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Dear Chocolatier,

Hello, and thank you for offering to create something for me! I'm Masu_Trout on AO3. My prompts are just general guidelines (and, to be honest, a chance for me to ramble enthusiastically about my favorite ships and characters for a bit)--if you have an idea you love that deviates from them, I'll happily read it!

My general likes include: weird AUs (hauntings, magical girls, space, mecha pilots, etc.), canon-divergent AUs, Outsider POV, time travel, post-canon fics, identity porn, loyalty kink, hurt/comfort, inter-generational friendships, and close friendships/relationships in general.

My general dislikes include: ABOverse, D/s-verse, character/ship-bashing, genderswap, heavy focus on a character's gender/sexual identity, noncanonical character death, darkfics without a happy (or at least hopeful) endings, and mundane AUs.

Also, I'd be thrilled to receive smut for any of my ship requests except for Dende/Gohan!

My NSFW likes include: xeno, light bondage, gunplay, bloodplay, body worship, dirty talk that is meant in a non-degrading way, and creative uses of superpowers/immortality/etc.

My NSFW dislikes include: watersports, scat, D/s, heavy focus on kink negotiation/preparation/etc., noncon between my requested characters, public sex, and hatesex with no positive feelings towards each other whatsoever.

1.) Final Fantasy VII: Barret/Cloud/Tifa, Cloud/Vincent

Final Fantasy VII is definitely one of my favorite video games—I only first played it a few years ago, but I can't get enough of its world and characters. I love the more amoral take on the traditional 'rebel hero' trope, I love both the closeness and the tension that shows itself between the members of AVALANCHE, and I also adore the completely bizarre monster designs. I'm only really into the original game so please no Compilation stuff, especially anything related to DoC.

Barret/Cloud/Tifa: The original AVALANCHE trio is favorite OT3 of mine! They all start out awfully cautious of each other, but grow very close by the end of the game—it's amazing to look at the differences in their dialogue from Midgar to Mideel (and then to Midgar again).

Anything post-game would be lovely—I'd love to see them coming closer as they rebuild their lives and try to help the world recover from everything that's happened. Do they have to deal with people admiring them too much, or perhaps people still hating them for what they did in their eco-terrorist days?

Cloud/Vincent: These two are great! I love their similar natures and the way they interact with each other as well as their shared experiences with Shinra and experimentation. Vincent tries to be so stoic, but he can get weirdly poetic once he gets on a roll, and I think Cloud's own brand off odd humor works well with that.

Anything between them would be wonderful—something to do with Vincent's monsters, perhaps, or their feelings towards forgiveness and redemption, or some kind of scene between them while they're on a mission together. I know Lucrecia is a big part of Vincent's life even during canon, but I'd prefer not too much focus on his regret regarding her situation since a lot of his part FFVII seemed to me to be about him learning to look at the present more and move beyond his past sorrow.

2.) Pokemon: Cynthia/Dawn, Cyrus/Dawn, Emma/Serena

Pokemon! My first fandom, and by far my longest-held fandom passion. I love everything about these games.

If you're going to write an AU for this canon, please don't make it a pokémon-less AU! (So, yes to magical girls who fight using their pokemon's powers, no to detective noir set in a world without pokémon.)

Cynthia/Dawn: Trainer/Elite Four ships are awesome, and this pairing is especially great! Cynthia is one of my favorite Elite Four champs for sure—she's so kind and self-possessed, and the respect she has for the protagonist seems really genuine. Dawn, too, is a very fun character; she's a silent protagonist so there's less there to draw from directly, but I definitely felt a crush-like vibe from just how willing she was to help Cynthia out with all the sidequests and such she gets sent on.

I'd like to see something relatively sweet between these two: perhaps Cynthia helping Dawn get used to her new role as Champion, the two of them having a battle or adventuring somewhere together, or discussing the care and feeding of their pokémon teams?

Cyrus/Dawn: I love the interactions between Cyrus and Dawn in DPP—Cyrus seems so very done with the world as a whole, and yet he's still intrigued by her and the perserverence and hope she represents. Their interactions on Mount Coronet and in the Distortion World are some of my favorite hero/villain moments in the whole game.

Something where Cyrus returns to the normal world—either of his own accord or because Dawn dragged him out kicking and screaming—would be super cool. How does he feel about knowing his plans have failed? How does Dawn feel about him? I'd also be interested in something with Dawn finding out more about Cyrus' past or learning more about him as a person.

Serena/Emma: The Looker sidequests were my favorite part of X, and Emma was probably my favorite part of the Looker sidequests. The way Emma starts out so suspicious of Serena and Looker, the way she slowly comes to trust them both, and how Serena always seems to be watching out for Emma's safety in return… it's all so fantastic to me.

