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Hello, fellow Press Starter! Thanks so much for signing up to create something for one of my fandoms. I'm really excited about this fest, and I hope my prompts will be helpful to you. Also, apologies in advance for the length of this – I've always been the rambly sort.

Generally, I like canon-compliant fic or canon-divergent AUs. I also enjoy unusual AUs (magical girl, mecha pilot, wingfic, dinosaur racing, etc.), missing scenes, outsider POV fic, and future fic/art. I'm really into H/C as well.

I'm generally not too fond of mundane AUs (high school, coffe shop, bakery) unless there's a twist to them, and I'm generally not a fan of scenes from canon retold from a different character's perspective unless that perspective really adds something new. However, the only things I definitely do not want to see are graphic rape/noncon, noncanonical character death, and character bashing. (Also, I'd be happy to get smut for my FFVII, Sweet Fuse, Pokemon, SH, 999, or Dangan Ronpa requests, but I don't want it for my TM, Ib, GT, or KI:U requests.)

I've listed out some ideas of my likes and such below, but please know that (except for the hard DNWs above) all of these are optional. If you have a really fantastic idea that diverges from the things I've talked about below, go for it!

Trace Memory | Ashley & D

Trace Memory! *_* Trace Memory has been one of my favorite games for a long time; I love the strange, haunting atmosphere, the clever (if occasionally somewhat frustrating) puzzles, and I especially love the characters. I definitely ship these two – they're an old and beloved OTP for me – but I'd be just as happy with gen for them.

I'd love to see something set either during the game or after the good ending – if it's set after the good ending, it's totally your choice whether D actually appears or whether Ashley is just remembering him.

Some ideas:

-A scene between D and Ashley as they're exploring Blood Edward Island. I loved that sense of quiet friendship between them, and I'd love to get more of that. Perhaps a memory is triggered for him unexpectedly and she tries to help him through that, or perhaps they have to work together to solce a puzzle.

-After the good ending, what happens to Ashley and D? I imagine it must be very strange for her to return to her old life like nothing has changed after all she's seen and learned. And how is her family situation going to work from now on, with her having both her aunt and her father now? (And how does she get along with her father?) And as for D, is he really gone? I can imagine a scenario where his passing is less 'moving to a higher plane of existence' and more 'no longer having his spirit trapped on Blood Edward'. I'd love to see some ghost-human friendship or shippy stuff between them.

If possible, I'd prefer not to receive fic or art where D is reincarnated or given a human body.

Final Fantasy VII | Cloud Strife

I'm actually a latecomer to the FFVII fandom – I first played the game in 2014 – but I love it all the same. There's something about the world that just captured my imagination, and I love just about everyone who populates it. Cloud is pretty much my favorite among favorites; I find him ridiculously endearing, and I would be incredibly happy with anything involved him. Shippy or gen, fluffy or angsty, it's all good!

If you're looking to do something shippy, I ship Cloud with every member of AVALANCHE as well as Zack and Sephiroth, so any one of those pairings would be great! (And if you're into OT3s, I like both Barret/Cloud/Tifa and Aerith/Cloud/Tifa.) I also love gen interactions with any of the aforementioned characters or Cloud solo stuff.

I'd love to see anything set during or after the game – perhaps a scene from a mission the group goes on together, a moment from during their journey (they spend a lot of time in the wilderness, after all), or something about Cloud trying to adjust to life after Meteor.

Oh! Also, I love chocobos. Any fic or art of Cloud riding/feeding/racing/training/cuddling a chocobo would automatically be 110% up my alley.

My only request is that you avoid Compilation stuff; I haven't had the chance to watch/play any of it except DoC (which I wasn't particularly fond of) yet.

Sweet Fuse: At Your Side | Meoshi Kouta & Inafune Saki

I'm so ridiculously in love with this game. It's so weird and quirky and adorable; I love the artstyle and I love how completely outlandish the plots get. The characters are all really fun, but Kouta's route is definitely my favorite. I'm really into their dynamic together; I like that Kouta gets to be the more shy and inexperienced one and that Saki really seems to enjoy talking with him, and I love the way they protect each other.

For this game, I'd love to see something shippy set post-Kouta's route, with Kouta and Saki together. Some ideas:

-Kouta and Saki going out on a date together. Could be something as simple as playing video games or doing one of Saki's hobbies together, or something where Kouta stretches his comfort zone a bit more: maybe out to a restaurant or a movie?

-Saki meeting Kouta's family or Kouta meeting Saki's. I'd imagine Kouta's family might be pretty surprised to see Kouta interacting with her so easily, and Saki's family might be kind of confused to meet this shy older boy that she's so taken with. (Or, maybe he meets Keiji Inafune, and is just immediately starstruck, haha.) Alternately, Saki and Kouta running into some of Kouta's old classmates!

