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Hello, Yuletide author, and thank you for signing up to write something in one of my fandoms!

I'm Masu_Trout on AO3, as well as pretty much anywhere else I have an account. These canons are very much the canons of my heart, and I will be 110% thrilled to get a fic for any of them.

My prompts are genera likes just general guidelines (and, to be honest, a chance for me to ramble enthusiastically about my canons for a bit)--if you have an idea you love that deviates from them, I'll happily read it!

General Likes: I love outsider POV, competence porn, weird AUs (ie magical girl, sci-fi spaceship pilot, etc.), hurt/comfort, crossovers (provided I know and like both the fandoms), future fic, canon-divergent AUs, competence porn, age differences, and body horror (so long as it doesn't involve wounds being inflicted on fingers or eyes). Het, slash, femslash, and gen are all great in my book.

General DNWs: I don't care to receive BDSMverse, ABOverse, or mundane AUS (college, barista, etc.) unless otherwise specified in the body of my letter. I also don't want character-bashing or ship-bashing, noncanonical character death, or noncon between my requested characters. Additionally, while I'm fine with darkfic, I at least want a hopeful ending.

I'd be happy to receive explicit fic for Sweet Fuse, King of Thorn, Killer7, or Shin Megami Tensei IV, but I would prefer not to receive it for Trace Memory or The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo.

1.) Trace Memory | Ashley & D

Trace Memory! Trace Memory has been one of my favorite games for a long time; I love the strange, haunting atmosphere, the clever (if occasionally somewhat frustrating) puzzles, and I especially love the characters. I definitely ship these two – they're an old and beloved OTP for me – but I'd be just as happy with gen for them.

I'd love to see something set either during the game or after the good ending – if it's set after the good ending, it's totally your choice whether D actually appears or whether Ashley is just remembering him.

My only request is that you not include anything about the Wii sequel – I don't live in a territory where it was released, so I never got to play it.

Some ideas:

-A scene between D and Ashley as they're exploring Blood Edward Island. I loved that sense of quiet friendship between them, and I'd love to get more of that. Perhaps a memory is triggered for him unexpectedly and she tries to help him through that, or perhaps they have to work together to solve a puzzle.

-After the good ending, what happens to Ashley and D? I imagine it must be very strange for her to return to her old life like nothing has changed after all she's seen and learned. And how is her family situation going to work from now on, with her having both her aunt and her father now? (And how does she get along with her father?) And as for D, is he really gone? I can imagine a scenario where his passing is less 'moving to a higher plane of existence' and more 'no longer having his spirit trapped on Blood Edward'. I'd love to see some ghost-human friendship or shippy stuff between them.

-On a bit more of an out-there idea, what if D isn't the only ghost Ashley can see? I'd love to see Ashley and D try their hands at being paranormal investigators, helping ghosts who can't seem to cross over on their own.

-A (more successful) journey of Orpheus-type thing, where Ashley has the opportunity to save/resurrect D somehow.

2.) Sweet Fuse: At Your Side | Meoshi Kouta & Inafune Saki

I'm so ridiculously in love with this game. It's so weird and quirky and adorable; I love the artstyle and I love how completely outlandish the plots get. It's a VN that's not afraid to be weird, and it's really compelling despite (or because of) the fact that it doesn't take itself all that seriously.

The characters are all really fun, but Kouta's route is definitely my favorite. I'm really into their dynamic together; I like that Kouta gets to be the more shy and inexperienced one and that Saki really seems to enjoy talking with him, and I love the way they protect each other.

For this game, I'd love to see something shippy set post-Kouta's good route, with Kouta and Saki together. Some ideas:

-Kouta and Saki going out on a date together. Could be something as simple as playing video games or doing one of Saki's hobbies together, or something where Kouta stretches his comfort zone a bit more: maybe out to a restaurant or a movie?

-Saki meeting Kouta's family or Kouta meeting Saki's. I'd imagine Kouta's family might be pretty surprised to see Kouta interacting with her so easily, and Saki's family might be kind of confused to meet this shy older boy that she's so taken with. (Or, maybe he meets Keiji Inafune, and is just immediately starstruck, haha.) Alternately, Saki and Kouta running into some of Kouta's old classmates!

-Saki and Kouta end up in a somewhat more mundane life-threatening situation (bank robbery, kidnapping that doesn't involve an evil pig, etc.) and handle it with all the grace and calm of two people who have already seen every bizarre situation the world could possibly throw at them. After all, at least there aren't zombies this time!

3.) Shin Megami Tensei IV | Protagonist & Akira

IV is my first SMT game, and I really, really love it. The combination of mythology/folklore and post-apocalypse is amazing. I've spent more time messing around in the Compendium than I care to admit, and I love the worldbuilding in this game. It's grim without being hopeless, and I always feel like there's some new secret or twist lurking around each corner.