I'd be fond of pretty much anything for this ship of mine, but I'd especially love to see something that takes into account Emma's identity as Essentia, Emma's whole detective thing, and/or Serena's role as Kalos champ into account. Any sort of scene would be lovely—what are they during those friendly battles they often hold (the ones you can have with her a few days of the week)? Do they ever go detective-ing together? Does Serena stay over at Emma's apartment complex occasionally? Is it weird dating someone famous, especially considering how much of her life Emma's lived in complete obscurity?

3.) Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Android 16 & Android 17 & Android 18, Gohan & Piccolo, Dende/Gohan, Android 17/Android 18

...Okay, yeah, so this is my weird request. I really enjoy the combination of zany humor and surprisingly serious moments this series brings, and I'd love to see a serious work for this canon just as much as a funny one.

As a general heads-up, I have a varied but spotty knowledge of the original Dragon Ball canon—I read a significant portion of the manga when I was younger, but not always in order because our public library was kind of ridiculous. Feel free to use as much or as little from the original series as you want; if there's something I don't recognize I'll look it up.

16 & 17 & 18: Okay, I love the series' adaptation of these three. Their actually-pretty-ineffectual petty crime spree of stealing trucks and cowgirl outfits, 17's thing with becoming a park ranger, 16's love for birds, 18's often-failed attempts to be the sensible one of the group… they're so fun together.

I'd love to see something set post-Cell saga, or an AU where they manage not to get killed/absorbed, when they're not actively trying to destroy things anymore. Is it weird, integrating back into human society after becoming an android? What do they do with themselves and how do they deal with the rest of the cast? How many times does 16 try to kill Goku?

17/18: I like the us-against-the-world thing these two have going on; it shows up especially in the bad future, but I think you can also see it in their present-day appearances. Their bantering is adorable, as is the way they fight so well as a team and the in-jokes they have together (that bit with the robot voices in their first appearance made me crack up).

Any timeline is fine with me! I'm also okay with either something angsty (perhaps about the whole 'kidnapped and experimented on by a mad scientist' thing) or something more fluffy/comedic/etc. If you want to involve other members of the cast I'd prefer it not be a situation where everyone in the world is just fine with incest, though I personally imagine 16, at least, wouldn't particularly understand or care about the taboo.

Gohan & Piccolo: Dodge! This series' take on the mentorship between these two is hilarious and adorable. I like how Piccolo is really fond of Gohan despite how bad he is at admitting it and how Gohan definitely sees Piccolo as at least as much of a father as Goku. I love intergenerational and interspecies friendships and this combo hits all of that for me.

I'd love to see a scene of them training or hanging out or training together, perhaps during one of the points where Goku is off training or traveling or being dead or something. What do they talk about? Just how awkward can they get?

Gohan/Dende: I can't lie, I really fell in love with the way TFS did this pairing. Dende is so adorable and panicky around Gohan, and Gohan seems completely clueless but also fond of Dende in his own way. (Episode 2 of DBZA: Kai didn't help either, with the way every single line of Dende's is an attempt to flirt with Gohan.)

I'd love to see something where they get a chance to meet again, either set in some sort of AU that necesitates it or when Dende becomes the new Guardian of Earth. His awkward crush is hilarious and adorable, and I'd love to see more of that.

4.) Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Madoka/Homura, Homura & Junko

Madoka~! I really love this series. Madoka/Homura is one of my very favorite OTPS and Homura is one of my very favorite woobies, haha. I'm a big fan of both the original anime and Rebellion (and I'm very excited for the new concept movie!) but I'm not really into any of the spinoff manga and I'd prefer you not center the plot around anything from them.

Madoka/Homura: Yes. I am an enormous fan of this ship, and I love all of its happy and tragic and straight-up creepy possibilities. They both care so much about each other and would do anything for each other, and yet a lot of the time that intense loyalty and love ends up causing them both a lot of suffering. ;-;

I'd love something set post-series, either in the New World, during Rebellion, or post-Rebellion. Madokami and her faithful guardian Homura, happy magical girls Madoka and Homura hunting nightmares, innocent transfer student Madoka and her good(/secretly kind of terrifying) friend Homura… any and all of that is catnip to me. You can go as sweet or as creepy as you'd like for this ship—I eat every single bit of it up like a spoon.

Homura & Junko: I adore the interaction between these two, especially in the final episode of the television series. The way Homura struggled with knowing so much and being able explain so little and the warmth Junko showed her was like catnip to me. Junko never gets to know as much as she'd like during any timeline, and Homura is always the one who ends up with the burden of knowing everything.

Something set post-series or post-Rebellion would be great, especially if it deals with their different perspectives in some way. Post series, I'd love to see something with Junko trying to help and support the nice young girl she met and Homura feeling intensely guilty about Junko's kindness because, to her, she ruined everything and destroyed Junko's daughter and there isn't even any way she can own up to that. Post-Rebellion, perhaps something where Junko sort of feels something off about her daughter's new friend but doesn't know what it is or how to react to that?

