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Hello, Femslashex creator person! Thanks so much for signing up to create something for one of my fandoms. I'm really excited about this fest, and I hope my prompts will be helpful to you. Also, apologies in advance for the length of this – I've always been the rambly sort.

Generally, I like canon-compliant fic or canon-divergent AUs. I also enjoy unusual AUs (magical girl, mecha pilot, wingfic, dinosaur racing, etc.), missing scenes, outsider POV fic, age differences, and future fic/art. I'm really into H/C as well, and I'm open to smutfic for any of my pairings.

I'm generally not too fond of mundane AUs (high school, coffee shop, bakery) unless there's a twist to them, and I'm generally not a fan of scenes from canon retold from a different character's perspective unless that perspective really adds something new. However, the only things I definitely do not want to see are graphic rape/noncon between requested characters, noncanonical character death, and character/ship bashing.

I've listed out some ideas of my likes and such below, but please know that (except for the hard DNWs above) all of these are optional. If you have a really fantastic idea that diverges from the things I've talked about below, go for it!

1.) Gangsta. | Ginger/Gina Paulklee

AKA the canon superpowered mafia age difference femslash pairing of my dreams. I mean, just < a href=>look at this (slightly NSFW). I know it can't possibly end well for these two in the long run, but I still desperately love them and want to see more of them.

I'd love to see anything at all about their time together, be it working out Guild business, training with some of the other members, fighting off anti-Twilight attackers, or just eating crappy takeout over the counter together at 3:00 in the morning.

(And I know I mentioned it in my general likes, but if you are into writing/drawing smut for this pairing, I would be happy to receive it!)

2.) Pokemon | Ace Trainer/Delinquent, Emma/Serena, Cynthia/Dawn

My oldest fandom and still one of my favorites ever! I love all three of these pairings so much.

Ace Trainer/Delinquent (Mauville Rooftop) – What I love about this is just how much of their story is set up in just a few lines of dialogue:

AT: "Eh? Seriously, ma'am? Ya gonna treat me to dinner?"
D: I told youse I would, eh? Ya managed to become an Ace Trainer, doll. We gotta celebrate somethin' like dat. Pile up as many o' dem Village Sub Combos or Magnemite Croquettes as ya want.
AT: Thank's ma'am! I'mma take you up on that!
D: Yeah, kid. You do dat. But dis'll be our farewell meal, y'unnerstand? Youse can't keep hangin' out wit' a hood like me- not even one with a fab do like mine. Not wit you bein' an Ace Trainer an' all.
AT: M-ma'am...

I'd love to see a continuation of this little bit of their story – how did these two meet? What was the path to becoming an Ace Trainer like? And, of course, the Ace Trainer convincing her that they'll still stay together would be lovely!

Emma/Serena – Emma's story was my favorite thing about XY, and I ship her and Serena. Serena does so much to help her out, and I absolutely believe that they'll stay close even after Looker is gone. I'd love to see something set post-canon for these two; perhaps a Pokemon battle between them or a case that Emma-as-Essentia decides to ask for Serena's help on? Or, on the more domestic side of things, Emma showing Serena a particularly beautiful corner of Lumiose that she's never seen before, the two of them struggling to fix some leaky appliance or awful paint job in Emma's apartment building, or Emma bringing Serena along when she goes to visit Xerosic in prison. Anything between them, no matter how large or small in scale, will absolutely thrill me.

Cynthia/Dawn – A (relative) oldie, but still one of my favorite f/f pairings for the Pokemon fandom. I love Champion/Challenger pairings, and I'm really into the particular dynamic they have going on. Cynthia seems very caring towards Dawn, but not in a patronizing way. Despite Dawn being a very green trainer when they first meet, she treats her like an equal and helps her along her way. And when Dawn finally defeats her, there's no sign of hurt or anger in Cynthia's dialogue; she's genuinely thrilled to have had such a satisfying battle. And as for Dawn's part, I imagine her as being very eager, slightly shy, and having a huge crush on Cynthia. Anything that goes with that general dynamic will make me very happy!