Infernal Tokyo was one of my very favorite locations to visit, and a huge part of that was the Infernal World's version of Akira. He's just so fun; boisterous and braggy despite being well aware that he is completely unable to follow any of it up. It's as much admirable as it is amusing—he keeps on trying despite being so far in over his head he might as well be walking on the ocean floor. (And as a bonus his character design looks amazing.)

Flynn, on the other hand, is someone I see as his opposite—he's canonically very much the quiet sort, but he commands a ton of respect despite his nature. In my playthroughs he seemed very capable and competent; not so much a fan of warfare as just someone who just is very good at it. (Some of his boss battle dialogue/expression options are downright chilling.) That said, he's also got a softer side too; he's willing to help out just about anyone for comparatively little compensation, his demons have tons of respect for him, and he really does seem to care about the others in his own quiet way. Not to mention that his Fundraise dialogues, Relic descriptions, and conversations with Charon are all just plain hilarious.

I definitely ship these two: I love the contrast between their opposite personalities and their relatively similar positions as leaders and I love how quickly Akira comes to depend on Flynn. I am completely up for genfic as well, though; their dynamic is something that works for either. Whichever route you prefer is fine by me!

I'd appreciate it if you avoided neutral route info as much as possible—I'm only starting to play through it now.

Some ideas:

-A (rather one-sided) conversation between Flynn and Akira in Infernal Tokyo. I think Flynn would be able to sympathize with Akira's motivations to a certain extent given his own family's fate.

-Flynn somehow ends up being able to fuse Akira in the Compendium. Akira is confused (and very indignant) about being summoned like a common demon, but is also thrilled to see the universes outside his own wreck of a world.

-Akira gets himself killed stupidly somehow, and Flynn takes pity on him and bribes barters with Charon for his life.

-A high school/barista/college/etc. AU... where demons still exist, and Tokyo just sort of manages not to completely self-destruct despite that. (Demons could be a normal part of society or a secret to all but a very few; I'd love to see either.)

-Roleswap AU where Flynn is a demonoid (or just straight-up demon) and Akira is an overly-cocky hunter.

-If you want to do something involving only Flynn, I'd be interested in seeing his relationship with his demons; what's it like, traveling with such strange companions? Are there any bizarre squabbles or mythologically-inspired clashes of personality he has to work out?

-Alternately, if you want to do something with just Akira, his life before the arrival of the Intruders would be interesting. Despite his big dreams, he's basically as low as it gets; his ideals, his sister's grave, and his weird dreams about people in white are basically what's keeping him going—I'd love to see that mentality and that side of him expanded on in some way.

4.) The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo | Protagonist, Best Friend

This game is my jam. The nostalgia it invokes and the deep familiarity it has for me (at least one of my friends in elementary school totally had an uncle who worked for Nintento of their own, haha) only makes everything so much creepier and closer to home.

I have two (somewhat related) specific hopes for this fandom—first, that both the protagonist and the best friend are girls, and secondly that the best friend is named Megan. I can't even explain why, but every time I play this game that's the name I pick for her, and I'm really attached to it.

Other than that, I'm not too picky! I would love to see femslash for this fandom, but gen would be fantastic too. The relationship between the two girls—and how that relationship is changed by their experiences with the Uncle—are what makes this game for me.

Possible things I'd enjoy seeing:

-Something set after the true ending. There's so, so much going on there, and any piece of it would be amazing to see explored further. What's it like for Megan, going back to being a normal girl with normal skills and normal possessions? She did such horrible things to her family, but she and the protagonist are the only ones who remember it—how does that affect her?

-There has to be a lot going on for the protagonist too. Not only did she make a deal with the Undle, she sort of... became a part of a collective of all the people the Uncle had eaten. What's that like? Is she still the same person she was before?

-On a lighter note, Megan and the protagonist getting to play some nice, normal video games together, just like they used to. (Or board games, or card games, or even just talking—I'd love to see them have fun together.)

-The Uncle: Round 2. Or some other supernatural creature, it doesn't matter—just some sort of situation where they have to bring down a monster because they're the only ones with the experience to know what's happening.

-Ship-wise, I'd love to see something where they grow closer after the events of the game. Childhood crushes, finding excuses to stay up late talking, realizing they like each other as more than just friends... One of the lines you can get during the game references the two getting accused of being lesbians because they spend too much time together; I'd love to see a situation where they eventually realize those kids might be right, and they're actually pretty okay with that.

-Also shippy, an older Megan and Protagonist making games together—maybe just ridiculous RPGMAker and/or Ren'py stuff in their spare time, or maybe they actually start up a studio together. And then feelings.

5.) King of Thorn | Marco, Kasumi

King of Thorn is such an intriguing manga; I love monster survival (especially with such disturbing and strangely-beautiful monsters) and the bonds-forged-through-trauma aspect, and I really love all of the core cast.