5.) Undertale: Alphys/Undyne, Frisk & Mettaton

I've fallen so very hard for this game that it's actually kind of ridiculous. I love the wild cast of characters and I love how surprisingly emotional it made me despite how silly I first thought it was going to be. (And by 'surprisingly emotional', I mean that I bawled through the entire last bit of the game.)

I only requested a few combos to keep my letter size manageable, but I am fine with any and all characters showing up in the background. Oh, and I prefer 'they' for Frisk, just as a heads-up. Additionally, I prefer a slightly older Frisk-- somewhere in the vicinity of 10-14 rather than a toddler or very young child.

Alphys/Undyne: My Undertale OTP! I'm up for both fluffy and tragic interpretations here. For fluffy, maybe more date shenanigans or post-Pacifist cuteness? Anything with them engaging with human culture to varying degrees of success—going to the zoo and being amazed by all the weird animals, trying to explain human history, etc.—would be stupendous.

For tragic, either something set in the No Mercy Route or something dealing with Alphys's issues and insecurities would be very welcome. Perhaps set during their first meeting, where Alphys is about to commit suicide and Undyne is trying to talk her down? Or a fic dealing with Alphys's reactions to Undyne's death.

Frisk & Mettaton: The Hotlands shenanigans were some of my favorite parts of the game, and Mettaton's ridiculousness and general show-stopper personality was a huge part of that. It was hilarious to me all the ways Mettaton teased Frisk (the dog-bomb! The baking thing! The FFVI parody!) and I like to imagine that Frisk gave as well as they got.

I'd love to see something set either during their confrontation or post-Pacifist, with the two of them hanging out before a concert or doing human outreach together or anything like that. (One thing I ask is that Mettaton treats Frisk as a friend rather than as a young child, if that makes sense? I've seen some works where he's very parental towards them, and that's not really the dynamic I'm looking for here.)

6.) Baccano!: Claire/Chane, Claire & Rachel, Ladd/Lua

Baccano!, always and forever the immortal gangster anime of my heart. I've finished very few anime in my life and rewatched even fewer, which makes the number of times I have seen this one even more ridiculous. I can't get enough of its amazing cast and the rather… unique moral systems most of the characters follow, and I love that it's simultaneously very brutal and very lighthearted.

I've never read the light novels, so any details from those will go right over my head.

Claire/Chane: An adorable and adorably odd couple. I'm normally not much into love at first sight tropes, but this pairing is my biggest exception. I adore how strange both of them are and how well they fit together in spite/because of it.

I'd love to see something set post-canon for these two—a date of some sort, perhaps, or them introducing each other to their respective families, or the beautiful disaster that any sort of wedding involving Claire is bound to be.

Claire & Rachel: This has got to be my favorite weird friendship in the series. Rachel is… well, not normal, but much closer to it than most of the rest of the characters, and Claire is one of the most grandiose personalities in the series. Rachel's calm responses to a lot of his out-there statements (and the way she hangs out with him even though she's at least somewhat intimidated by him).

I'd love to see him coming to her for more date advice, or the two of them having semi-regular friendly outings (especially if those friendly outings mostly involve Claire randomly finding her and deciding they're going to hang out). I'd also be interested in something showing his scarier side, and how she reacts to how unpredictable he can be.

Ladd/Lua: My favorite twisted ship. The interactions between these two are great; they're so codependent and wrapped up in each other. Their introduction especially really intrigued me; Ladd is so unpredictable and violent and Lua is so quiet that at first I assumed she must be terrified of him. Realizing how far off I was—oh, wait, she's really into him—was a great moment.

I'd love to see an exploration of how the two met and first fell in love, a romantic (or 'romantic') scene between the two of them, a scene of what happens to them after the end of the anime… anything that captures that disturbing and yet mutually-adoring dynamic between them would be amazing.

7.) Silent Hill 3: Heather & Douglas

Silent Hill 3 is amazing. I'm a big fan of all the early SHs, but this one is definitely my favorite. I adore the atmosphere and the characters alike, and I could probably ramble for ages on how well the story is integrated into the world and all the cool little touches the game has.

Heather and Douglas hit all my favorite found family tropes—they're emotionally prickly, under a near-impossible amount of danger and stress, and so very tentative with each other, and that's exactly what makes the development of their relationship great for me.

I'd love to see something set post-canon, with the two of them trying to figure out how to live their lives after going through something like Silent Hill. Does Heather try to go back to school? Are they potentially in trouble with the law, given Harry's mysterious and untimely death? How exactly do they work with each other after the immediate crisis is over? Do their experiences set them apart from normal people?

Anything with them growing close, opening up to each more, and adjusting to a life with the other in it would be great.

(And if you happened to have played SH4 and would be interested in a crossover-type prompt, I'd love to see something where Douglas goes, “Oh, I know someone who'd be willing to rent us a place cheap!” and then takes them to… South Ashfield Heights, either during or soon after the whole Walter thing. How do they deal with running into a Silent Hill-affected place again? Do any of the tenants Henry and Eileen recognize a kindred spirit in them?)
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