3.) Final Fantasy VII | Elmyra/Ifalna, Aerith/Tifa

Elmyra/Ifalna – Underground co-parenting! I'd love to see something where Ifalna isn't killed at the train station in Midgar, and Elmyra instead takes them both in. Any idea or tone would work for me – a sweet scene of picking flowers with Aerith or fixing up the church together, a sadder piece where Ifalna and Elmyra are drawing closer together while still mourning the death of their respective loved ones, an AU where Ifalna's survival changes the events of canon – I just really think a relationship between the two of them could be fascinating and lovely.

Aerith/Tifa – I'm a big fan of this pairing; Aerith and Tifa work together so well in canon, and they have such a wonderful relationship. I love the way their personalities work – Aerith keeps Tifa involved in everything and helps cheer her up, and Tifa isn't afraid to say something if Aerith gets a little too excited or too inconsiderate.

I'd love to see something where Aerith lives and she and Tifa are able to spend more time together over the course of canon and/or Meteor. That said, I'd also be very excited for something sett during canon before Aerith dies, or for a piece where Aerith is ghost or spirit and/or something where they meet again in the afterlife. And, as I said in my general likes, I love weird AUs! I'd be very happy to see a weird AU for this pairing.

4.) Kingdom Hearts | Namine/Xion, Namine/Kairi/Xion

Namine/Xion – Tragicuties. ;-; I love both Namine and Xion, and I am still not over how their stories ended. (Well, there's still hope in KH3!) These two got very little time together in 358/2, but I think their personalities would work well together if they weren't constantly stuck as semi-opposing puppets in Xemnas' game.

If you're interested, I would love to see something where they manage to escape and be their own people, either as a postcanon thing or as a ~handwavey AU setup. They're both people who are seeking freedom but are always willing to sacrifice for the sake of others, and I think that's something they could recognize in each other. Alternately, I would be glad to see some sort of complete AU for them! Reincarnation, magical girls, something SF/F-themed... I'm not particularly into HS AUs for this fandom, just because there's such a wealth of them already, but anything outside of that would be lovely.

Namine/Kairi/Xion – This one probably has to be some sort of AU, haha, if only because I have no idea how you'd even get them in the same place at the same time. (Though, if you can figure something out, I'd love to see it! I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert in KH's chronology and just what is possible between Somebodies/Nobodies/Replicas.)

I love the courage each of them show in their own way, and I love how caring and enduring they are. I'd love anything where the three of them could find some sort of happiness together, however fleeting, while also trying to protect each other. (If you choose to do an AU, my AU wants for this are basically the same as in my Xion/Namine prompt.)

5.) Silent Hill | Cybil/Heather, Claudia/Heather

Cybil/Heather – This might be an odd one, but I love the idea of it. I'd love something where Cybil survived the events of SH1, then had to stop talking with Harry after he murdered that cultist and ran off when Heather was a baby. Cybil ends up finding Heather again during the events of SH3, and then... well, I don't know. Maybe she's initially suspicious of Heather, and suspects her in Harry's death? Maybe they work together in rooting out the rest of the cultists? I'd just love to see something where Heather has a crush on an older Cybil, and Cybil is confused but

(Alternately, I would love to see an AU set in the aliens ending of SH3. Heather is a magical girl who defeats evil with the help of her powerful dad and alien friends! (Plus James.) Cybil is a normal Earth detective who helps Heather out and is so confused by just what her life has become. Together they fight crime fall in love!)

Claudia/Heather – my odd and super rare SH3 OTP. I love how twisted and yet genuinely caring Claudia is towards Heather, and I love that even though Heather hates Claudia, she seems to have a real concern for her as well – she tries multiple times to stop her without killing her, and in the end she's distraught by her death in a way that goes beyond just, “Holy crap, someone just exploded in front of me.” Their intense focus on each other is really what makes this pairing for me.

Anything for this ship does not by any means have to be fluffy – I'm not even sure how I'd write a fluffy fic for this pairing. (Though if you have an idea for a fluffy fic that you think would work, go for it!) Anything set during their interactions mid-canon would be awesome, or maybe something post-canon with Claudia as a spirit who just refuses to rest. Alternately, I would love to see something where Heather successfully manages to defeat Claudia without her ingesting God, but can't bring herself to kill her and ends up entangled further in her life. (This would probably go so poorly, haha, but I'd still love to see it.)

If none of those are something you'd like, I'd also be 110% into a UFO Ending thing for these two.

Anyhoo, thank you for reading through all this! I hope there's something in my prompts you can work with, and I'd like to thank you in advance for creating something for me.
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