Pokemon | Serena & Emma

Pokemon! My first fandom ever, and by far the one I've been in the longest. X & Y might not have been the strongest entries in the series – I would have liked more postgame content – but I really liked the region's design and its worldbuilding. Plus, the postgame stuff we did get I really loved.

Emma is one of my favorite Pokemon characters in recent memory; I'm a huge fan of her plotline. I'd love some shippy Emma/Serena, but I'd also be thrilled to receive gen for the two of them.

I'd love to see a friendly battle between the two of them, or perhaps them cooperating to take down some villain (Serena may not have a suit, after all, but she does have some incredibly powerful Pokemon). I really enjoy seeing trainers interact with their Pokemon, so anything involving that would be nice.

On a more mundane front, perhaps something about Serena helping Emma learn life stuff she hasn't had to deal with before? She probably doesn't have much experience with things like taxes or upkeep for an apartment building, after all, and her other friends are helping but they can't know everything.

Silent Hill | Heather Mason

Heather! ♥_♥ Silent Hill 3 is my favorite Silent Hill, and she's a big part of why. Her sense of humor and her bravery are really appealing. I'd love to see anything at all about her, and I'd especially be interested in something about Heather & Douglas, Heather & Claudia, or just Heather on her own. (And I ship Heather/Claudia like burning, if that's something you're into as well, but I'm well aware that's a bit of an odd ship and I don't expect to get it.)

This is one canon I'd love to see future-fic or outsider POV for, if you're writing fic. I can only imagine Heather might seem a little odd to outsiders after everything she's been through; strangely adult, unphased by things that would horrify a normal person, way more competent than most would expect from a teenager. Something about her trying to fit back into society after what she's gone through, whether dark or optimistic in tone, would be great. (This would also be something I'd love to see in art; Heather in schoolclothes with a taser strapped to her hip, Heather and Douglas moving in to a new apartment, Heather practising her knifework after class, Heather getting a typical teenager job.)

Alternately, I'd love to get something dealing with her time in Silent Hill. It's a horrifying place, and as much as she keeps trucking on it has to be tough for her. Perhaps something with her fighting a monster there, or trying to find a safe place to rest for just a little while, or attempting to figure out a puzzle while surrounded with blood and gore and general awfulness.

(Also, on the weird AU front – Heather's hard-mode knowledge of Shakespeare and bird behavior has always fascinated me, and I'd be 100% all over an AU with Heather as an ornithologist or hardcore Shakespeare enthusiast.)

Ib | Ib

Ib! Ib is my other favorite female-led horror game, and I can't get enough of how beautiful and eerie the world is. Ib may b a silent protagonist, but I think we get a pretty good look at her personality despite that; she's young and scared, but very resourceful and brave despite the challenges she's facing.

For this, I'd love to see something set after any ending, whether she makes it out of the museum or not. If she does make it out, perhaps something about her trying to adjust back to a world where no one but her (and perhaps Garry and/or Mary) remember what happened, or perhaps her attempts to get one of her friends out of the paintings.

If she doesn't make it out, something about her further attempts to escape – or maybe about her settling down and living a life of her own within the exhibits – would be really fantastic.

This is another canon where I'd love outsider POV; maybe from her parents or a schoolteacher's perspective? I can imagine her drawing or saying some very strange things after her time in the exhibit.

I'm not interested in shippy Garry/Ib or Mary/Ib for this exchange, but I would absolutely love to see friendship between any/all of them. For Garry and Ib, I adore inter-generational friendships and I'm really fond of them finding lots of things to talk about despite their age difference. For Mary and Ib, I like the contrast between how dangerous Mary can be and how obviously fond she is of Ib; she doesn't necessarily express that well, but the desire for companionship is very clearly there.

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors | Junpei & Snake

999 is such an awesome game! It took me a while to get into it, but once the plot started really unfolding I was hooked. I actually got some really awesome fic when requsting this for Yuletide, but I completely adore this game and I always want more in its' amazing universe.

For this fandom, I'd love to get something set post-game. I'd also love to receive Junpei/Snake (they're my favorite ship for this fandom), but if you're more into gen that's also awesome! Just so long as those two interact in some way, I'll be happy. Additionally, feel free to use any other 999 characters that you like – the only thing I ask is that you avoid VLR spoilers, since I've not played it yet.

When it comes to Junpei and Snake, what I love about their interactions is that they're snarky with each other, but also genuinely work well together. They make a great duo, and – while I love every character in this series, I especially looked forward to interactions between these two.