I will fully admit that I ship Marco and Kasumi hardcore—they've been one of my favorite ships for years now. Part of it is the fact that they're two people who would never normally interact in a million years, and yet they end up being pretty much the most important people in each others' lives. Part of it is that they end up being very equally emotionally to each other despite the gap in age and experience; they care about each other and drive each other onward in a way that's really satisfying to me.

That said, you certainly don't have to write me shippy fic if you're not into it! So long as they're the stars, I'm completely happy with gen also. I also love the rest of the survivor group, so I'd love to see them included if that's something you'd like to write. (Also, I liked Peter a lot, and if you want to bring him back I'd be happy to see that—he's made of cockroaches, he can totally survive anything he feels like surviving.)

Some ideas I'd love to see:

-Future fic, with the group branching out and trying to find other survivors. Their group is very, very rag-tag at this point—three people who could maybe pass for properly human if they tried, a monsterous-looking little kid, a bird, and a bunch of furry people. How does that end up working out for them? Do they have issues working with humans they find because of that? I'm so incredibly interested in what happens to them post-canon.

-At the very end of the last chapter, there's that weird Film!AU omake. I'd love to see something set in that, whether it's on-set shenanigans or on-set survival after the monsters start attacking.

-Something to do with the characters' humanity and how they relate to it now that they're not exactly human anymore. Does Kasumi notice anything weird about her body now that she knows what she really is? How is it for Marco being brought back from the dead?

-Ship-wise, I'd love to see something that develops their relationship. Kasumi's canon crush was so adorable to me, and the way Marco comes to respect her as the series goes on is just the best. I imagine Marco probably doesn't have much relationship experience—prison kinda limits one's options—and Kasumi is definitely not someone who has a lot of skill with sharing emotions in a healthy way. I'd love to see them opening up with each other further, whether it's through sharing more about their pasts or just sharing a moment together.

-Any sort of monster!themed AU would be fantastic, especially if it involves Kasumi as a reluctant/friendly monster. Kasumi is a ghost stuck haunting a prison and Marco is a falsely-imprisoned inmate? Marco is a monster hunter and Kasumi is the worst vampire ever?

6.) Killer7 | Con Smith, Coyote Smith, Dan Smith

Killer7 is by far one of the most unique games I've ever played—I love it both for its intense sense of atmosphere and for how weird it is. I can honestly say this is the only canon I've ever consumed where 'The Educational Department is secretly controlling the entirety of the American government using the elementary school (in Seattle) that George Washington was once principal of as a base of operations' is not only a legitimate plot point but the climax of the story, and I deeply love it for that.

I do not understand Killer7 (and, frankly, I'm not convinced there's anyone who truly does) so please feel free to bring your own interpretations in on this one. Also, I've read up on Hand in killer7, so if you want to include details from that feel free!

I've requested Con, Coyote, and Dan, but I honestly would be completely happy with a fic focused on any one of the Smiths—Con, Dan, Coyote, Kaede, Mask, Kevin, Garcian, Harman... even Samantha would be great. The Smith Syndicate is my jam, and I love anything and everything to do with them. I'm up for gen or intra-Smith shipping of any kind (minus Kevin/Kaede or Kevin/Samantha).

Some General Prompts:

-Something about how the characters work together. How do they decide who switches in and out? How much knowledge transfers between one persona and the next when they switch? Are they capable of communicating with each other? What do the Smiths think of each other?

-On a related note, what on Earth is going with the Smith's shifting? The final chapter heavily implies it's just Garcian adapting different personalities, but characters like Curtis and Jean clearly recognize the Smiths as different people and several puzzles rely on the characters having different physical features. Where does the truth lie on this one?

-Something to do with what happens to the Smiths after getting killed by the Black Smiles. Do they become remnant psyches, or does something else happen to them? Do they ever rejoin again?

-Reincarnation fic set in the far-distant future shown at the very end of the game. I'd love to see the Smiths alive and well in a futuristic Shanghai, realizing that Harman and Kun want them to do it all again.

-High school AU. I'm not even joking, I would love to see a high school AU about the strangest group of teenagers Coburn High has ever seen. The more bizarre and tonally weird, the better.

-Backstory, pre-death fic of any kind. What was Dan's life like back when he was working with Curtis? How did Con get to be such a scary assassin at such a young age? Was he born blind or did something happen on a mission? What is Coyote's history like—he seems to have some unresolved business regarding Ulmeyda, IIRC. Who were the Smiths before they were, well, the Smiths?

-Personae & Remnant Psyche interaction, whether during a mission or just inappropriate ghosts showing up at random times. I love how rambly and weird they all get about things, and I'd love to hear a conversation between the Smith (and the ghost) of your choice rather than just a one-sided monologue from the psyche. Do they get along? (Susie is my favorite of them all, but Travis, Yoon-Hyun, Kess, and Iwazaru are also fantastic.)

Again, thank you very much for writing for me! I hope these prompts inspire you, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create.


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