I'd love to see a story about him coming to accept and understand his non-human heritage in more depth, or maybe something set post-game about him continuing to make amends for his actions as a dark knight. Or, if you want to do something lighter, a scene of him catching up with another character from the party or something like that would be lovely! For fanart, maybe a comparison of his paladin and dark knight selves? Or perhaps a picture based on the scene where he first becomes a paladin?

For Rosa, I'd love something that explores her as a white mage—supposedly her mother before her was one as well, and I find the whole 'joining the family business' thing to be really cool. What's her role and status within the castle like? How's it feel to be on this adventure, knowing the lives of the rest of the party are in her hands? For fanart, I'd love to see a scene of her in action; maybe casting some white magic or firing off an arrow.

For Kain, I'd love to see something exploring the whole 'deep shame and mind control trauma' angle. Dude's clearly got a lot of unresolved guilt issues, and as much as I understand his reasoning I'm not sure his actions at the end of the game are the best way to go about resolving that. Maybe something from his time on his own, or alternately Cecil and Rosa deciding he doesn't need to go it alone anymore? A scene immediately after he breaks out of mind control would be great too. For fanart, maybe something with him out or half-out of his armor, or something where he gets to enjoy a quieter moment in the midst of all the fighting?

(Again, not very fond of the FFIV Compilation, and would prefer you not include After Years/etc. Stuff in this.)

3.) NiGHTS into Dreams: NiGHTS

This game is one of my favorite comfort canons; I love the beauty and the joy and the strangeness of the whole adventure, I love the bright colors and weird creatures that populate Nightopia, and I especially love NiGHTs. They're such a bright, joyful soul; their mix of heroism and mischief is so fun, and I adore the way they take care of the denizens of Nightopia.

Fanart or fanfic, I'd love absolutely anything to do with NiGHTS. Flying around Nightopia, taking care of one of the Nightopians, taking care of a Nightmaren, hanging out with one of their humans, facing down Wizeman once more… there's nothing you could do for this canon that I wouldn't love.

(Unlike the above two canons, I actually really enjoy NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams as well! If you want to include characters or settings or plot elements from that game, please feel free.)

4.) Pokemon RBY: Red & Blue (Or Green, I don't care which you call him.)

Classic Pokémon at its classic-est; I adore this generation with all of my heart. I'd love to see anything involving Red or Blue or both; I ship these two, but I also just love the way their rivalry turns to grudging respect through the course of the games.

In general, I'd love to see anything involving their journey; a pokémon battle, a break from all the training, stuck on an out-of-the-way route when it suddenly starts to rain, finally facing down that one terrifying gym leader, riding the SS Anne or their first time on a bike, the aftermath of the Elite Four win… fanfic or fanart, shippy or gen, I just love the Kanto and the characters who inhabit it, and seeing Red and/or Green interacting with that in any way at all would thrill me.

5.) Pokemon GSC: Gold & Silver & Kris

Pokemon Gold! ♥ One of the first video games I ever played, and to this day still one of my favorites. Everything about Johto is so fun and fresh and new, and returning to Kanto afterwards was its own sort of adventure—like coming home after too much time spent away, and realizing more changed than you thought.

Most of what I wrote in my RBY prompts applies here as well; I'm super into the world of pokémon, and would love to see anything with any or all of my requested characters interacting with that. Trying out a new fishing rod? Unexpected pokémon egg acquisition? Teaming up to take down Team Rocket together? Catching an elusive shiny—maybe even without realizing it? Enjoying a ride on the magnet train? I honestly would be thrilled with pretty much anything you come up with here.

Also: I ship Gold/Silver, Kris/Silver, and Gold/Silver/Kris, but not so much Gold/Kris on its own. Oh, by the way, call them 'Gold' and 'Kris', please, not 'Ethan' and 'Lyra'. I know there's not canonically a huge difference there, especially re: Gold and Ethan, but they feel very different to me.


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