Some ideas:

-What on Earth do they do after the end of canon in the very short term? I mean, they're a bunch of Japanese citizens stranded in Nevada with a CEO tied up in their trunk and some random, identity-less Egyptian woman riding with them. Do you take that to the police? If you do, what do you even try to tell them? How many of the group actually even speak English?

-What do they do in the more long-term after canon? How does the events of the canon affect Junpei as he's trying to settle back into normal life? I'd love to see him bonding with Snake (and/or any combo of Clover, Lotus and Seven, if you feel like including them) over the basic fact of having lived through something like that.

-Maybe an AU of one of Akane's bad ends? I'm particularly thinking of the Safe Ending – what would have happened if Junpei had managed to get Snake out of the incinerator in time? How would Snake be afterward? His sister's dead, his life is in shambles... if you want to write something darker/more melancholy in tone, I'd be thrilled to see a fic with Junpei trying his best to support him after something like that. Alternately, I'd love to see your take on any other possible alternate universes that must have resulted from Akane's experimentations.

Ghost Trick | Sissel

Sissel is probably one of my favorite video game MCs ever, and not only because he's the coolest. His enthusiasm and caring and quirkiness are all great, and of course he's the best kitty cat in the whole entire world. ♥ ♥ ♥

My favorite thing about this game is probably his interactions with Missile and Lynne – if you enjoy either of them, I'd love to see something involving two or even all three of them. The back-and-forth banter and the companionship he has with Lynne and the way he is alternately confused by and very good at understanding Missile are really great.

I'd really love to see something set after the end of the game for this fandom, with Sissel appearing as his true self. Some ideas:

-Sissel visiting Yomiel in prison! Maybe even using his ghost tricks to sneak him in candy or hair product extra art supplies? I can't imagine he'd leave him there alone all that time.

-Sissel and Lynne on a case together, with all the other detectives confused as to why the rookie is bringing a cat with her. (Alternately, Sissel trying desperately to keep an unaware Lynne from getting killed yet again while she's out detective-ing.)

-Missile and Sissel doing... well, pretty much anything together! Protecting Jowd or Kamila, or even just spending a lazy sunny day together.

Dangan Ronpa | Asahina Aoi & Oogami Sakura

These two are a huge ship of mine, and have been ever since I first read the LP. One one hand, I love the trust and cooperation between them; on the other hand, I love how codependent and intense their relationship can be. Both the 'sleepover during the apocalypse' and the 'I'm going to commit murder-suicide to take revenge for your death' sides of them are intensely appealing to me, and I'd be very happy with a piece that goes into either.

Some things I'd love to see:

-AU non-murderverse fluff where they don't have to deal with all of the horror they went through. Doing their exercise routines together, going to classes... normal, non-Junko-induced stuff.

-Something set during canon, in the parts where they're both alive. Perhaps something set during their free time, or after lights-out; they can't have stayed together only one night, right?

-Maybe a complete AU, set in a different sort of apocalypse? I'd love to see them in a Fallout/Fallout-inspired verse. Oh! Actually, any sort of video game fusion would be great: I;d love to see them as Pokemon trainers/Keyblade wielders/Ghosts in a pellet-rich labrynth.

I'm happy with any characters or ships you might want to also include in this, provided these two are the focus. I have only two specific requests for this canon: first, please no SDR2 spoilers! I only just got the game. Second, if Genocider Syo is in your piece, please call her Genocider Syo and not Genocide Jill! I have a bit of an enormous grudge against that particular translation choice.

Kid Icarus Uprising | Pit

Kid Icarus: Uprising is such a wonderful game. I love how playful and clever it is, and I absolutely can't play it enough. My favorite things about this game are the banter and the zany yet really compelling worldbuilding; there's so much about this game that shouldn't fit together and yet somehow really does. I love all the characters and I love Pit especially; he's funny and good-hearted, and I like how engaged and enthusiastic he is. He bounces off the rest of the cast very well.

For this, I'd really love something lighthearted, involving Pit either on his own or interacting with any or all of the other characters. I like Pit & Palutena, Pit & Viridi, Pit & Magnus, and Pit & Pittoo interactions, and I also kinda ship Pit/Pittoo is you want to do that.

I like humor and fluff and adventure and snarky friendship; perhaps Pit is on a quest to defeat a monster or fetch something for Palutena? Perhaps he and the character of your choice have to team up? Or perhaps Skyworld is hosting a pizza party (or other anachronistic fantasy-world event of your choice) and everyone is invited.

Thank you again for creating something for me! I hope these prompts work for you - if not, please feel free to ask for more, or to go with your own idea!
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